Saturday 22 March 2014

Bert is 7 Months Old Today! *cute baby pic alert*

How on earth is it possible that my tiny baby boy is 7 months old today? The time has genuinely flown by, and I can't believe he's over half way to being a year old!!

His cheeky little face and hilarious expressions make me giggle every day. Snuggles with him are still the best things I've ever experienced, and I wake up happy every single morning knowing that I get to spend the day having an adventure with my boy. 

So, shamelessly I wanted to share with you some recent pictures of my little dumpling! 

shocked expression but mega cute! 

aww who can resist a baby in old fashioned pjs?

those eyes! 

aww cute pj alert again - i found these in H&M for about £7 and they popper instead of button - double bonus! 

I just can't resist those feet! 

Neither can he! 

cuddles with his Auntie Danni at Woburn - we took him to see the animals for the first time! 

Doing his stag impression on the stag picnic rug! :-)

Laughing at his awesome stag impression, hehe! 

OMG! That face! :-)

A face that is just like his Daddy's! 

the morning feed

first ride in the trolley seats at Tesco

mum, why have you put a cage around the fire place?

tongue out! cuddles with Uncle Paris in his tangerine jumper! 

first try of (mild) chicken curry! 

breakfast with the cat! 

morning mum! 

snuggles with my Nanny Seaside! 

Bouncing in his door swing - he defo has a touch of the Irish jig going on here! 

This is the first time I've uploaded a video of my munchkin to Blogger, so I hope it works and brightens your day! 

Here's hoping that you're all having a happy Saturday - I have a scrumptious new recipe post heading your way tomorrow, so watch this space! 

Mrs B