Tuesday 2 June 2015

Keeping Bert Entertained in the Garden

My beautiful Bert is now 21 months old - HOW is he a fully grown, extra large TODDLER already? Where does the time go? 

He is so much fun to be around, a ridiculously funny boy- this little dude has so much character it hurts! One of his favourite ways to spend an hour is running around like a madman in the garden - playing in his sandpit, climbing on his slide, or hiding in the very old playhouse at the bottom of the garden. 

At the moment though, we are waiting for a new lawn to grow (hubby had to dig up and grass seed the whole thing)...so at the moment the garden is out of bounds....boo!! Daily trips to the park will have to suffice for now, but we can't wait to have our stomping ground back, hopefully in a couple of weeks - just as the weather brightens, we'll be back in the garden, watching the birds and digging for worms! Wahoo!

I've been wanting to share some more recent photos and clips of The Bertster with my lovely readers, and thought this post would be the perfect opportunity...

So here is a little poem and some pictures all about the B-Man and his garden antics!

Bert Is In The Garden

I just love my garden
It's my favourite place to run
It's only small, but it's perfect - full of so much fun!

First, I have my sandpit, which my auntie gave to me
It's shaped like a turtle and as green as can be.
It's full up with toys...
Buckets, and spades and sieves
In the centre of my garden is where it lives

Next I have a slide of blue, 
My favourite thing to climb, 
I jump up the slide not stairs,
I'm a daring little lad - 
Sometimes I shoot fast off the end, 
And mummy looks like she's mad

Of course, she's only worried, 
She doesn't want me to get hurt
Whenever I graze my knee 
She cuddles me and says
"It's alright Bert"

I try to be brave but 
My lip sometimes wobbles...
Especially when I tripped over in my garden
And then I had to hobble! 

I also like the trampoline, 
To bounce the days away...
I can spring up to the moon, 
That's what my Daddy says! 

And then, there's The Den...it's a bit old and rusty...
When I play inside it smells a bit musty!
But my clever Dad and Uncle Charlie gave it a lick of paint
Mum made me a little sign and some starry bunting
It really is such a fun thing

Mum hung bright yellow paper pom poms from the ceiling
And put my rocking horse inside, as she knew that I was feeling
Lonely in my play house, without a friend to play with
And now that horsey lives inside 
It's her I spend the day with.

We chat and we play peek-a-boo,
Bursting through the window
We close the door, shut out the world, and I tell Horsey lots of things
She doesn't say a thing though!
She's quiet is my Horsey friend, 
But I don't mind a bit
Whether quiet or really loud my Horsey is a hit! 

I also like to chase around my garden, stomping on the lawn
I love to kick a ball around - I could stay out there till' dawn!
I want to get a goal for my birthday when I'm two...
I think someone will get it, but I just don't know who?
Maybe it will be my Nanny Ruth, as she is mad on sport
She wants me to win a gold medal when I'm big,
Oh, what a thought! 

Apart from sand and slides and houses I love to dig for treasure, 
I watch the birds fly all around, 
The garden is full of pleasure!

I love it when we eat our dinner al fresco...
A picnic or a BBQ, from Aldi or from Tesco. 
Mummy puts a blanket down, and we all sit down together
Special eating family time
It is my best time ever

I also love to swing - high into the trees
When my mum pushes me in the breeze 
I go 'wheeeee' and I giggle and cheer
When I was smaller I giggled with fear

But now I am a toddler I can swing without a fright
I don't even hold on with all my might
I can multitask when swinging
I can even gobble cake
I like to see how much mess one boy can make!

Our garden is out of bounds for a little while...
I can't play out there until the new grass has sprouted
At least, that's what Daddy shouted,
When I accidentally ran out there and trampled on the dirt
"You're not meant to be out there Bert!"
Oh sorry Daddy, I forgot! 
I just can't wait until it's hot
Again and I can play 
Out on the fresh grass all the day

But for now the park will have to suffice
Playing with my friends there is rather nice...
But I'd much rather be in my garden with my toys
I don't even mind sharing with other girls and boys
There's plenty to do and there's plenty to see
There in my garden with my pear tree, and me. 

Do your little ones love to play in the garden?

What do you have outside to keep them occupied?

Mrs B 


Disclaimer: This is my entry into Waltons blogger competition to win a wooden playhouse. If you'd like to enter please visit Twin Mummy and Daddy for the details!