Sunday 22 February 2015

Hello Apparel - Bert & I Do Our Best Von Trapp Impression! *REVIEW*

As a reasonably fashion conscious lady, I've never been hugely fond of sports wear/lounge wear - on the whole I find it boring, I dislike the slogans/company badges, and find it to be a pretty uninspiring fashion genre. 

Then, last year I discovered Hello Apparel through Instagram - and instantly fell in love with their fun and quirky "hello" branded sports/lounge/home wear, jewellery and accessories. 

Hello Apparel was born out of company Hello Merch - an independent company based in Arizona which was started in 2008 by Sam Means as an outlet for artists to manufacture and sell merchandise online and on tour, without giving up their rights by signing major label-style merchandise contracts.

I've spent months lusting after their beautiful items, and you can't begin to imagine how excited I was to discover that not only do they sell gorgeous adult loungewear, but they also sell some gorgeous items to match in children's sizes!!

I know it's a wee bit twee, and has a hint of The Von Trapp Family about it - but the thought of Bert and I in a little matching outfit really made me giggle, and when Hello Apparel offered to send us some of their clothing to try out, I couldn't help but order a matching pair of t-shirts for us.

I chose their standard 'hello' logo t-shirts, mine in grey with a beautiful floral 'hello' slogan, and Bert's in white with a camo print 'hello' slogan. 

My t-shirt is priced at $24/£15.59

Bert's t-shirt is priced at $22 £14.29.

Our gorgeous matching tees! 

When the t-shirts arrived I was amazed at the quality of the garments, and how amazingly soft they felt. I loved my girlie floral 'hello' against Bert's masculine camouflage print slogan. It was match-y without being too vomit-inducing. (hopefully!)

Doesn't he look super-sweet?

Today, we had a lovely relaxed family Sunday and headed out to the cinema together to see Peppa Pig and the Golden Boots. It was perfect 'comfy clothes and cinema' weather: it poured down all day long in Bedfordshire and I was glad to be indoors and feeling super-comfortable. 

Me and my lovely little dude - matching Mummy isn't too embarrassing when you're 18 months....he might hate me for this when he's 18 years old though! 

Cruising through a very busy Milton Keynes earlier today in our matching Hello Apparel swag! 

My happy boy!

Bert was wonderful today - he was so unfazed by the cinema, and seemed to throughly enjoy every moment of the hour-long Peppa Pig marathon showing! His favourite thing was the popcorn I think! Ha! He is definitely his mothers son! 

We were really comfortable in our lovely new t-shirts, and I loved dressing like him for the day. I usually feel really skanky in sporty clothing, but I felt happy in my hello t-shirt and joggers combo, and although it is definitely not my style for every day wear, I did enjoy wearing something that was just as comfortable as wearing my pyjamas out in public, and I loved the fun feel it had to it. 

I'm looking forward to wearing my t-shirt over some black leggings with my long-length black t-shirt dress underneath it for a slightly smarter, more 'me', every day outfit option. 

Hello Apparel sell so many beautiful wish list is SO LONG...

Above is my current 12 'must have' Hello Apparel items: 6 items for me (top 6) and 6 items for Bert (bottom 6).

Bye for now

Mrs B 


Disclaimer: I was sent two Hello Apparel t-shirts for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and images are my own, excluding the 'Hello' logo.