Monday, 30 January 2012

New Blog, New Year, New Me...

I'm so excited about starting this blog, I've really got 'into' reading blogs since joining Twitter, and have finally decided to start my own proper blog. Full of my thoughts, ideas, inspirations, loves, likes, dislikes etc.

This year is an exciting year for me, I'm getting married in August to my gorgeous boyfriend, and so I expect the blog will be full of wedding-related ideas etc. I'm also a new member of a local WI for young women in the area (we're called 'The Scone Roses') and so I hope to write lots about what we get up to at our meetings and what crafts I'm doing. I have a huge love for food, so I'll no doubt blog endlessly about what I'm eating/cooking or thinking about eating. And expect to see all things vintage/beautiful/cath kidston/laura ashley among my posts as well. Plus lots of dreaming about the, honeymoon, and hopefully one day soon...babies!

I always say I was born in the wrong era, and should be a 50's housewife. I'm 25, live in Bedford but come from Surrey originally, I have recently bought my first house with my gorgeous boyfriend, and am so happy and settled here now. I work as a Drama Specialist at a Primary school for children with severe special needs, I love my work, its hard but extremely rewarding. And my days are filled with beautiful smiles of the beautiful children. I'm a lucky lady!

I have a gorgeous British Shorthair kitten called Pickle who is 7 months old, and spoilt rotten. I take an extremely silly amount of photographs of her, she's amazing! :-)

The main and most important 'life journey' I'm on at the moment is weight-loss, its my biggest goal that I'm desperate to achieve this year, mainly for my general health and well-being, so that I can be a fit and healthy mum when we start trying for a baby, but also for my wedding day - I want to feel happy, confident and at my best on the big day! :-) I've lost 2 and a half stone since Sept 2011, and am hoping to lose another 2 stone by the wedding in August. I'm using the iPhone App called MyFitnessPal and Nike+GPS to help support my weightloss journey - I'm using a combination of calorie counting and lots and lots of walking, and so far its working :-)

I hope this blog will be interesting and inspirational for lots of women, and I'm sure it will help me to organise my thoughts, and share all the things I love! :-)

Loads of love

Luce xxx

This is me! On a throne in a castle at my cousins gorgeous wedding! 

Me and my gorgeous Mr-To-Be :-) 

This little munchkin is my beautiful kitten Pickle :-)

These pretty much sum me up ^^^^

These are some gorgeous photos i found today that I just LOVE....heaven...

I am a girl who loves luxury and sparkle! 

And finally, here is our W.I logo - 

its all pretty new and exciting times for the Scone Roses, as we've only been formed for a few months, I've been a member since December and am just having a marvellous time! :-)


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