Tuesday 10 July 2018

Lighting Options for Your Home

When it comes to interior design, one aspect of our homes tends to commonly be neglected - lighting. Now, considering that lighting plays a major role in how we perceive anything that we see, you should focus a whole lot more attention on this aspect of your home than you probably do at the moment. Even the most stunning property can still fall short if the right lighting options aren’t installed! So, here are a few different options for you to consider!

Ceiling Fittings

The main source of light in each of your rooms can hold so much more potential than a simple ceiling rose, hanging bulb, and lampshade. There are plenty more options on the market. Consider chandeliers, spotlights, … the possibilities are endless! Sure, you might need to bring in the help of a professional to install these fixtures properly, but the results are more than worth the effort.


Remember that as well as main lighting sources, you can also incorporate lighting into accessories, such as a gloss TV unit with LED lights, lights in bookshelves, strings of fairy lights, and lights above frames or canvases. These are much more subtle additions to any space, but really contribute to the mood of a room.


Lamps are designed to give you a small boost of light when needs be. They won’t completely flood your room with light but are likely to give a nice glow that is sufficient to help you get by during low light (evening/night/winter days) without bumping into things and knocking things over. There are seemingly endless varieties available, and you should consider getting more than one. Consider the different spaces you have in your home and what you need your lamps to provide for you. If you like to read in bed, a bedside table lamp will be perfect. It will give you sufficient light to prevent you from straining your eyes while reading and can be turned off without you having to leave the comfort of your bed to turn the main light off. For your main living space, you will want a little atmospheric light for while you’re watching the television. A freestanding lamp or tripod lights will meet your needs perfectly.

Natural Light

Many of us take natural light for granted. After all, it surrounds us as soon as we step outdoors every single day. However, it’s always worth considering how natural lighting can affect your interior design, rather than leaving its benefits to the realm of the outside world. So, how do you go about incorporating this into your property? Well, you can always call in construction workers to install large enough windows to allow light to come in at all angles, or consider a large skylight. You can also undergo renovations such as the implementation of French doors or windows on stairs or corridors to eliminate darkness.

Light really can be incorporated into your interior design in a number of different ways! Hopefully, some of the ones that have been suggested will fit perfectly into your home and suit your needs down to a tee!

This is a collaborative post.