Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lucy's Birthday Week

What a tremendous week I'm having! For those who don't know me (because anyone who does know me will most definitely know this!) it was my 26th birthday on Monday. I am still a total child when it comes to birthdays! I love them. I love everything about them. Being spoilt, kind words, lovely treats planned, cake, blowing out the candles! All fab!

I also love to make each birthday last a whole week, birthweek if you will! I like to arrange in advance lots of lovely plans with all my favourite people, and this year was no different...

Sat 6th - Lunch with my husband at the most wonderful restaurant "dinner" by Heston Blumenthal. Followed by a night in with my mum, sister, brother & husband.

Sun 7th - Lunch at a lovely pub in my mums village with 16 fellow family members & friends! Followed by an evening filled with baking cakes for my work friends.

Monday 8th (the actual day!) - Work, where all my cakes were gratefully devoured, followed by a 3 course meal lovingly & masterfully cooked by my wonderful husband!

Tuesday 9th - Work (again!) followed by much needed giggles, drinks & pudding with my friend Lovely Liz in a nice little pub in St. Neots.

Wednesday 10th - Work (yawn!) followed by two of my most favourite people coming round for dinner! (You know who you are J & K!)

Thursday 11th (today) - Work (I hate the repetitiveness of this trend!) followed by an evening of crafting & cake with my lovely WI ladies.

The fun isn't over there. I have more lovely things to fill up the remainder of my birthday week.

Friday 12th - The 'W' word :-( followed by a well earned & very much needed quiet night in with my lovely husband.

Saturday 13th - a trip to see my husband's elderly Nannie, who incidentally has the best name I've ever heard: Flossie Wigley. Love her! She's such a character. Then on Saturday evening my wonderful friend Alison is coming over for dinner & some Christmas crafting!

Not bad for one birthday hey? :-)

I have been thoroughly spoilt, and I'm pretty sure I have some further spoiling yet to come!

So guys, here we go, my birthweek in pictures.....a lot of pictures....of the foods I ate, the presents I was gifted, and some of the people I celebrated with!

THANK YOU to everyone who helped me celebrate & spoilt me rotten!

Love you ALL

Lucy xxx


  1. Happy Birthday juicy Lucy!!
    Looks like you've had a wonderful week and wow, the food looks amazing, hope you've had a good one hun, you're looking fab in your pics xxx

  2. Awww Thanks Em! I've been truly spoilt rotten & had a lovely week so far! xxxx

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