Tuesday 16 December 2014

The Perfect Christmas Gifts from Polagram *REVIEW*

I am obsessed with photographs. I take hundreds of photos every month from snaps of my gorgeous little Bert, to pics of what I'm eating, what I'm wearing, the cat, and what we're getting up to etc. I love to document my life in pictures, and I post photos to Instagram on a daily basis.

I also love to be surrounded by photos - not content to just have them stored in my phone, I have a house FULL of photos: from albums, to photo pockets on my doors, canvas prints on the walls, framed pictures and Instagram prints adorning every spare corner of my lovely little house. I even have pictures of Bert printed onto marshmallows! Ha! 

My little brother Reg (who is nearly 19 - I can't call him 'little' anymore, can I?) is also obsessed with photos/photography - he works as a cameraman full time, and takes loads of great photographs in his spare time. I am so proud of the man he has grown into, and I truly love the marvellous photographs he takes both at work, and in his spare time. 

Me and my 'little' brother, Reg

I find the men in my life quite hard to buy for at Christmas time, so when the people over at Polagram, the photo printing App, asked me if I'd like to review some of their products, I jumped at the chance! I knew they would have the perfect present for a photo-lover like Reg.

Polagram Gift Box

I opted to review their 36 Pola-style print Giftbox priced at £12.69 which is a hard gift box containing 36 polaroid style prints, with or without captions. As soon as I saw it I thought it would make the perfect Christmas gift for Reg.

In order to buy a product from Polagram you need to download their free iPhone or Android app, which literally just takes a few seconds to do on your mobile device. Once downloaded you can use the App to order prints, gift boxes, posters, large prints and more! 

I found the iPhone App really simple and straight forward to use - you can connect the App straight to your Instagram, Facebook and camera roll, and just tap on which photos you'd like to use in the product (i.e gift box). For the gift box you can also add captions underneath the photo on the polaroid style print which you just add using your phones keypad - simple! 

The Polagram App - just touch which item you'd like to order and follow the on screen step by step guide!

Choosing my photos for Reg's gift box...

For the gift box I selected 36 of Reg's best Instagram photos (which I had previously saved to my own camera roll) and added hashtag captions underneath some which matched the captions he'd posted on the photos on his Instagram feed. Once I was happy with my selection I just pressed 'finished' and my order was complete - easy peasy! 

When the gift box arrived a couple of days later I was so pleased with it. I know Reg will absolutely love it, and I'm pretty sure he'll think of some creative way of displaying his newly printed photos in his room. 

The gift box comes in pink as standard (not a problem for my uber-macho brother who can handle a bit of pink) and is lovely quality. It contains the Polagram logo on the lid, and the base reads: 

36 lovely moments
Time flies, memories don't

Such lovely sentiment, especially at Christmas time! 

The Polagram gift box in all its glory! 

Some of Reg's FAB photos from the Polagram gift box 

Reg will just love this gift, I know it! 

I couldn't be more pleased with this gift box and I genuinely cannot WAIT to give it to Reg - I love knowing that you've got the perfect gift for someone - thanks Polagram. 

(By the way, I'm hoping that it will still remain a surprise gift as I'm pretty sure my 19 year old brother doesn't have the time/inclination to read a baking/lifestyle blog written by his boring older sister, haha! If you are reading this Reg then SURPRISE!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! This is one of your Christmas gifts this year - we hope you like it!)

Polagram Poster

The second item I opted to review was the Polagram 35 Images Poster priced at £16.90 which contains 35 photos, measures 50x70 cm (20x30") and is printed on thick high quality paper. 

I chose this option as a Christmas gift for my twin sister Jojo- who lives 100 miles away. I don't get to see her nearly as often as I'd like and in order to keep in touch I send her daily photos to let her know what we're up to and how 'her boy' Bert is. She is the most amazing Auntie to little Bert I knew she would go totally bonkers over a collage poster of Bert pics, so I couldn't wait to put one together for her. 

Me and my gorgeous twin sister Jojo! 

Again, using the App was super simple, and even better - because I used the images directly from my camera roll which are in date taken order, the photos I chose of Bert automatically appeared on the poster in date order - so you can see him grow over the past 16 months over the 35 gorgeous shots of him - perfect! 

Now, I know for a fact that my lovely sister reads my blog religiously (bless her) as she messages me after every new post... so Jojo - SURPRISE! This is one of your Christmas gifts from us this year - it will be winging its way to you on Boxing Day ready to adorn one of the walls at your house as a constant reminder of your B Man. 

Bert from 5 minutes old - 16 months old: a collage poster print from Polagram for my sister Jo. 

The poster arrived within a couple of days, all packaged up in a hard cardboard tube to insure it arrived in perfect condition, which it did. The poster is brilliant quality, and is going to make the most perfect gift for my sister. 

We decided to purchase a frame for it, to make it an even more perfect gift. Luckily, the poster size is a standard frame size and it wasn't difficult to pick up a lovely frame for it on the high street. It looks super impressive and even more beautiful now that it is all ready to hang...

In its frame and ready to wrap up for Christmas! 

We had to have a peek of it up on wall - I think you'll agree it looks fab! 

I can't wait for Jo to open this and see it in the flesh, and I'm looking forward to seeing where she decides to hang it in her home. 

I hope you'll agree that it is a really beautiful and thoughtful gift, and I think that at a combined cost of £34.90 (£16.90 for the poster + £18 for the frame), it is a very good value purchase. It really is the perfect gift for anyone who needs some last minute Chirstmas gift inspiration! The same goes for the gift box! If you know someone who loves photos as much as me and my family, then look no further, Polagram will have the perfect gift for you. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS & GOOD LUCK with all your final bits of Christmas shopping!


Mrs B


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Disclaimer: I was sent a gift box and poster print from Polagram for the purpose of this review - all words, opinions and images are my own.