Sunday 21 April 2013

A Healthy Week and "Tangle Pie"

In an attempt to make up for a naughty food-filled holiday to Cornwall, and also with not wanting to put on unnecessary baby-weight, this week hubby and I have tried some new low fat recipes from The Hairy Dieters cookbook, and attempted to have a 'healthier' week.

I have found that my hungriest time of day since becoming pregnant tends to be breakfast - so I've been doubling up with a toast and cereal concoction, or 3 pieces of toast with assorted toppings or extra fruit on the side. This seems to work in terms of keeping me going until break time (now I'm back at work), or until lunch at the weekends.

I'm trying to drink only water, and have the occasional cup of decaf tea or coffee, eat only brown bread, use skimmed milk, and Lurpak lightest spread to cut calories. My main aim is to have plenty of fruit and veg as well as my daily pregnancy vitamin, in the hope that I stay as healthy as possible, and don't undo all of the hard weight loss work I did last year. When going out for dinner I'm trying to make more-sensible choices now, rather than always order the very tempting red-meat & chips duo that I usually find so hard to resist.

This week has seen my return to work, which has been really challenging, and painful - I would say it is the first week where I've really 'suffered' from being pregnant & realised how tired its making me carrying this little kicking, squirming monkey around all day. I have gotten lots more exercise than I have in many weeks due to my long journeys to and from work - so I'm hoping, that although painful for my back, it'll help keep my weight gain to a minimum, keeping me nice and healthy.

So, for all you health-conscious, calorie-counting readers out there I thought I'd share a recipe with was such an enjoyable make, is calorie controlled and FULL of flavour - I would highly recommend it as great family dinner, and is delicious cold the next day for a lunch or picnic.

The Hairy Dieters cookbook is currently only £7 on Amazon - you can buy it here.


A delicious take on a chicken and ham pie, without the heavy shortcrust pastry base and top - using filo pastry to give the pie a crunchy tangled top, with minimal calories. 

You can find the recipe here

mixture all done, and starting to add the tangle of filo pastry

tangle pie before baking

before baking

golden brown and bubbling - ready to eat!


I would also recommend the Spanish-Style Chicken Bake, we tried this one-tray dinner on Friday night and thought it was delicious! 

The bake consists of chicken thighs, 2 onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, new potatoes, chorizo, paprika, oregano (and we added courgette too!) - it was warm, hot, sweet and savoury all at the same time - fresh without being heavy and full of flavour. 

You can find the recipe here

We will definitely make both of these recipes regularly, and we are looking forward to trying more from this great book. 

The Spanish Chicken from the book (I forgot to take a picture of ours!)

Is anyone else trying to be mindful with what they eat? 

Are you on a health-kick?

Or trying to achieve weight-loss with a calorie controlled diet and exercise?

It is bizarre for me to be in a place where I can't help gaining weight, and I need to eat my full calorie allowance each day... I know that once the baby is here I'll be determined to achieve another big weight loss, but for now I'm trying to enjoy the relative freedom, and just not go over-board. 

How much weight did you guys put on during pregnancy? 

Did you worry about extra weight gain?

Loads of love

Mrs B