Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lucy's Homemade Christmas

Here's a selection of photos from my homemade Christmas! Majorly inspired by the wonderful Kirstie Allsopp's channel 4 programme 'Kirstie's Vintage Home', I have tried to hand make lots of presents, decorations and food for this Christmas.

Most of these are handmade by myself, but there are a couple I can't take credit for....the iced buns were made by my hubby (his speciality!) and the floral candle arrangement was made at WI in November by our speaker.

My friend from WI (Anwyn) challenged me to a 25 days of Christmas handmade challenge, where we have to post a picture of something we've hand made for Christmas onto our WI Facebook page, and although the 25 days aren't up yet, I think I'm almost there! :-) I hope you enjoy the pictures....

Merry Christmas to all my lovely blog readers!


Lucy xxxx

Tea for Two sets - china cup & saucers, side plates, homemade biscuits, and a box of tea bags.

My first attempt at paper cutting.

bit blurry! my tree

mince pie tartlets

citrus trifle
xmas floral table arrangement made by our lovely speaker at WI in November

mincemeat cupcakes with eggnog icing 

sausage rolls and asparagus twists

hubbys iced buns

my wrapped gifts under the tree - used doilies as 'snowflakes' on brown paper wrapping x

felt ring, in holiday red

Cath Kidston fabric heart 

fabric heart on my tree

my handmade christmas stocking

decopatch christmas tree

hand knitted rose brooches

book page heart garland

felt hanging star

hanging christmas stocking

hanging owl on the tree

hanging cat - love this, cute! 

giant hanging heart

hanging snowman

button adorned felt heart

L for Liam and Lucy :-) 

Clove studded orange 'christingle' stylee! 

felt owls, for christmas gifts 


x x x x x x


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