Wednesday 10 May 2017

My Top Picks from Wayfair

This week I wrote my first post as a Wayfair Home Expert on creating a gallery wall in my home office. I've shopped with Wayfair for many years now - we bought my son's single bed and mattress, plus various other homeware bits and pieces from them and we've always been so happy with the quality of the products and the great competitive prices. It is a pleasure to now be able to work with a brand I have loved for so long. 

As with all of my favourite websites, I have a long wish list of items that I would love to add to my little home over time - so I thought I'd share six of them with you today. They range massively in budget, but all of them would suit my home style perfectly.

You can see these items over on the Wayfair website as a 'Blogger's Pick' (see below)... and then my face will pop up telling you why I love it so much! Cool huh? 

Lucy Bishop's Blogger's Pick for Wayfair

Lucy Bishop's Blogger's Pick for Wayfair

Baskets & boxes Aprons Cushion
Willow Basket with Heart
I’m all about organisation and practicality, but I want my home to be stylish and look considered and beautiful too. This large willow basket with heart pattern would make perfect toy storage in a living room, playroom or nursery.
Amrapali Peony Cotton Apron 
I’m a keen baker, often blogging my recipes. I like to look the part and protect my clothes while I make a mess in the kitchen, so I have a rather impressive collection of over 20 different aprons, I’d love to add this floral number to my collection.
Ashley Cushion Cover 
Who can resist a pompom? If I had to sum up my style I’d say shabby chic meets rustic French cottage with added quirk - give me a floral print any day of the week, add a pom pom or six and you’ve won my heart forever!
 Artificial Flowers Chaise Longue Rugs
Lavender Floral Arrangments in Planter 
Again, with the practicality - I’m being realistic here - I really struggle to keep plants alive, but I love bringing nature indoors, so this stunning artificial lavender planter is ideal - you’ll always find fresh flowers on my farmhouse table but I love the rustic charm this arrangement would bring all year round.
Inverness Occasional Sleeper Chaise Longue  
I can’t think of anything more practical and beautiful than this beautiful chaise - imagine it positioned in a huge light and airy bay window, adorned with cushions and luxurious throws - perfect for a Sunday afternoon with a good book!
Mottled Teacup  
I’m mildly obsessed with Breton stripes and drinking coffee, so this is a heady combination for me. It’s worth noting that if I could have coffee pumped into me intravenously, then I would - so the bigger the cup the better! Sipping coffee from this wonderful teacup would certainly brighten up my work day!

What do you think? Would these items suit your home style too? Or are you more modern or industrial in your taste?

What would you choose if you could select your six favourite items from Wayfair?

Mrs B xxx