About Mrs B

CONTACT ME: lucybishop2012@yahoo.co.uk

I'm Lucy, I'm a 30 year old Mum and foodie who lives in Bedford, UK with my husband Liam, son Albert (4) daughter Connie (1) and my British Shorthair cat Pickle-Lily.

Originally an actress/drama teacher by trade, I have a First Class BA Hons Degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies, and I worked for six years as a Drama Specialist for children with severe special needs and learning difficulties such as Autism and Downs Syndrome. 

I now spend most of my time looking after my gorgeous kids, but I also run my own business as a freelance Social Media Consultant and Business Development Manager

The Things I Love :

Blogging (obviously!) - Baking - Cooking - Anything that is Mustard/Yellow colour - Breton stripes - The Gym - Losing Weight/Being Health Conscious - Crafting - Chevrons - Lists - Singing - Rose Gold - Long Walks - Writing - Acting/Performing - Vintage - Interior Design - Pastel colours - Watching TV Cookery Shows - Self Improvement/Mindfulness - Reading - Shopping - Fashion - Long Hot Baths - Random Acts of Kindness - Avocados - CAKE!!!!!!!!!

And most of all being a Mummy, which rocks!

Prior to having my daughter Connie, I lost 6 st 9 lbs by changing to a much healthier, more moderate and balanced lifestyle when it comes to both food and exercise. You can read all about my weight loss journey on the My Weight Loss Journey tab.  

In a nutshell: after giving birth to Bert I was at my heaviest (17 st 2 lbs) and a size 20. I felt pretty horrendous and decided enough was enough. I didn't want to be the fat girl anymore, and I wanted to be at my happiest and healthiest for Bert's sake, if not my own. So, I embarked on a whole life overhaul - I started counting calories, learnt to eat in moderation, and learnt to balance the equation - burn more than you eat: I went from a size 20 to a size 12. I'm infinitely happier and healthier, and feel pretty amazing! Hubby joined me on the weight loss journey - and he's shed over 5 stone also - thats 11 stone 9 lb lost between us in a year and a half, how cool! 

Now, after having my second baby in June 2016 I'm back on a weight-loss mission to get rid of my baby-bulge and get my pre-second-pregnancy figure back. I know I can do it, as I've done it before, and have a considerably smaller amount to lose this time round! 

Hello from Mrs B! 

Hello from Bert and Connie! 

Bertie and Connie - my little cuties! 

Mr and Mrs B: Liam and I - how twee are we with our matching outfits!

Pickle, our cheeky cat, who, incidentally likes to sleep in my trifle bowl! 

I hope you like my blog, and enjoy the recipes, lifestyle posts, craft ideas and review posts. 

I only review items that fit with the content of my blog, and will only ever review items honestly, and objectively. I'm aware that review post after review post can get a little tedious, so I try to make them as lifestyle-y as possible, space them out, and when possible, bring you a chance to win fab goodies!

So, go on, make yourself a cuppa, grab a biscuit or two, and get stuck in…

Mrs B


If you'd like to contact me you can email me at: lucybishop2012@yahoo.co.uk 

I always love to hear from my readers - don't be shy! x


  1. What a lovely blog! :) Really enjoyed read through some of your posts :) Will definitely be reading more :) xx

    1. Aww thanks so much Chrissie....welcome! I'm so glad you've enjoyed what you've seen so far! :-) Do keep popping back & hope you continue to get on brilliantly with Blogger, I love it! Any questions, just drop me a line Mrs B xxx

  2. Hi Lucy, I love your blog, I've just whizzed through your about me post, the nursery post and your weight loss page. Wow what a girl you are! so inspiring. I briefly wrote to you on the LL FB page about starting up a blog of my own. Well I've gone and done it but after reading yours I really have a lot to learn. I wish there was a step by step instruction on how to add the bits I need etc. Ah well I'll have plenty of fun learning. If you would like to visit my blog, here's is the url: http://compingqueenmummysupreme.blogspot.co.uk/ Oh and I've also received your recipe, family meals list - I found it in my spam box after about a week lol! I can't wait to try out some of your recipes and I can't wait for your next post. Your new fan, Emma xx

    1. Hi Emma, I'm so glad you've bitten the bullet & started the blog! Fab! I just popped over for a read - what a lovely family you have! You haven't enabled comments on your blog yet (which you can do in settings) so I couldn't leave a comment over on the post. Feel free to drop me an email if you've got any questions & need some help! Also, thanks for your kind words regarding my blog - bless you! Glad you enjoy it. All the best xx Mrs B xx

    2. Hi Lucy,

      It's taken me about 3 weeks to figure out my comments were enabled but were hidden by the font colours I choose (rolls eyes at herself) lol! - I've also changed my blog name, I felt I couldn't call myself the comping queen just yet...it felt wrong ha ha - so it's now mammags.blogspot.co.uk - Mamma G's Magnificent 3 plus 3. I've still only done the one post but I have loads of ideas for others. Thanks for offering your support. Em xx