Thursday 2 May 2013

'Perfect' Blueberry Muffins...

Being back at work full time is sadly meaning not a lot of time (or energy) in the working week for baking. However, a half day today due to a maternity appointment means I'm home with a little more energy (despite having walked 4.5 miles) and so I have decided to get my bake on!

Those of you who are regular readers of the blog will know that I rave about Felicity Cloake's Guardian food blog. This weekly column finds Felicity choosing something to cook, she then collects a variety of versions of the recipe from the 'top chefs' i.e. Jamie, Gordon, Delia, Nigel S etc, and makes each of them; tasting and comparing all the time, until by the end of the week she comes up with her own 'perfect' recipe. The final 'perfect' recipe is usually a combination of the ones she's tried. 

So far I've tried her carrot cake, and crumpets - both with great success. So today I've tried her blueberry muffins. 

I've had blueberry muffin diaster in years gone by with muffins that just weren't at all sweet enough, and were therefore a big disappoint to me, a sweet blueberry-muffin-lover! So I was hoping that this recipe wouldn't disappoint. 

My final muffins were really scrummy - just the right amount of sweet to salt taste, a lovely texture and just amazing still slightly warm from the oven. :-)

You can find the recipe here

Here is a photo directly from Felicity's food-blog of her 'perfect' muffins...

And here are mine....

They have lovely golden-brown crunchy tops, and fluffy middles, they're full of fruit and sugary goodness...I fear these won't last too long in the Bishop household. ;-)

Another great 'perfect' recipe Felicity, thank you! 

Mrs B