Wednesday, 10 June 2015

#ItsInTheBagBaby - What I Can't Leave Home Without...


It never ceases to amaze me just how much "stuff" children need. I used to be able to leave the house with a small handbag, and be done with it. These days I pretty much can't leave without a large holdall full to bursting with Bert's 'kit'. 

Granted, as Bert's gotten older we can nip out for an hour without much at all, but any more than that and I tend to leave the house with the kitchen sink in tow. 

I'm a 'like to be prepared' kind of Mumma - so I tend to plan ahead where I can to ensure I've got all my bases covered. That doesn't mean I haven't been caught short on occasion forgetting to pack a snack, or bum cream, or heaven forbid, that tiny little toy he wants now were out but hasn't looked at in 2 months! Ha....toddlers! 

At 'mummy of a toddler' stage (Bert is now 21 months), this is my Baby Bag Essentials list:

For Bert:

-Changing mat (handmade by moi using Quentin Blakes Cockatoos fabric & red/white gingham oilcloth)
-Nappies (size 5)
-Nappy Sacks
-Factor 50 Suncream
-A change of clothes (usually joggers, vest, tshirt, socks, bib)
-Antibacterial hand gel
-Antibacterial wipes
-SNACKS! (Usually raisins, an apple and a small packet of mini biscuits)
-A couple of small toys (usually dinosaurs!)
-A big drink of water in his dinosaur drinks bottle

For Mumma:

-Mirror (a digestive biscuit pocket mirror none the less!)
-Lip balm
-Glasses wipes (I am FOREVER needing to wipe my glasses, sticky toddler fingers + specs don't mix too well!)
-My Kindle for those rare moments when Bert's fallen asleep in the buggy or is playing quietly while out and I can get a cheeky 5 minute read in. 

The Essentials. 

Always the last thing to be packed is Bert's dinosaur cup drink of water, as it can be a bit prone to the odd spill (so buried in the bottom of the bag is never a good idea unless I want the whole contents of the bag to be soggy!) Plus, he wants it then doesn't want it around a gazillion times while we're out, so right at the top is where it stays. 

It's a hard life being out and about as a busy toddler: it's a good job Mum has all my bases covered!

I sometimes I pack my own personal things into a handbag rather than putting them in Bert's 'baby bag'. When I'm short on space in the buggy I will combine the two, and just pack my things into the little zip pouch in Bert's bag, whatever works that day really! 

Have I missed any essentials that you like to carry? 

I'd love to know what's in your baby bag...

Mrs B 


Disclaimer: This post is my entry into the Pink Lining Ambassador Search. 


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