Saturday 25 February 2017

What was in our February Degustabox?

It's that time of the month again, a chance to peek inside our Degustabox! As usual I'll be sharing all of this month's box contents as well as which items we'd recommend you to try at home. 

Lets get started...

February Degustabox contents
February's contents!

This month's contents:

- Willy Chase's FITCORN Salted Honey £1.99 - £2.19: FITCORN Popcorn by Willy Chase, produced and supplied fresh from our farm in Herefordshire. Grown-up flavours with real pedigree. Free from GM, free from gluten, free from guilt. 

-New York Delhi's Americanos £1.00: Our delicious Americanos are top quality Guatemalan coffee beans, roasted and ready to eat and covered in delicious dark chocolate. They have a taste that is incredible, rich and intense. A wonderful pick-me-up both in the office and at the gym. 

-Kabuto Noodles £1.99: Our vegetable laksa is inspired by the warm coconut dishes of Malaysia. It's completely gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and bursting with sweetcorn and peppers. Like all of our noodles, it's made using a delicious combination of authentic Asian flavours and quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives. 

-Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil mixer £1.25: A perfectly balanced premium mixer to pair with premium spirits or to savour on its own.

-Koko £1.50: Koko Dairy Free Original is a fresh tasting and versatile milk alternative made from freshly pressed coconut milk. It tastes great in tea or coffee, on breakfast cereals, in smoothies, as a refreshing, cold drink, or in cooking. Plus with only 27 calories per 100ml it's lighter than skimmed milk! 

-Just Bee Honey Water - Pomegranate £1.70: Spring water enriched with a single drop of honey. No refined sugar & Less than 50 calories per carton.

-Heinz No Added Sugar Beanz 2 x £0.65: Great Heinz taste with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives maintaining the natural goodness of Beanz!

-Coldpress Juice - Berry & Beet £2.79: Because Coldpress juices are cold pressed, not heated, they naturally cram in more taste, more vitamins and more nutrients than most conventional pasteurised juices. Coldpress 100% fruit and vegetable juices are packed with vitamins and lower in naturally occurring sugars. 

-No Added Sugar Diablo Chocolate Coated Wafer £0.95: Everyone should be allowed to treat themselves once in a while, don't you think? Diablo goodies have all the flavour without any of the naughty added sugar, so there's no need to feel so bad about the devil on your shoulder with a sweet tooth. 

-Willy's Apple Cider Vinegar: Willy's Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother - beautifully crafted from our untouched 300 year-old apple orchards. Your new favourite daily supplement! The full size 500ml bottle of Willy's ACV can be purchased for £6.95. 

-Peppersmith Dental Gum & Mints £1.50 each: Protect your smile in between brushing with Peppersmith. Sweetened with 100% xylitol, our mints and gum keep your mouth fresh and healthy all day long, with no sugar or aspartame. 

-Maui and Son's Banana Chips £1.00: made from one of the most delicious tropical fruits and cooked in coconut oil to perfection. Then we coat them lightly with Belgian dark chocolate giving every chip a satisfying crunch and making them a deliciously healthier gluten-free snack.

-Bebeto Sweets £1.69 each: Cheesecake Gummies and Candy Crush Gummy Mix, delicious value bags. Fun to share with friends.  

-Blossom Hill Fruit Bloom - Summer Fruits Wine £4.99: A fresh and fruity twist on wine! With light bubbles and natural fruit flavours, Blossom Hill Fruit Bloom is the ultimate refreshment. Best served with close friends and sizzling conversation!

Contents of the February Degustabox
A box full of loot! 

As usual we were thrilled with the contents of our Degustabox - it was packed full of interesting new products to try! 

Bert's top pick was of course the two giant bags of gummy sweets (his favourite type of sweet!) he's still working his way through the sweet bowl (I think Daddy is helping too!) He even recognised the Candy Crush sweets - as his Nanny plays the game on her tablet. 

Candy Crush Gummy Mix & Bebeto Cheese Cake Gummies
Bert's sweet bowl of dreams! Gummy heaven! 

His other top pick was the FITCORN - he is totally popcorn mad, it's his favourite snack - so he has enjoyed devouring this with my help. I loved the mildly honey-sweet but salty flavour - a much lighter alternative than the usual sweet popcorns available. As an aside I absolutely LOVED the packaging of the FITCORN - not only was the bag my favourite shade of mustard yellow but it included beautiful illustrations of a honey bee all over it! LOVE! 

Willy Chase's FITCORN honey bee packaging
I flippin' LOVE this packaging! 

Hubby's top pick was the Heinz Beanz. He pulled a face when I first showed him the no added sugar mini tins - he said he's tried them before and they were horrible. However, it transpired that he'd tried them about 8 years ago, and since then Heinz have clearly improved their recipe! We had them with a dinner this week and they were really tasty. 

My top pick from this month's box was the Americanos dark chocolate covered coffee beans - these were a revelation for me, and something I'll definitely be seeking out in the future. I love both coffee and dark chocolate so these were the perfect sweet treat for me, I enjoyed them with a cup of my favourite Columbian coffee in front of the TV of an evening, while we binge-watched our new favourite TV show 'Designated Survivor' on Netflix (watch it if you haven't!). 

My other fave from this month's box was the berries and beet Coldpress juice. At only 64 calories per 150ml glass it's the perfect vitamin boost to accompany my breakfast. I usually avoid drinking fresh fruit juice due to the high sugar & calorie content (I HATE drinking my calories, I'm a food girl!) but this is light in comparison, and 150ml was the perfect sized glass for me. I was expecting it to over overwhelmingly earthy with the beetroot but it is remarkably sweet and refreshing, with an earthy aftertaste (which I love!) If you hate beetroot (like my hubby) then avoid and try an alternative flavour, but I would happily buy this one again. 

I'm excited to try the Pomegranate and Basil mixer - I'm a huge gin and tonic fan, aside from red wine it tends to be my tipple of choice, I especially love to try variations of the G&T so I'm eager to give this mixer a whirl.

Another cracking box! I wonder what will be in next month's box? Exciting! 


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Enjoy lovely peeps...

Mrs B


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