Thursday 6 February 2014

Spilly Spoon Review *teething tot alert*

my poor teething baby

My poor baby is teething. 

Ear pulling, red cheeked, chomping on anything, getting really grizzly full blown teething - I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing a tooth appear any day now. 

This morning he was so grizzly - he's usually such a happy chap, and so I really cannot bear seeing him in pain- it is genuinely the worst part of being a mum. 

When he gets really uncomfortable I usually try giving him some Calpol. 

Any mum or dad who has ever tried to give medicine to a child will know it comes with many trials and tribulations - spills, drips, knocking it all over the place - and never really knowing how much of the medicine they've actually got! 

Not long ago we were sent a Spilly Spoon - the no spill medicine spoon, and today we used it for the first time. 

the Spilly Spoon - filled with 10ml of medicine and ready to be administered

The fillable spoon is a great idea - essentially, it is a caterpillar shaped spoon that can be filled with up to 10ml of medicine. The medicine then fills up the spoon when held horizontally ready to be self administered by the child, or given to the child single handedly by the parent. It's an incredibly practical implement. No more spills! 

my little man taking his Calpol like a good boy! 

Bert found it easy to take the medicine from the Spilly Spoon as he is now used to eating breakfast and lunch from a spoon - so this product is perfect once your little one has begun the weaning journey. We didn't spill a single drop - and as I was home alone with bubba it meant I could administer it single handedly without hubby holding him, or trying to catch the dribbles with a muslin cloth! 

Here's what Spilly Spoon say about their product…

Spilly Spoon Makes Medicine Fun
As a parent we have all experienced chasing your child round the kitchen trying not to spill the medicine on the spoon.  When you have a very poorly child they don’t want to take their medicine the Spilly Spoon is designed to introduce a fun element into what can be a stressful situation.
  • The Spilly Spoon is a Non Spill Medicine Spoon with a Character theme that is both appealing and child friendly whilst being practical for mums and dads.
  • It’s designed to withhold up to 10ml of liquid medicine and the spoon can be laid on a work surface enabling you to pick the child up and single handedly administer the medicine.
  • Its perfect for the middle of the night whilst trying to administer medicine without it spilling – no-one wants to have to change the bedclothes and pyjamas when everything is covered in medicine.  The end of Calpol on the carpet!
  • When your child gets to a certain age they want to do everything themselves,  generally with it going everywhere!!
  • No mess for parents!
the spoon when empty

filled with 10ml of medicine

I loved this simple product and I will definitely use it each and every time Bert needs some medicine as he grows - I hope I won't have to use it too often, but I know that when I do it'll make the whole process a little less stressful! I'm pretty sure that when he's bigger Bert will be desperate to hold the spoon himself! 

The Calpol did the trick and Bert was soon back to his happy self! 

The Spilly Spoon retails at £4.99 and can be bought online at Spilly Spoon or from John Lewis, Ocado, Tesco, Amazon, Jojo Maman Bebe, Babies R Us, Lloyds Pharmacy and NCT.

I hope that me sharing this simple and cheap product with you will help to give you a hand and make one of the worst parts of parenting that little bit easier! 

Mrs B


Disclaimer: I was sent a Spilly Spoon for the purpose of this review but as always, all pictures and opinions are my own. 

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