Monday, 27 October 2014

Flora: From Seed to Spread - YouTube Video now LIVE featuring ME ;-)

My regular blog readers will know that earlier this year I worked with big brand Flora on their campaign to educate their customers about what goes into their spreads, and how they are made. You can read all about my brilliant day on College Farm in Cambridge with some fellow foodie-bloggers, and the wonderful Edd Kimber (winner of the first series of The Great British Bake Off) here

To follow up our day on the farm, Flora have now published this fab video from the day, which I couldn't wait to share with you - I feature a couple of times - baking in the tent, and being interviewed right at the end. I hope you enjoy...

As well as the video, Flora have published advertisements containing quotes and images from my blog in publications all over the UK- it was so exciting to see my name, and blog name in print! 

Independent Magazine 18th October
“I try so often to ‘buy British’ and support local food producers, it is an important part of the way I shop and cook and has made Flora a product I will definitely pick up above all other margarine brands, now that I know that their products contain only simple ingredients.”
Guardian Weekend 11th October
“It’s clear that everyone on the farm works hard to ensure that the end product is not only of the highest quality, but is also as kind on the environment as possible,” she says. “Knowing that they use only British rapeseed oil, some of which came from the farm I was standing in, is meaningful. I try to buy British, it’s an important part of the way I shop and cook. I will definitely pick up Flora now I know their products contain simple ingredients.”
Notebook Magazine 12th October  
‘They use only British rapeseed oil, some of which came from the farm I was standing in,’ she said. ‘I try so often to “buy British” and support local producers, it’s an important part of the way I shop. Flora is a product I will pick above all other brands now I know their products contain simple ingredients.’

Did you manage to spot me in any of the above? 

I had a few messages from friends and family who had happened upon the articles and got a nice shock! 

It really was so fun to work alongside Flora on this campaign, and I learnt a lot about the provenance of their products. 

Do you use Flora for baking? 

Mrs B



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