Tuesday 10 December 2013

Liberty, Liberty, Liberty

For any of you who haven't heard, there's a new series on Channel 4 on Monday nights at 9pm called Liberty of London; a documentary series all about the iconic 'Liberty of London' department store.

It is so worth a watch! 

Liberty is one of my favourite shops in the whole world! I love everything about it - how beautiful the building is outside and in, its long history, it's awesome fabric and haberdashery department, all the amazing handbags, shoes and jewellery (that I fear I'll never be able to afford!) and its impeccable service from friendly staff. 

For me, being able to see behind-the-scenes at Liberty is a dream come true! I love visiting and shopping there, and have been fascinated by the store ever since my first visit 12 years ago when I was just 15. I can remember feeling that a whole world of shopping was opened up to me that day, and Liberty really was a shop like no other I'd ever seen before. I still get a rush every time I walk through the flower-shop and enter its maze of goodies just waiting for me to discover them. 

a photo I took outside Liberty - its beauty never fails to impress me

I go back to Liberty any chance I get, which, sadly, isn't as often as I'd like. I'm never disappointed when I do go, and like its rivals (Harrods, Selfridges etc) I could gladly spend all day walking its creaky floorboards oohing and ahhing at the pretty treasures inside. 


Liberty opens its Christmas floor in September each year (just about the time I start getting excited about Christmas!) - and they have the most amazing array of Christmas decorations. What I love about Liberty is they embrace loads of colour and kitsch when it comes to Christmas, and if you can't be gaudy and colourful at Christmas, then when can you? 

Here are my top 10 Liberty Christmas decorations this year....
1. Fabric Clip Bird £4.95

2. Sir Arthur Liberty hanging frame £14.95 (the founder of Liberty)

3. and 4. Retro Bambi and Owl decoration £6.95 each

5. Red sequin pear decoration £6.95, because I love anything that sparkles! 

6. Wooden Fox Decoration £3.95

7. Flock Reindeer Decoration £4.95

8. Wooden Cut Out Pear Decoration £2.95

9. Coloured Set of Droplet Decorations, all five for £6.95

And finally, 

10. Fuchsia Feathered Bird Decoration £3.95

I think that for Liberty, who are renowned for selling opulent, 'high end' luxury items, their decorations are very reasonably priced and affordable. If like me you have a strict budget to stick to, then you can still afford Liberty. 

I must say that I think one of the reasons I like Liberty so much is because I always feel the challenge of searching for something within my price range. The luxury items are things (for me) to be lusted over and dreamt about, to be saved up for - if I could go in and afford everything I'm sure the excitement would be lessened. 


Liberty is perhaps most famous for its prints - they have been designing and selling their fabric prints since they opened in 1875. Each season I love to browse through the fabric section on their website to see their new prints - that is if I haven't managed to visit the store itself! I love seeing the designers at work in the documentary and its great to see behind the scenes at how the designs are given life from the page to the print. 

Here are my favourite prints from this season at Liberty...

click here to browse the full fabric collection


Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I love a 'dream shop' - window shopping at its best. I love to imagine that money is no object, and decide what items I would purchase at my favourite stores. Here's my Liberty round-up...

Liberty London Pink Lodden Print Cotton PJ Set £160.00

Betsy Liberty Print Miniature Suitcase £65

Liberty London Small Claire Aude Print Knot Watch 59.00

In a parallel universe, where Liam might actually agree to wear this, I'd love to purchase this awesome Liberty London Blue Emma and Georgina Liberty Print Bow Tie £55

3.1 Phillip Lim Mini White and Blue Pashli Bag £675.00

Maison Martin Margiela Pink Clip Purse Leather Shoulder Bag £860

Sophie Hulme Floral Mini Envelope Leather Shoulder Bag £335

Unexpected Things Ornamental Roe Deer Trophy (for wall hanging) £38

White Walnut Bird Ornament £35.00
Teacakes and Candies Baking Tray/Mould £39.95

Christmas Tree Bundt Pan £37.95

Orange Silk Beakbeak Cushion £95 
(because I've always loved kaleidoscopes ever since I was tiny, and images of birds are my 'thing')

Okay, so these are totally unnecessary, but PRETTY...
Daisy Potato Masher £22.95

Buttercup Balloon Whisk £22.95


Liberty do a gorgeous range for children - from clothes, to soft toys and figures/play sets - they're all absolutely gorgeous, and although pricey would make very stunning gifts for any special little people you might know. 

Here are a few of my favourites, one of which we've already purchased for Bert (oops!) 

Liberty London Baby Booties £35 (cashmere)

Anne Claire Petit Cute Sailor Crochet Bear £50.00

Le Toy Van Budkins Maximus Soldier £7.00

Melissa and Doug Folding Medieval Castle £85.00 

(I have to admit that we have just purchased this for Bert, we know it's silly that he's only going to be 4 months old this Christmas, and won't remotely be ready to play with it for ages, but we figured we'd make the most of these years when he's too small to ask for horrible plastic rubbish and buy him some amazing 'proper' toys for when he's big enough!) 


If I haven't converted you to a Liberty addict by now, then I don't think anything will persuade you - you'll just have to trust me - it's awesome!

I can't wait for my next visit, and for the final instalment of the documentary next week. 

Bye for now and HAPPY SHOPPING! 

Mrs B


PS. I just added it all up and I just 'spent' £2741.30 in Liberty! Hahaha! I should have definitely been a millionaire!!!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post, I wrote it because I genuinely love Liberty and it's products. I haven't received any freebies or incentives (although I wish I had!) :-) 

Gorgeous Liberty Image I found on their Google + 

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