Wednesday 29 January 2014

Learn to Love Sleep with Pampers *Tips from Baby Sleep expert Jo Tantum*

Parents up and down the country all know how vital a good nights sleep is. When you're up all hours of the night with a new baby it can be extremely challenging - having a huge knock on effect to your days as well as nights. That first time your baby sleeps through the night feels so amazing, but you still wake up with a jolt "oh my god, are they okay?" and there they are sleeping, like a baby! :-)

My little Batman; sleeping like a baby...

There's loads of advice out there for parents - and today I want to share some top tips from Pampers' baby sleep Expert Jo Tantum on how to teach your baby to love sleep as much as we do! 

Bert & Pampers...

For me, the key to a 12 hour sleep for Bert is wearing the right nappy - a leaky or uncomfortable nappy means that Bert will wake in the night and need a change. Bert and I have been testing out Pampers nappies once again (read our last review here) This time we've been trying the new Pampers Baby Dry, and they've been fab! Bert has been sleeping through, and has a dry bum each morning.

Since our last test packs we've stopped using any other nappy - as we found other brands generally leaked and were unreliable. We also didn't think other brands seemed to fit Bert as comfortably as Pampers do. 

As usual, we've been thrilled with Pampers' new Baby Dry - Bert's been sleeping through for a long while now (we feel SO lucky!) and I'm pretty sure that it is partly due to a nappy that keeps his bottom dry even for 12 hours. We've not had any leakage, and Bert has never had nappy rash when using the Pampers nappies - if he's happy then I'm happy!

Happy Bert and Happy Mummy! 

Here's whats new with the Pampers Baby Dry nappies...

This week I was lucky enough to have a Skype meeting with the lovely people from Pampers as well as Jo Tantum, a baby sleep expert. I asked her some questions about my little Bert's sleep routine and how to transition him successfully from sleeping in a crib in our room to his cot in the nursery...she gave me some sound advice. 

Top Tips from Jo 

1. Start to put Bert down for naps in his nursery during the day time to get him used to the room. Pull down the blackout blind, and pop on a white noise sound to help soothe him (he LOVES this).

2. I should sleep in the nursery with Bert (we have a double bed in there) for the first few weeks of transitioning him from our room to the nursery, he'll feel more relaxed knowing I'm in there, and after the 2 weeks should be ready to sleep in there alone. (eek!)

3. Put a muslin blanket down your top for 2 hours before Bert's bed time then tie a knot in it and give it to him as a comforter when I want him to sleep alone in the nursery (it will smell of me, and so hopefully soothe him). 


Learn to Love Sleep Tips by Pampers Sleep Expert Jo Tantum

Set the scene
Try to set a scene that is appropriate for bedtime such as ensuring that lights are switched off or dimmed and that the room is neither too cold nor too hot. Creating a tranquil environment will help baby understand when it is time for sleep.

Routine is key
Routine will help your little one to know when it is night-time. By doing the same things before bedtime such as giving your baby a bath, cuddle, lullaby, and fresh nappy, she will begin to associate these activities with sleep.

Keep to a schedule
As with establishing a sleep routine, the daily cycle is also important. By having ‘active times’ and ‘quiet times’ your baby will become familiar with when it is time to play and when it time for sleep.

Distinguish between night and day
Ensure that your baby’s environment is different between night and day so that your little one recognises that light means it is time for play and that dark is time for sleep. Also try to be quieter and less interesting when it is night time so your little one understands that it is not playtime.

All babies will wake in the night but they will need to learn how to self-soothe. If you hear your baby stirring try to refrain from going in straight away to settle her. Instead, pause a moment and give her a chance to send herself back to sleep. Eventually she will be able to nod off without your help. 

Sleep changes and development are linked
Your baby will move considerably in the night so ensuring that she remains comfortable is essential. It is advisable to use a nappy with superior leakage protection such as Pampers Baby-Dry with Double Dry-Zones which absorb moisture and lock it helping to provide your baby with up to 12 hours of Golden Sleep.

Your baby will have growth spurts. During these times, she will likely want to feed more, day and night so try to be aware of when your little one is going through one of these phases. Similarly, teething may cause your little one some discomfort and thus disrupt her sleep. Teething rings can help ease the pain and distract baby. You can also try rubbing the gums with infant teething gels which contain a mild anaesthetic.

Be realistic
Stay positive and trust your instincts. Keeping a diary of your baby’s sleep patterns may also help you understand when and why she wakens and remember that every baby is different so what may work for another baby may not work for your little one.

I hope these tips help any new parents out there to settle their little ones into a routine. 


Mrs B 


Disclaimer: I was sent a sample packet of Pampers Baby Dry nappies, and was given expert advice over a Skype meeting from baby sleep expert Jo Tantum in exchange for writing this post. All opinions are my own however, and I genuinely love and only use Pampers nappies.