Wednesday 15 October 2014

Bumbo Floor Seat & Play Tray *REVIEW*

The Bumbo floor seat for babies is a must-have item for any expectant parents out there. Before we had Bert we were lucky enough to be given a Bumbo from a close friend whose boys had grown too big for theirs, and while Bert was small we found it a really handy item. 

The seat is moulded which makes it soft and comfortable for baby, and its shape means you can confidently pop baby into the floor seat, and he/she will be safe and supported. The detachable tray means baby can sit and play, or eat, with a surface to pop their toys/food on within easy reach of their seated position. Perfect. 

A brief overview:
  • The Bumbo Floor Seat and Play Tray combination will help your baby to maintain an upright seated position.
  • Its award-winning design has made it a favourite with millions of mums and dads as their baby's first seat, when little ones are not quite ready to sit up on their own.
  • The contoured seat fits your baby's posture and includes an adjustable safety harness with an easy-click buckle.
  • Soft, comfortable, durable and easy to clean.
  • With baby safely seated on the floor, story times become easier and play time opens a whole world of possibilities.
  • The removable tray provides a convenient play area, keeping toys, drinks and snacks within easy reach.
  • The tray's smooth, easy-to-clean surface is also great for feeding and is dishwasher safe.
  • Suitable for babies 4 months and older, able to support their head unassisted.
The Bumbo comes in a variety of colours, and you can also purchase fun fabric covers to jazz up your seat, making it extra comfy and fun for your little ones. 

Our Blue Bumbo

We used our second-hand Bumbo loads when Bert was small - we also found our cat Pickle took quite a liking to it as well! 

My favourite thing about the Bumbo is how easy it is to clean - we regularly gave Bert his snacks/drinks while sat in it and I never had to worry about what mess he might be making, as a quick wipe over and the whole thing would be as good as new! 

Bert was such an inquisitive baby - constantly wanting to look around and be part of the action - long gone are the days where your baby just lays in a crib or on a mat on the floor until it can crawl, with the Bumbo your inquisitive baby can sit up and look around unaided - Bert loved it, and so did Mummy, any item which means Mummy has her hands free for a few minutes is a winner for me. 

Here's a few snaps of our Bumbo in action:

The perfect seat for my little super-hero! Bert at 4 months. 

The Bert-Man - our little super-hero: in his Bumbo & Play Tray at 6 months. 

My little Christmas Elf under the tree in his comfy Bumbo aged 4 months!

The cheekiest of chimps: Bert sitting in his Bumbo Floor Seat - what a cutie! 

Alternative ways to use a Bumbo:

Bert thought his Bumbo was rather perfect for den building!

And the cat thought it was a bed for her too:

Are you quite comfy there Pickle??

Now that does NOT look comfortable! Silly cat! 


Who knew they'd be so perfect for your feline friends too! :-)

Recently, TOMY sent us a beautiful new Bumbo Floor Seat & Play Tray Combo Pack in Aqua, as well as a spotty fabric cover. It is truly a beautiful product, and one we will definitely keep and use for any future children we may have, and of course all the lovely visiting babies of our friends and family. 

So often baby products are mostly style over substance, but with the Bumbo you really do get a balance of both: it is beautiful and practical in equal measure. 

Being as Bert is a little too big for a Bumbo seat now, I used my glamourous assistant Peppa Pig to aid me in the modelling for some of the photographs. ;-)

Our new Bumbo in Aqua, with its Play Tray attached - what a lovely any-gender colour! 

The Aqua Bumbo and Play Tray in all its glory

The restraint belt is included for extra safety.

The Bumbo Floor Seat Aqua from TOMY priced at £36.99 or you can buy the Bumbo Floor Seat and Play Tray Combo Pack from TOMY priced at £41.99.

Peppa Pig modelling our new Bumbo with spotty seat cover! You look very swish Peppa! 

Good girl Peppa you've got your restraint belt done up! 

Bumbo with spotty fabric cover.

A really beautiful and practical product for babies! 

At the moment TOMY are sold out of the spotty covers, but you can pick up one of these alternative beautiful designs on their website now:

Bumbo Floor Seat Cover Owls from TOMY priced at £9.99
Bumbo Floor Seat Cover Elephants from TOMY priced at £9.99
Bumbo Floor Seat Cover Sea Creatures from TOMY priced at £9.99

What Bumbo Have To Say…

"Our Bumbo Baby Seat has become a parenting essential, a product that is superior in quality, comfort and function. We also deliver a seat that brings smiles to your child. Bumbo is your baby's first seat, allowing your little one to see the world in a new way. 

In addition to bringing joy to babies and families around the globe, Bumbo has made an amazing commitment to bringing aid to its community in and around Pretoria, South Africa, where it is based.  Bumbo's founder, Johan Buitendach, has dedicated himself to helping those in need. Bumbo donates nearly 100% of its profits to charity to help the poor, hungry, homeless, disabled and others. With every purchase of a Bumbo product comes a partnership with an organisation that has helped, and continues to help thousands of people in South Africa."

We truly are big fans of the Bumbo in the Bishop household, and I like it even more now that I know the work that Bumbo does for charity as well. I know that our trusty Bumbo will be used for many years to come, and for just over £50 for a seat, tray and cover - I think it is brilliant value. 

What baby product did you buy which became your go-to product when your little ones were small?

Mrs B 


***Please note that a Bumbo seat should ONLY be used on the floor, and isn't safe on high surfaces such as tables or worktops.***

Disclaimer: We were sent a Bumbo Floor Seat and Play Tray Combo Pack along with a spotty Bumbo fabric cover for the purpose of this review. All words, images and opinions are my own.