Sunday 17 March 2013

A lovely blogging friend....

What a lucky girl I am! :-) 

Last week I received a gorgeous surprise gift in the post - it totally made my week! 

I have been following Emma Shilton's blog for a few years now (since I first discovered the blogging world!) - her blog really appealed to me because she talked about lots of things that resonated with me - weight issues and weight loss, cooking, baking, crafting and more recently - pregnancy and motherhood. I began reading her posts regularly, signed up to follow her blog by email, on twitter and since then I have been lucky enough to become good friends with her through the blogger-sphere! We chat regularly & she's been a great support for me through some tough times last year, and it was so exciting to follow her pregnancy & the long-anticipated arrival of her beautiful baby-boy Olly. :-)

Last week, while resting my really bad back at home & feeling very sorry for myself, I received a surprise parcel in the post...(I always get VERY excited at 'fun post' instead of bills or junk mail!)

It was a gorgeous card, and beautiful Cussons 'Mum & Me' cosmetics bag with a set of lovely pregnancy toiletries - bump soak, pregnancy shampoo, body moisturiser and a delicious relaxing pillow mist spray...all from the lovely Emma, to say 'Congratulations' to us on our pregnancy & how excited she is to know we're expecting Baby-Bishop. :-) I was so touched by this message and gift! How lovely friendship is. It feels amazing to know I am supported not only by my friends and family I see and speak to regularly, but my lovely blogger-friends too! 

Thanks Em! 

Please check out Em's blog at Life According to Mrs Shilts

Mrs B