Thursday, 2 February 2012

I am SO excited....

I've just come back from a WI meeting, and am really pleased and excited!!

 Tonight just proves what a great decision it was for me to join the WI.  A lovely new girl started tonight called Jess, and she runs a beautiful business in partnership with her mum providing Vintage Tea Parties (oh yes!!) where you make your own Vintage teacup candles :-) and/or cake stands. How bloomin' marvellous is that? We didn't stop chatting the whole night, and sounds as if we have tons in common. Fab! The company is called Lady V's Craft and Tea (Lady Vintage - what a fab name!) 

I am absolutely without a doubt going to book a party (you can have it at your own house, or at a lovely little vintage cafe on Castle Road, in Bedford) and just pay per head - amazing prices and packages too - the food sounds and looks delicious! All the info is on their website. Please all go take a look ... 

Photo I nicked from the website! To give you the idea!

Also most definitely going to purchase some lovely teacup candles for the wedding and some cake stands too. Jess's mum runs a business in Hitchin teaching craft workshops, making the candles and cake stands, and restoring old furniture and giving it that retro look - I can totally see me putting a lot of business their way :-). 

Next project on the agenda for me is to buy a pine rocking chair (for a bargain hopefully) rub it down, paint it cream and make some sort of gorgeous Cath Kidston fabric cushion for it - or pay Jess's mum to do it for me :-) 

Jess has the most wonderful 50's vintage style and dresses and looks how I could only dream of looking - meeting people like her really spurs me on with the weight loss even more - the more weight I lose the more I can fit into the beautiful vintage clothes, and the more confidence I'll have to 'pull off' vintage hair and make up (at the moment I just feel too self conscious about my size). 

So all in all a really inspiring and fun night, I so love meeting new and interesting people who are on my wavelength and love the same things as me. I mean could Jess be any more perfect for me - afternoon tea, vintage and crafts! I am in friend-meeting heaven. Hehehe. 

Night all


Lady V's Full Menu & Prices...

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