Monday 5 June 2017

Tropic Skincare - Deluxe Skincare Collection *REVIEW*

Have you heard of Tropic Skincare? They are a natural, vegan and cruelty free brand of skincare and make up products with a "pure, honest, effective" ethos - I always champion natural products when possible, knowing they'll be kinder to my super sensitive skin, and won't subject my body to unnecessary chemicals and the such. 

Back in 2011 Tropic's founder Susan Ma appeared on BBC's The Apprentice, and was given the opportunity to present her passion and vision for natural and cruelty free skincare to Lord Alan Sugar. Impressed by the products, he spotted a unique business opportunity and invested in Tropic to become a 50/50 partner.

Since then the social selling business has grown with over 7,500 ambassadors to date and over 70 products in their skincare, bodycare and make up ranges. 

Honestly, now I'm in my 30's I've really started to take looking after my skin a bit more seriously - recently I've begun to notice deeper lines on my face, I've been getting more frequent spot breakouts and since having my children I've noticed pigmentation changes too! I've never been one to keep up a daily skin regime...a sensitive face wipe or a quick face wash has been about the most I've ever managed to do day to day, with the odd face mask, scrub and dot of moisturiser when I remember/have time/can be bothered. 

This slap-dash approach to looking after my skin just isn't cutting it any more, and I was on the lookout for set of products that would take care of skin, smell great and be gentle on my sensitive face. I needed something I really enjoyed using otherwise I knew life would take over and I'd be back to my quick face wipe routine once again. 
Deluxe Skincare Collection from Tropic Skincare
My local friend Ellie Boyde is a Tropic Skincare Manager based in Bedfordshire and she kindly sent me the Deluxe Skincare Collection to try out - I've now been using it for over 6 weeks, and I absolutely love it! I can understand why I've heard so many good things about the brand and it's products...

The Deluxe Skincare Collection contains all you need to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise your skin, plus also contains their super popular organic elixir oil, Tropic headband and bamboo face cloth to boot!

The collection is priced at £82 and saves you £33 on the combined cost for all the products - what a bargain!

This collection contains:

• smoothing cleanser (120ml) 

• bamboo face cloth
• vitamin toner (120ml) 
• skin revive (50ml) 
• eye refresh (10ml)
• organic elixir (30ml) 
• face smooth (100ml) 
• tropic headband


• parabens 

• SLS/ALS (sodium/ammonium lauryl sulphate) 
• unsustainable palm oils 
• formaldehydes 
• phthalates 
• alcohol
• MI (methylisothiazolinone) 
• petrochemicals 
• mineral oils 
• gluten 
• lanolin 
• triclosan 
• beeswax/honey 
• harsh preservatives
• toxic chemicals 
• micro beads

My first impressions when using the Deluxe collection was how amazing each product smelt; a mixture of citrus and botanicals with a floral note that smells fresh and not over-perfumed, smells such as bergamot really come through and leave your skin smelling incredible. The combined scent is also really relaxing, so I especially enjoy using these products at night. 

You can use the cleanser, toner and moisturiser morning and night, and add in the use of the skin revive scrub, eye refresh roll on and elixir oil as you see necessary. The daily routine has been leaving my skin feeling fresh, clean, revived and most importantly, none of the items irritated my sensitive face - hooray! I especially love the little extras of the headband to keep my long hair out of the way, plus the absolutely super bamboo face cloth (to use with the cleanser), which is honestly the softest thing I've ever had the pleasure of rubbing my skin on - it's amazing!!

I usually use the face scrub once a week, on days when my face feels like it could do with a deeper clean - especially if I've worn a lot of make up - it's a lovely extra element to add into your weekly pamper session...and leaves your skin feeling brand new. 

The elixir age-defying oil contains the perfect balance of antioxidants, essential amino acids, plus a powerful blend of organic plant and seed oils which I've found to intensely hydrates my skin, it has also improved my skin tone and has given me a noticeably smoother complexion. It gives every other night-time face oil I've tried a run for its money, and it is very competitive in it's pricing at just £26 for 30ml (which will honestly last you about 6 months I reckon, as a little goes a really long way!)

Six weeks on and my skin is feeling revived, healthy and my dry skin and breakouts are totally under control. I have very deep pores, especially across my nose, and these are so much cleaner, and less visible now. My dark circles have become less obvious and I just feel like my skin is more toned, tighter, brighter and each time I do my Tropic facial I'm left feeling uber clean and properly pampered. 

It is also worth noting that the collection comes boxed in the most beautiful packaging: a huge white box, with the classic tropical/botanical/jungle/rainforest-esque papers wrapped around each item in the collection. There's a little booklet containing everything you need to know about the individual items, and instructions on how you should use each one and in which order. Obviously, I think you should treat yourself to these amazing products, but there collections would also make a perfect gift too! Everything about this collection screams luxury - and in my opinion it provides incredible value for money.

Deluxe Skincare Collection from Tropic Skincare

Deluxe Skincare Collection from Tropic Skincare

Deluxe Skincare Collection from Tropic Skincare

I genuinely can't fault these products - I know they've truly impressed me as I'm 6 weeks into trialling them and I'm still using them at least 6 nights out of 7 - pretty impressive considering this is the first time in 30 years that I've managed to stick at a skin regime longer than a few days!

I've recommended the products to so many friends and family members already, and will be definitely replenishing my stock when my current collection has run out. 

If you'd like more info on their products and ranges you can head to their social media channels...

Do you have a good skincare regime? What are your favourite products? I'd love to know! 

Mrs B


Disclaimer: I was sent the Deluxe Skincare collection from Tropic Skincare in exchange for this honest review.