Tuesday 4 March 2014

Mama Jewels Liberty Print Necklace Review

A common problem among parents is suddenly not being able to wear the pretty jewellery they wore pre-baby…I always wore my 'signature' necklace (A tweetie bird by jewellery designer Alyssa Smith) but once Bert came along I was too worried about it being broken.

me pre-baby always wearing my Alyssa Smith necklace!

Then at Christmas just gone my lovely sister bought me a gorgeous Estella Bartlett necklace - I'd had my eye on this gorgeous present bow necklace for ages, and I was so chuffed with it that I popped it straight on. Three days later and Bert grabbed me by the chain and completely snapped it! I was gutted :-( It is still sat in its box, waiting for a replacement chain to be purchased. 

My Christmas Bow necklace - waiting for a new chain! :-(

So when I discovered the products over at Mama Jewels I was instantly interested - they design and make jewellery that is not only pretty but also indestructible and non toxic/washable! Anything that is baby proof but still stylish definitely gets my vote. 

The pendants contain Liberty prints in their design, and the necklace that the lovely people at Mama Jewels sent me is a swallow pendant - anyone who knows me know how much I love birds and Liberty (read about my love of Liberty here) so it really is a perfect combination for me. 

Amanda Wearing is the founder of the company, and came up with the concept when she had her first son and could no longer wear the jewellery she designed through fear of it being broken, sucked on, chewed etc. Soon after she began designing this new baby-proof jewellery and has never looked back! 

My Necklace

I was sent the lovely Clare de lune necklace which retails at £22.95  - here's what Mama Jewels say about it...

A delicate and oh so pretty necklace which is still amazingly baby-proof!
Made with liberty print bird charm, silver and pearlescent white beads, mounted on silver cord and finished with a Mama Jewels toggle clasp.
Approximately 16'' drop

washable. non-toxic. strength tested. gift boxed
My gorgeous Clare de lune necklace with Liberty print - lush 

Bert road testing the necklace - giving it a good pull! 

Bert loves to pull on my clothes or jewellery when he's snuggling up to me, and so far there's been absolutely no sign of this necklace breaking - the woven cord that holds it all together (instead of a chain) is so so strong - I feel confident when I wear it and know that it is safe for Bert, which is the main thing. The fact that it looks really pretty is a huge added bonus! 

I think this jewellery would be such a lovely thoughtful gift for a new mum - as it was something I really didn't think about until Bert was here and had already ruined some of my precious jewellery! It would be a lovely way to spoil a new mum, as well as knowing you'll be helping to keep the little one safe too. 

Check out some of their other stunning designs on their website. 

Mrs B 

Disclaimer: I was sent a Clare de lune necklace for the purpose of this review - all words and opinions are my own.