Friday 28 April 2017

CozyPhones Monster Headphones Review & WIN Unicorn CozyPhones of your very own...

Bert loves accessing media (don't all toddlers these days?) he has his own Kindle for Kids tablet and personal DVD player, as well as sometimes using my iPhone or laptop to watch videos or play games - we use these devices as 'down time' when he needs some quiet time, we often use his Kindle to keep him amused when we're out and about (especially in environments when he's likely to get bored/lose interest). I also use these devices as a distraction for him when I need to crack on with jobs around the house. We try to limit his screen time to a point, but I'm pretty pragmatic and realistic about it - these tech devices aren't going anywhere, and I actually think it's vital for his future that he is confident using touch screen technology, it will hopefully become second-nature to him (he's better at using his Kindle that I am!)

One thing I've been trying to get Bert used to is using headphones - especially when we're in public and I'm aware people don't want to hear the annoying accents on his Kids You Tube 'surprise eggs' videos (WHY do they love those videos so much?). He was bought a kid-specific pair of over-ear headphones for Christmas but he's been reluctant to use them - he says they feel funny on his ears, I think he's just not used to wearing something like that and perhaps they feel a bit cumbersome and restrictive? 

Recently, the people from CozyPhones got in touch and asked if they could send Bert a pair of their innovative soft fleece headband style headphones to try out - of course we were only too pleased to oblige! 

Not only are their character headphones fun for kids aesthetically - they are also designed to be uber-comfy - nothing digging in or slipping off, no earbuds hurting your ears - just a soft fleecy band and a super strong 36" braided cord so they're built to last. 

In the CozyPhones kids range there are currently 7 fun designs to choose from:

-WhatIf Monster
-Purple Frog
-Pink Bunny

I showed Bert the selection and (as predicted) he chose the WhatIf Monster priced at $19.97 (£15.43).

They arrived super fast and I've never seen Bert so eager to try something on. Biggest hurdle won right there. 

WhatIf Monster CozyPhones Kids' Soft Headphones

WhatIf Monster CozyPhones Kids' Soft Headphones

WhatIf Monster CozyPhones Kids' Soft Headphones

The first time Bert tried them out he'd just gotten in from a full day at school and was pretty shattered, I thought he'd wear them for five minutes like he does with his other headphones and then take them off, however he kept his CozyPhones on for over an hour!! (Cue Mum running to the office to crack on with some work - ha!) 

Bert Bishop wearing his WhatIf Monster CozyPhones

Since then he's actually asked to wear them multiple times (hooray for no longer having to listen to "Daddy Finger, Daddy Finger, Where are you?" on repeat!) and I'm reassured that we'll have no issues getting Bert to use them when necessary - I'm thinking the next long car journey for sure! 

Bert Bishop wearing his WhatIf Monster CozyPhones
Breakfast cereal & CozyPhones! 

 Here's what CozyPhones say about their headphones...

Fun, Comfortable, & Durable Headphones For Kids!

Does your child hate to wear headphones? Are they uncomfortable, too big, or keep falling off? Let us introduce CozyPhones, the perfect solution for your children! With CozyPhones they don’t have to struggle with headphones falling off, or the pain of hard, oversized earbuds. CozyPhones provide hours of listening enjoyment your kids are sure to love.

Parents Love Them Too!

Now you can relax as your child is ushered into to their fun zone. Do road trips drive you crazy? CozyPhones are the perfect accessory for the long family trip. As a parent, you will love the way these headphones magically calm the atmosphere around you.

Are They Made To Last?

CozyPhones are built tough with a flexible and durable 36 inch braided cord and sturdy 3.5 mm stereo plug. The cord is made to last under normal wear and tear of everyday living with your child.

Use with all of your favorite devices such as Android, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, Google Nexus, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, HG, MP3, MP4, and all of your other audio devices.

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*We were sent the WhatIf Monster CozyPhones in exchange for this honest review.*