Monday 30 January 2012

My Fave Shopping Websites....

Okay, so if anybody knows me well, they will know that I love shopping! For me, my Mr, my friends, family - whoever! Clothes, home stuff, presents, anything. Pretty things make me smile! Here are some of my favourite websites....


My very favourite Jewellery designer is a lovely young lady called Alyssa Smith who makes the most beautiful bespoke jewellery partly inspired by her love of social media (Twitter/Facebook etc). My absolute favourite piece by her is the beautiful Tweetie necklace, which I bought last year as a special treat :-) This isn't a perfectly clear picture, but you can see me wearing it below...

Alyssa has just designed a beautiful Valentino Tweetie, which I might have hinted quite heavily to my Mr that I'd really really like! :-) 

Its sooo pretty! 

Please take a look at Alyssa's fantastic website, all products can be ordered online, and her delivery is fast and reliable. You can also follow her on Twitter @AlyssaJewellery


Okay, so there are millions of clothes shops and styles I love, but in particular I love the wares of the following...


The first websites I usually check when I need to buy lovely gifts for friends and family are the following...

The Gifted Penguin -

Spineless Classics - an amazing gift for a lover of literature or a specific novel -

Just these websites alone will give you hours of browsing! And will I'm sure give you some awesome ideas for your next big shopping spree! :-)

My Latest Purchase! 

I'm hoping that my latest purchase arrives tomorrow - I have ordered a beautiful navy and red polka dot dress from Cath Kidston. I'm hoping so badly that it fits :-) Will actually be the first time I have been able to fit into CK clothes as they only go up to a size 16, and I have previously been bigger than that, so will be a great way to reward my loss of 2.5 stone.