Wednesday 29 April 2015

Our Dolls House

We have a new addition to The Bishop family in the form of this absolutely INCREDIBLE Edwardian style dolls house. 

We bought it from a friends elderly father who made the house himself many years ago for his grandchildren, and was looking to sell it on now that his grandchildren are all grown up - and boy are we glad that he was willing to share the love, because I genuinely love this beautiful house!

Our new pride and joy - an Edwardian style dolls house! 

Disguised as a purchase for my son Bert and our future children, this house is quite frankly the dolls house I never had as a child. It is truly amazing, and my kids won't be playing with it until they are truly old enough to play with it respectfully and not break it - Bert is a pretty good kid when it comes to being respectful and playing nicely, but I'd be heartbroken to see this damaged, and so will be leaving it for a little bit before I let him loose on it. 

Adults are welcome to play, as long as they can play nicely! :-) 

The house has five main rooms, a hallway, an upstairs landing and two attic bedrooms, it came fully furnished, and hubby and I spent all of Monday night dressing the house with all the amazing bits and pieces. It even has fully working lights!!! 

Let me take you through the house room by room....

The Kitchen

Heres the kitchen complete with Aga, dresser full of china, sink unit, fridge freezer, dining table and chairs, high chair and small accessories such as a fruit bowl, salt and pepper pots, a milk crate - there are even cans of beer in the fridge! 

The Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is complete with console table, photo frames, a grandfather clock, rug, baby's pram and even some cheeky kittens playing on the stairs! 

The Living Room

I just love this room - three piece suite, parquet flooring, fireplace, glass cabinet and even a Singer sewing machine - this is nicer than my actual house - haha! 

The Master Bedroom

I love how we placed the cat on the bed (just like our house), with the sleeping baby in the swimming crib, a baby walker, fireplace, chest of drawers, the beautiful working wall lights, and even a little handbag hanging on the door handle! The detail of this house just blows my mind! I want The Borrowers to be real so they can move in here! 

The Upstairs Landing 

Carpeted stairs with playful kitties, wallpapered walls, Dad's golf clubs leant against the stairs, and a storage cubby - could this house be any more quaint and gorgeous if it tried? 

 The Bathroom 

The bathroom comes complete with a china bath, basin and toilet which even has a little tiny wooden seat! Decorated in this beautifully classic tile effect wallpaper - I just can't stop staring at it - every room even has skirting boards, I mean our actual house only just has skirting boards in each room! 

The Nursery

I love the ABC-themed border running around the top of the room and the stunning furniture collection, a cot, rocking horse and toy chest, complete with a tiny weeny mini toy train! 

The Attic

You can access both sides of the attic space from two lifting roof panels - and we've set up two guest bedrooms in there. I adore the intricate banisters and stairs, as well as the tiny working wall lights and matching bedside tables - if I could shrink myself down and move in then I so would! 

The Front Porch

All we need now is a couple of Bay Trees in pots to place out on the front porch and this would absolutely be my perfect home! 

I've already purchased a miniature pot of yellow tulips to add a splash of colour to one of the rooms (I do love my fresh flowers!) and we just need to set about finding the perfect little doll family to move in. 

Does anyone know any good places to get 1:12 ratio doll figures from? 

The devil is in the detail as they say - just look at that roof and the chimneys! Amazing! 

This house will be loved and treasured by my family for many many years to come - I hope that my children, and my future grandchildren will all enjoy it at one point or another. I know I will play with it more than all the kids (it will be like that episode of Friends when Monica gets the Dolls House and won't let anyone else play!)

I wanted to say a huge thank you to my friend Sue and her wonderful Dad Brian for selling us such an amazing dolls house - it is already bringing so much joy to our family! 

Did you have a dolls house growing up, or like me, did you always want one? 

What extras would you be tempted to buy if you owned this house? All ideas welcomed! 

Bye for now

Mrs B