Monday 30 December 2013

Bert's First photos


Bert posing for many photos (as per usual) he is DEFINITELY the most photographed baby ever! :-) (not even ashamed!)

We have had a marvellous family Christmas - full of happy memories we will treasure forever! Despite my being ill over the whole festive period I've had a ball, and this Christmas has only made me more excited about Chistmases to come. 

How were your Christmases? 

I hope all my lovely readers have had as much fun as we have. 

Now we have returned from Surrey back home to Bedford, all ready for some New Year festivities with Liam's side of the family which will be lovely. 

I'm trying to rest & recover from this nasty chest infection, while unpacking and washing after our week away. 

I am also doing my obligatory "What do I want to achieve from 2014?" brainstorm....more on that later! 


Today has been a big first for Bert - his first taste of "solid" food (I use the term solid loosely - there is nothing solid about baby rice pudding!) He absolutely loved it, and proved he is definitely ready to start the wonderful weaning journey! 

You can see a video of Bert's first solid meal here. 

Bye for now

Mrs B