Monday 20 November 2017

Blue Coffee Box - Review, Giveaway & Exclusive Discount ...

Have you heard of Blue Coffee Box the speciality coffee subscription service

Today I'm bringing you an exciting review, giveaway and discount code for this exciting speciality coffee subscription service. The perfect gift for the caffeine junkies in your life this Christmas. 

Blue Coffee Box Logo
About Blue Coffee Box
Blue Coffee Box is a UK subscription club for speciality coffee lovers.

Each month, they send a letterbox-friendly blue (unsurprisingly) box containing three bags of freshly roasted coffee with tasting notes and information of the origin and farm where it is produced.

Three new roasters are introduced every month from the top of the UK’s 300 or so craft roasters to hand-roast the beans. These are fresh roasted every week and members can select how they are prepared; whole beans or ground for cafetiere, dripper or espresso.

Membership costs from only £7.99 per month (or less for 3, 6 or 12-month advanced payment). Members can cancel, pause, skip or upgrade any time. 

There’s an entire world of coffee that most of us have never experienced. Speciality coffee is single origin or microlot coffee that scores over 80+ on the SCA quality scale and covers just the top 10% of coffees in the world.

In the UK, 65% of us still drink instant coffee and the quality is very low. But, in Europe, it’s only 2% and in the USA, 7%.

Nestle recently paid $500million to buy a chain of speciality coffee shops in the USA and Starbucks’ founder, Howard Schultz, left the main business to set up Starbucks speciality coffee shops. It’s the fastest growing sector in the industry.

For coffee lovers, a Blue Coffee Box subscription is a veritable world tour of speciality coffee. Members tell BCB their preferences and their Coffee Concierges choose the best coffees from over 17 countries.

Blue Coffee Box
The Founders
Jon and Harvey Butt are the father and son team behind Blue Coffee Box who both love good coffee (naturally!). 

Jon is a seasoned entrepreneur and a leader in the fire safety industry. During Jon’s business travels in the USA, he discovered speciality coffee subscriptions that curated from various niche coffee roasters. In the UK, subscription services tend to only supply from the one roaster and are more for convenience.

Harvey, not wanting to be lumbered with a student loan after university, suggested setting up something similar in the UK to pay his way though Uni and not be a burden on society. Bless! And Blue Coffee Box was born in 2017.

It’s growing fast and recently started supplying speciality coffee for business to improve the quality of coffee offered to visitors and guests during business appointments.

Our First Box

Jon and Harvey heard on the grapevine that Mr B and myself are rather coffee-crazy, and very kindly offered to send us a 3 month subscription to Blue Coffee Box to try out. I'm going to share each box with you as it arrives, but they've also supplied me with a brilliant discount code for you lovely lot to enjoy, as well as a giveaway so you can enter for your chance to win a box for free! 

Liam and I have always enjoyed a cup of coffee, but since going off tea in my last pregnancy, I've never really gone back to it, and instead find myself drinking ALL THE COFFEE. Last month, we were very kindly gifted this amazing Dualit 3-in-1 coffee machine from our best friends, and so since then we have been exploring artisan/speciality 'proper' coffee at home - perfect timing for Blue Coffee Box to come into our lives...

Mrs Bishop's Dualit Coffee Machine
Our new baby! Dualit 3-in-1 coffee machine! 

We opted for a surprise box of espresso ground coffee for our subscription but you can choose from beans to grind yourself, cafetière coarse grind, medium grind for pour overs and filter droppers or espresso fine grind like us for espresso machines or stove tops. 

You can choose from light, medium or dark roast coffee, depending on your personal taste preference, or go for a surprise box like us. 

Our first box arrived just under a fortnight ago, and since it arrived we've been in coffee-heaven! 

I absolutely loved how neat the packaging is - it is pretty and luxurious without being over-the-top, it can be posted through a letterbox so it's super-convenient and you get a lot of coffee for your money! In each one-month subscription box you get enough coffee for 6 cups per week, about 24 cups (approx) in total! Each pouch in our box contains 155g of coffee, and two weeks in a drinking multiple cups each day, we've still got a good supply to see us through the rest of the month. 

Mrs Bishop reviews Blue Coffee Box
Ready to dive into our first box!

Mrs Bishop reviews Blue Coffee Box
Oooh excited to see which coffees we've got...!

Mrs Bishop reviews Blue Coffee Box
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Mrs Bishop reviews Blue Coffee Box
So pretty! Such neat and pretty packaging, also very practical with re-sealable pouches for each coffee. 

I dived in head first and ripped open the first pouch that caught my eye straight away - the heady waft of delicious coffee scent as you open your first pouch is aroma gold! 

Blue Coffee Box contents
Our first three coffees...

Our first box contained:

BERILO FICHA NUEVA from Mexico by Clifton Coffee Roasters - with notes of dark chocolate, spice, lychee and lemon. 

GONZALEZ FIALLOS from Honduras by Cast Iron Coffee Roasters - with notes of peach, toffee and mango.

DOS RIOS from Guatemala by Campbell & Syme - with notes of plum, hibiscus, syrup and chocolate. 

I loved how each pouch contains info such as tasting notes, variety, process, altitude, producer, region and even the date the coffee was roasted on. The coffee is best before 4 weeks from roast date but good for 3 months in total - that's a lot of shelf life - there's no way ours will last that long! 

I was amazed by how utterly DIFFERENT each of the coffees are - for those that think it all tastes the same, I urge you to try a box - you'll be bowled over by the difference in aroma and taste between the varieties. 

My absolute favourite in this box was the DOS RIOS - it is so smooth, so luxurious with a sweet and deep flavour, no bitterness at all, but all the coffee hit you'd expect from an espresso powder. 

Having said that, I enjoy each of the three coffees provided in the box and often just pick a pouch out of the cupboard lucky dip style - not a single grain will be going to waste at Chez Bishop. 

Blue Coffee Box Review from Mrs Bishop
Jumping in full-steam-ahead with our first pouch from our Blue Coffee Box

Dualit 3-in-1 coffee machine in action
Every coffee lovers heaven: a heady scent of a European coffee shop fills the kitchen when the Dualit machine whirs into action!
Mrs Bishop's Americano
The perfect Americano thanks to Blue Coffee Box

Mrs Bishop's Latte
A super milky latte for my Friday treat last week - I use Oatly Barista milk and froth it using my Dualit machine, it makes for the creamiest most luxurious coffee! 

If you're a coffee lover or you're looking for a gift for a coffee drinker this Christmas then I couldn't recommend this subscription box enough. We're so excited to see which coffees are in our next box. Check back next month to find out. 


Use coupon code is MB518 at the checkout and receive £5 off your first order (what a BARGAIN!!)

The code can be applied to gift boxes or the longer subscriptions, too.


Use the gleam app below to enter my giveaway for your chance to win one Blue Coffee Box containing 3 speciality artisan coffees along with tasting notes. 

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Blue Coffee Box Subscription service: Review by Mrs Bishop
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We received a 3 month subscription to Blue Coffee Box in return for these honest reviews (1 of 3).