Thursday 14 May 2015

The Simplicity of Men's Fashion...

Since losing our weight, Liam and I have both found a new passion for fashion! I have always admired from afar clothes that I either couldn't fit into, or wasn't confident enough to wear. Similarly, Liam used to hide himself in baggy jeans and loose fitting shirts - you'd never see him in just a t-shirt as he felt too self conscious and 'on show'. 

As we've lost weight we have had to completely replace everything in our wardrobes, and this meant giving us the opportunity to really think about how we wanted to dress our new shapes, and newly acquired confidence. 

What I've noted throughout this process is just how simple it is for men when it comes to clothing. They really do just need a capsule wardrobe of a few items, and they're away! 

For us women, its slightly different - there's a whole host of 'staple' items we need, as well as accessories, bags and outerwear to co-ordinate. We have varying different lengths - leg, sleeve, hem, neckline - all of which make a difference to an overall outfit, leaving us usually with wardrobes full-to-bursting!

Now, don't get me wrong, I love owning loads of clothes, I love the variety, the colour choices, and that I have clothes for all seasons and all occasions - but if you don't have a passion for fashion, as a woman I imagine it could become quite tiresome. It doesn't surprise me then that some women opt out of this 'fashion for every occasion' style wardrobe and opt for jeans, plain t shirts, and a couple of 'nice' outfits for going out. This way of dressing is far closer to a man's capsule wardrobe, and although simpler, doesn't allow for much expression of character. 

I'd love to know what type of dresser you you follow trends and buy new items for your wardrobe each season? Do you buy high end fashion occasionally or are you a regular high street shopper? What about your men? Do you buy/choose their clothes? And do you feel their options are simpler and more straight-forward compared to women's fashion?

I tend to help buy/choose lots of Liam's clothes - not because he's incapable, but because we just tend to be together while shopping and he values my opinion (bless him!). Liam is pretty laid back when it comes to most things, but what I love about him is that he will never be pushed into something he truly doesn't like - so I know on the whole that he would be honest with me if I chose him some clothes that he really wasn't keen on. 

Liam's style is casual most of the time - he doesn't have to suit-up for work, which means a much more relaxed capsule wardrobe. He does of course own a lovely smart navy suit, with a waistcoat and a selection of ties for weddings/smart functions. But apart from that it's all about the smart/casual look. 

My smart boys all suited and booted (well Converse footed!)

Liam's Capsule Wardrobe

So, what is in Liam's capsule wardrobe, and does this compare similarly to your husband/partner/boyfriends clothes stash?

- a few pairs of jeans in varying colours - blue, black, dark navy chino style, beige chino style. 
- a selection of plain, stripe and slogan t shirts
- a selection of plain or raglan long sleeved t shirts
- a couple of casual cotton shirts (usually check)
- a couple of pairs of swimming trunks
- a pair of smart work trousers in grey
- two pairs of chino style board shorts in navy and beige
- a couple of smart jumpers to wear with chinos
- three hoodies
- a smart/casual maroon sweatshirt
- a pair of joggers/lounge pants
- a selection of pyjama bottoms (usually themed!! He is mentally 9!)
- smart trainers for best
- everyday trainers for running
- running shorts, t shirts and jacket
- walking boots
- smart shoes for occasions
- converse-style pumps
- sandals for the summer

Does this sound similar to your husband/partner/boyfriends wardrobe? I'd be interested to know! It seems like a lot when you note it all down, but actually it all fits into one chest of drawers, with just his suit hanging in the main closet. 

Liam's style has slowly matured in the five years we've been together - when we first met he lived in very baggy skater/goth style jeans and band t shirts, and over time he's grown away from this 'fashion' (it pains me to call it fashion! ha!) and now wears a much smarter and more grown up look. Since losing so much weight he is braver in his choices when it comes to fit and colour: he wears slim fit t shirts and trousers, and much brighter colours than he did before.

We now both enjoy clothes shopping and it's great to find a nice range of smart/casual men's clothes together, and pick out our favourite items. He is also good at knowing the sorts of clothes I like for myself, and regularly points out items he thinks I would like (usually Breton stripes, mustard or floral) - good work Liam! 

Here's an example of what I would say is Liam's standard 'look':

Liam's Capsule Wardrobe

I like that he wears a lot of navy, maroon and stripes, as i think they really suit him, and are on the smarter end of the smart/casual spectrum! 

Do you like the way your partner dresses? Have you changed the way they dress since you've been together? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Mrs B