Sunday 6 August 2017

What was in my July Summer Degustabox? *REVIEW*

What is Degustabox?

It's Degustabox contents time!! This month's box was summer themed and full to bursting with goodies once again. A slightly less cohesive and more random selection filled this box, but still appealing and useful nevertheless.

July's Summer Degustabox 2017

Bert was especially excited by the Rowntree's Randoms and I was thrilled that they were the 30% less sugar bag - you take whatever little wins you can as a parent! 

I'm always happy to try a new-to-me cereal - as breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day - so the presence of the Weetabix Additions were a winner for me. Hubby hoorayed at the sight of a good strong mustard, so everyone was happy!

July's Summer Degustabox 2017


Blossom Hill Spritz - Elderflower & Lemon £4.99

We adored this light and fruity spritzer style wine. Liam, my mum and I polished off the whole bottle over dinner on a light summer evening last week, and we all loved it. Definitely a wine I'll buy for summer BBQs - as not much of a white wine drinker I was really pleasantly surprised by this little gem. 

Crafted Fruit Juice - Mango & Passionfruit £1.80

Who doesn't love a glass of cold from the fridge fruit juice? Gorgeously fresh in flavour and a much more tropical combination of fruits as opposed to our usual orange or apple juice - we loved having a glass of this with breakfast as a special treat. 

Ryvita Thins - Three Cheese £1.89

Okay, so these disappeared within two days of the box arriving. Safe to say they went down rather well. We all loved them - Liam and I snacked on them dipped in hummus or salsa, the kids ate them as little cracker snacks - they were devoured by all, definitely something I'd buy again if I saw it in the supermarket. 

Rowntree's Randoms - 30% less sugar £1.29

I didn't get a look in here - these are hands down Bert's favourite type of sweetie - he's mad for wine gums & jelly style sweets, so his eyes lit up when he saw them. We have a sweetie box where a selection of these style sweets live, and he knows he's allowed to choose 5 sweets at a time - he's so good at understanding portion control, bless him. Liam and I were both overweight children, and we're determined for our kids to have a much healthier relationship with food. 

OLOVES Healthy Olive Snacks - 2 x £0.99

We've had these handy little olive packs before, I love them. They're so great for lunchboxes or picnics, and they taste really great. The perfect way to make olives portable. 

Merchant Gourmet Simply Cooked Red & White Quinoa - £1.99

I'd eaten this within a few days of the box arriving. I eat a lot of these pre-cooked quinoa, rice and lentil pouches, as I find them so much more convenient than cooking the grains from scratch - plus they're brilliant for portion control (I'm not the only one who always cooks enough rice to feed a small army, am I?) These were really tasty for a quick lunch with a friend - I added grilled chicken breast, green beans and some pesto to give it a little more pizazz!

Frylight Cooking Spray with Avocado Oil - £2.99

I love these handy cooking sprays and have tried the sunflower and olive oil varieties - as an avocado addict I was thrilled to give this version a go. These sprays are especially good if you're trying watch your fat/oil intake - I find them brilliant for frying eggs, stir frying etc. This spray gives a slightly nutty, avocado flavour without being too strong or intense. 

Weetabix Additions - Coconut & Raisin £2.99

As a self-confession breakfast-aholic I'm always excited to try a new breakfast cereal. Weetabix is one of my old-school favourite cereals - I remember having them warm with sugar on as a little girl. So these were a nostalgic eat - I really loved the addition of coconut and chewy raisins to add a bit of texture. I've been eating mine crumbled into coconut greek yoghurt with blackberries and honey. Delish. 

The Collective Kids Big Tub Yoghurt - Mango & ProYo Coconut with Vanilla & Honey  £2.00

Yoghurt is my desert island food - I know it's a weird choice, but its just my favourite food in the whole world. It has to be thick, Greek in style, and it has to be full fat. I have it pretty much daily, plain, fruity, with a compote - however it comes I love it. The Collective yogurts are one we've been buying on and off for a while now - I loved the mango flavour, it's uber-fruity and the pro yo was a revelation to me - sooooo filling, brilliant on gym days, and the subtle flavour of coconut, vanilla and honey was a heady combination. I loved that the pro yo came in a little pouch too - meaning it's perfectly portable! 

Maille Dijon Original £1.99

I'm not much of a mustard lover (unless that super mild, squeezy, American mustard on burgers and hotdogs counts? I don't think it does!) Luckily, hubby is a mustard fiend. He eats it in sandwiches, with cold meats, with beef - any reason to add a good dollop of mustard and he will. I use it in cooking to add flavour to cheese sauces, and my Welsh rarebit muffins - and this mustard has a really intense, creamy flavour perfect for all of the above. Maille is a brand we know and love as a family and we think the original is definitely the best. 

As I am a reviewer I received the contents from both the alcohol and non-alcohol boxes, the non-alcohol box contained:

Two bottles of TH├śR Dry Apple Spritz Drinks one in Mint & one in Ginger flavour. 

These were really scrumptious. I often avoid these sorts of drinks as they tend to be loaded with calories, but at only 69 calories per bottle they're a much lighter alternative and full of flavour. I'd say they're a very grown up taste - they make a lovely summery soft drink - pimped with a bit of fresh mint, fresh ginger and cucumber - I'd even be tempted to add a splash of gin! 

July's Summer Degustabox 2017

July's Summer Degustabox 2017

The Collective Mango Gourmet Live Yoghurt - July's Degustabox

The Collective Pro-Yo - high protein yoghurt coconut with honey and vanilla

Here's our top picks from the July Summer box...

Top Picks from July's Summer Degustabox
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