Wednesday 1 April 2015

I Won't Be An April Fool...

Pinch, punch - first of the month and Happy April Fools Day! 

I'm hoping no one is planning any nasty tricks for me today as I'm still feeling poorly, and quite frankly, would rather be in bed than anywhere else today. I have the tail end of some sort of virus/sinusey thing and although my sinuses seem to be clearing (slowly!) I just ache from head to foot - it's a good job I have a cupboard stocked full of super-duper pain killers (for my 3 slipped discs)...deary me, I'm falling apart at 28! Ha! 

Anyhow, instead of moping around feeling sorry for myself and eating junk (the usual pattern for me when I'm ill) I've woken up this morning with a new determination, and positivity. I love the first of the month because of all the promise it brings - and this month is set to be an AWESOME one! We are so busy, and have lots of really lovely things planned - I thought I'd share what's coming up for us, and try to inspire you all to be forward-thinking, to look to your month ahead, and celebrate the excitement that's to come. 

If you can't find anything exciting to look forward to, then go plan some awesome stuff to do - you deserve it! 

What April Has in Store for Mrs Bishop (in date order)

-Shopping (today) I need to get out, get some air and some exercise - and I'm absolutely desperate for some underwear that fits me! This weight loss thing is great, but it does make it mightily annoying to find anything to fit for longer than a few months. I'm so close to my goal weight now (7 lbs to go) that I'm hoping there won't be too much change to my bust & bottom size for the time being. I'm busy eBaying everything in sight that no longer fits, and am using that money to get the essential things I need in a size 12! So, I think town is calling today to have a go at finding the bits I need.  

-BAKING!! I'm making my very first attempt of a Simnel Cake tomorrow, along with homemade marzipan (also never made before), and a big batch of homemade Bounty bars! I can't wait. I love trying new recipes. And Easter is the perfect excuse to indulge in some yummy homemade treats.

-A catch up with my lovely friends Erin and Amy - and their two children, one of whom is a tiny weeny newborn, Seb, and I cannot wait to cuddle him (tomorrow). Plus, we're going to go for a nice walk, and will hit our local favourite cake spot for a cup of tea & a slice of something nice. Perfecto. 

-My mum, twin sister & stepdad are coming to stay for the whole Easter long weekend until Tuesday (Liam is away at a Stag Do!) With my sister staying a further 5 days with us. Family time is the best.

-A big family Easter lunch at The Knife & Cleaver, a gorgeous pub near us, on Easter Sunday with my Mum, Stepdad, Sister, Mother in Law, Father in Law, and Great-Nannie in Law and of course, The Bertster! 

-A couple of evenings out at Monster Yarns Knitting Group, which will allow me to get on with more of my crochet blanket around some lovely friends, cake, coffee and a good natter! I think I'll take my sister along too, as she'll enjoy the tea/cake/socialising part (not the knitting, hey Jojo?)

-My good friend Erin's 30th Birthday & party - woop woop! I have a lovely new party dress to wear & I can't WAIT! My sister is babysitting Bert (as Liam is out at wrestling with his brother), so I'm baby-free and ready to party!

-One of my best friends' Liz's birthday which will involve a long afternoon of tea, cake & chatter at one of our favourite local tea rooms, before heading to Erin's party in the evening! 

-A Thursday night dinner out with my bestest girlie friends (we try to make this a regular thing - there's nothing like a nice dinner out with your mates, no children, no men!)

-A friends wedding in Cambridge (another new dress, yes!)

-The first two sessions of my four session evening sewing class with my lovely friend Janet at Kitchen Table Sewing: She's going to be teaching me how to sew my own dress! I'm so excited but so scared, as my sewing skills are very,!

-A trip up to Birmingham to attend BlogCamp and meet up with my gorgeous blogging bestie Emma (From Life According to Mrs Shilts) we're planning to have dinner after the event and a good catch up! 

WOWEE - April is going to be awesome! 

Weight Loss & Easter

Obviously, I'm still pushing to reach my 10 stone weight target. I have just 7 lbs left to lose, and I'm excited about achieving my final goal, and then beginning my maintenance journey. Although I haven't set myself a specific date to have achieved this goal, obviously I'd like to get there sooner rather than later. 

Throughout my 19 month weight loss I have remained deeply realistic, and I know that as it is Easter this weekend I will undoubtedly enjoy some yummy homemade treats (Simnel Cake, Bounty bars, hot cross buns) and an Easter Sunday pub meal out. I won't feel guilty about these treats, but I will relish them, enjoying and savouring every morsel. 

I will still try to be moderate with my treats and portion sizes, I will try to make the wisest choices I can, without compromising too much on the treat-factor and I'll hopefully do lots of nice spring time walking, to help balance it out a little. 

This month I've pledged to join my online friend Natalie from One Busy WAHM in supporting each other in our final weight losses using the hashtag #OBW10lbChallenge - we both need that final push and motivation to get the job done, and if you'd like to join us then just search the hashtag online, and add it to any of your weight loss/food/exercise related social media posts throughout April - lets see if we can all support each other & get this weight shifted! 

Have a AWESOME April everyone! 

I hope you all have a really happy Easter weekend full of family, chocolate & good times! 

Mrs B