Wednesday 10 July 2013

Happiness is 100 things...

Today I've been thinking about happiness. All those things big & small that make me happy in my day-to-day life. Sometimes I think it's really worthwhile to take some time to sit down & really think about your own happiness...what makes you tick, what you appreciate, what you need more of in your life. 

I thought that thinking of a specific number of things would be quite a challenge...there couldn't possibly be 100 things that make me happy, could there? But to be honest I could have probably written 200 once I got into the flow. 

1. Sunshine
2. Cuddles with my husband
3. Time with family & friends
4. Long lie ins
5. Bacon sandwiches
6. The smell of freshly cut grass
7. New nail varnish
8. Afternoon tea
9. A big mug of hot sweet strong tea
10. Meals out
11. Swimming in the sunshine
12. Long walks in the country
13. Getting mail which isn't a bill 
14. Fun drunken nights with friends
15. Re-runs of the "Friends" sit com
16. Smiles from a baby
17. A long soak in a bubble bath
18. Being treated to a manicure
19. Being near water (sea, rivers, lakes, swimming pools!) 
20. An unexpected compliment 
21. Movie nights
22. BBQs in the sun
23. Shopping
24. Achieving weight loss goals
25. Watermelon 
26. Greek food 
27. A naughty take away treat
28. Baking
29. Getting a bargain
30. A smile from a stranger
31. A cuddle with my cat
32. Hearing my baby brother (not a baby, he's 17!)  laugh
33. Girlie time with my mum & sister
34. Any print by Cath Kidston
35. Work by the artist Anita Klein 
36. Feeling my baby boy kick 
37. The smell of suncream
38. The smell of cigars, reminds me of my grandad Bert
39. Singing
40. The buzz after performing (acting/singing) 
41. Naughty stuff with my Mr ;-)
42. Beautiful flowers in my home or garden. 
43. Bunting! 
44. Emails/texts from my best friend Susie. 
45. Whiling away time looking at images on Pinterest.
46. Knitting
47. Learning a new craft & all crafting in general. 
48. Treating myself to an interiors magazine. 
49. Gerberas
50. Looking at my wedding photos.
51. Discovering a new city/country 
52. Laughing until your belly hurts
53. Getting into bed after a long day.
54. Hearing my bestie Carmi sing.
55. Wearing a new outfit I feel really confident in.
56. Pretty shoes.
57. A compliment from my husband
58. A tidy & clean house
59. Organising & sorting of all kinds
60. Finishing something homemade.
61. Ugg boots
62. Jewellery by Alyssa Smith
63. Seeing any baby animal.
64. Mr Whippy Ice Cream
65. Having dinner cooked by someone else. 
66. Birthdays
67. Christmas
68. Buying presents
69. Performing Random Acts of Kindness.
70. Sleeping with the windows open.
71. Listening to my favourite music
72. A glass of pimms, gin & tonic, pina colada or good red wine. 
73. Picnics.
74. Watching a child you're teaching make progress. 
75. Watching little birds (blue tits etc) jump about. 
76. Going to the theatre.
77. London 
78. Having my hair cut at Nicholas Anthony
79. Breakfast 
80. Holding hands
81. Driving past my dream house in Bromham.
82. Buying a pretty dress.
83. Long chats on the phone. 
84. Farrow & Ball paint colours
85. The smell of my mums perfume.
86. Flip flops
87. Nights away in hotels.
88. The smell of windscreen washer
89. Walkers ready salted crisps
90. Watching heavy snow or rain from indoors. 
91. The smell of Aussie shampoo
92. New underwear.
93. Cooking for friends/family
94. Weekend guests. 
95. Holding a newborn baby.
96. Peonies
97. Twister lollies. 
98. Sherbet dib dabs
99. Opening a thoughtful present
100. A cold drink on a hot day. 

What 100 things make you happy? 
If you're a fellow blogger why not link up to this post & write your own happiness post. I'd love to hear what makes you smile. 

Mrs B xxx