Friday 16 May 2014

WIN £500 with Victoria Plumb & TOTS100 For Your SHELFIE Photo

You’ve probably heard of the selfie phenomenon, but how about the shelfie?

A shelfie is a photo of a shelf, in your home, shared on social media. It’s a great way to share your interior style, and pick up fresh design and styling ideas from friends and family. Not to mention that shelfies provide us with the perfect opportunity to take a peek inside someone else’s home!

This month, Tots100 is teaming up with Victoria Plumb to invite you to share your shelfie photos with them on Twitter and Instagram – and the best entries will win up to £500 in vouchers to spend on the High Street!

I am passionate about my home style and really love interiors, so I was really excited to take part in this competition.


My #shelfie is the shelf in the corner of my kitchen

This is my favourite shelf in my house. The shelf itself was one of the first purchases I made when we moved into our house two and a half years ago from the lovely Melody Maison. I really wanted to fill the corner of my kitchen with my beautiful bits and bobs, as well as my extensive apron collection (yes, I collect aprons!) and this shelf, paired with some gorgeous cupcake hooks provided the perfect vessels to arrange all my lovely things for display. 

I'd say my kitchen style is 'French Shabby Chic'…think lots of creams, florals, french greys, and Cath Kidston. I also like stuff - I don't like mess or clutter, I am strict with only keeping things I truly love and am attached too, and I have specific places like this shelf, and my large dresser where I can display them, my but stuff is important to me - I like to be surrounded by pretty things that make me happy. 

The items on this shelf combined really sum me up brilliantly I think…

My Shelf Contents...

-Cornishware cup & saucer: I bought this cute iconic blue/white stripe Cornishware dinky cup & saucer (espresso cup) from my holiday in Cornwall last year when I was pregnant with Bert. When I bought it I imagined making him a babychino in it when he's bigger and enjoying afternoon tea with my perfect boy. When I look at this it reminds me not only of my awesome Cornish holiday, my love of all things Cornishware, but also reminds me of being pregnant and all of the excitement and expectation I felt at that time.

- 'I'm on the Gin & Tonic Diet' vintage style sign: I do love a G&T!! This was a gift YEARS ago from my bestie Carmi, who knows me better than anyone. 

-'Made to Measure' measuring jug: it's not only very pretty but also functional - I do a LOT of cooking & baking which involves lots of measuring out. 

-Cath Kidston icing sugar/flour dredger: this is soooo pretty, I love its floral print, and how handy it is especially when I'm dusting my cakes with icing sugar or working with flour. 

-Knitted Queen: made by my clever mummy for the Queen's Jubilee - anyone who knows me will know how much I LOVE the Royal Family. 

-John Lewis gravy boat: this was a wedding present and I absolutely love its stunning shape, and simple cream colour.

-Small cupcake icing sugar dredger: this little beauty was a present from someone who knows how much I love a) cakes and b) baking. 

-Birdie measuring cups: one of my most prized possessions, these stunning measuring cups were also a wedding gift, and I use them all the time - they are so helpful when I use American recipes which tend to work in cup measurements.

-Rob Ryan mug box: I'm a huge fan of artist Rob Ryan's paper cuts, and own many of his stunning home objects (mugs, plates, vase etc). This box was too pretty to throw away, and I absolutely adore his bird emblem. It's the perfect platform for my birdie measuring cups. 

-Amaretti biscuit tin: I love Amaretti biscuits and especially love to enjoy them with a hot espresso or crumbled on top of a delicious creamy dessert. This tin of biscuits were a christmas gift from a family member, but sadly it's now empty…which reminds me…I really must fill it up! 

-Beach Hut Salt & Pepper Pots: I just love these quirky little condiment pots - they were a gift from my lovely friend Sheila who knows how much I adore the British seaside! It is truly my favourite place to go - I love the sounds, sights, smells of the seaside - the food, the sunbathing, building sand castles, sand between your toes, seagulls nicking your chips etc! 

-Cath Kidston rose floral mugs - this beautiful collection of pastel shade mugs were a housewarming gift from my great friends Josie & Kerry who know how much I adore the work of designer Cath Kidston, and a cup of tea! These encapsulate both these obsessions in my life! Tea anyone?

-Hanging rolling pin, horse shoe and black cat: these 'lucky charms' were given to me on my wedding day by my lovely little cousins, and I just adore them. 

-Blue Tit metal pin: this gorgeous little badge is so sweet and was bought from the NSPB. I have an obsession with little birds, and love anything with a bird emblem - I even have a little tweetie bird tattooed on my wrist. 

- Vintage WI pin: This badge was a gift from one of my besties Liz, who I work with to run Scone Roses WI our local 'new generation' Women's Institute group. The badge represents the joy and friendship my own WI bring to my life, and my love of all things vintage. I love to look at this badge and imagine who wore it before me, and what sort of person they were. 

-Two wooden lino printed badges: I designed and made these lino printed badges at a craft workshop I attended last year. I am a big crafter and love to try new things - I'd never done any lino printing before and I really enjoyed this course. My designs are the Twitter tweetie bird logo, and a pretty kitchen apron (of course!). 

- My Blog badge: this is one of my two blog badges that I wear to PR events so people who know who I am and which blog I'm from. They were made for me by my beautiful bestie Carmi.

A very happy shelf, with contents that make me so happy when I look at them. They encapsulate me, my personality and my home style 


You can also be in with a chance of winning £250 of John Lewis vouchers by taking the Great British Home Quiz over on Victoria Plumb's website - find out what your celebrity style is. 

I took the quiz and apparently I'm MRS GLAMOUROUS…

"Everything about you screams glamour; you always look photo-ready, whether you are working out, shopping in designer boutiques or snuggled up at home in your designer onesie. You crave home comforts that make a statement - a faux fur blanket, embellished cushions and lots of crushed velvet. You use neutral shades mixed with metallic. Pride of place are family portraits, kitchen gadgets and the keys to your Range Rover."

Hehe! I do actually agree with some of that above - especially the designer onesie (Joules!), the family portraits and the kitchen gadgets - that's all very me. 

Good Luck lovely readers - I hope you're lucky! 

Mrs B 


This post is my entry into the TOTS100 and Victoria Plumb #shelfie competition.