Sunday 14 April 2013

Hot Cross Buns - Mr Hollywood strikes again!

I'm well aware that I'm majorly late with this post - apologies!...But having been away for Easter this year, I haven't had the time to bake these until now. After watching Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry's Great British Bake Off - Easter Special just before I went away, I have been desperate to try Paul's Hot Cross Bun recipe. I LOVE a hot cross bun, especially toasted, and thought it would be a fun & challenging bake. 

I am so pleased with the outcome, and the fact that it made 15 buns (I love a big batch bake)  AND they are perfect for freezing, makes life so much easier. This is especially good as making the buns is a lengthy process (not hard, just lots of 'waiting' time for the dough to prove 3 times, each for one hour) the more you can make in one go, the better. 

The buns were soooo yummy - very fruity, spicy and the apricot jam glaze totally transforms the buns into something really sticky and exciting. I loved piping the flour/water paste crosses, and the smell that fills your kitchen when they bake for twenty minutes is purely magical! 

Find the recipe here. I followed Paul's recipe exactly and they came out really well. 

the buns before last prove

buns with crosses, ready for oven

some of the buns after baking & glazing

the arty instagram shot

I know its no longer Easter, but go on...have a go. 

They're yummy ANY time of the year! How about playing around with the piping of the flour paste too? Hot Heart Buns, Hot Squiggle Buns...the possibilities are endless :-)

Big hugs

Mrs B