Monday 11 May 2015

My Blogging Space Mood Board: Oak Furniture King Competition Entry

Today on the blog I'm bringing you some interiors inspiration in the form of a re-design of my current study/blogging space/library. 

Here's where the magic happens...haha - my study/library/blogging space as it stands. 

I've tried hard to make it a nice space to work in, but it could definitely be improved upon! 

Excuse the 'dump it ground' corner - this part of the room tends to end up a but messy with review items, my sewing bag etc! 

We are really lucky to have a study in our house, and for me it is one of my most important rooms - I do all of my blogging there, and it houses some of my most precious possessions, my books. 

For ages I've been dreaming of giving this space a make-over, and I've had loads of fun finding the perfect bits and bobs to give it the ultimate spring uplift. 

My Blogging Space

To update the main wall (the wall behind the desk) I would use this fun Tea Time Wallpaper to make a feature wall - I would love looking up at this happy paper as I blog, and it encompasses some of my greatest loves: tea drinking and vintage china! 

Tea Time Wallpaper for a feature wall

From Oak Furniture King I chose to use the Aspen Solid Oak Computer Desk as the main piece of furniture in the room. This would house my laptop, printer, stationary, biscuit tin, coaster and awesome blogging mug! 

I would replace my two current bookcases with the stunning 
French Chateau Rustic Solid Oak Large Bookcase and French Chateau Rustic Solid Oak Display Cabinet from Oak Furniture King to hold all of my many (and beloved) books. 

I am obsessed with all things pastel, copper and biscuit-themed - so I ran with that theme for my room-dressing and accessories. I found these amazing reused Copper Pipe Pencil Pots and Mason Jar Pen Pots on Etsy, and would use these to store all my stationary bits and pieces. I'm totally in love with this Oak Digestive Biscuit Coaster and it would sit proudly atop my desk to hold my mug of blogging fuel (TEA). Of course, no blogging nook is complete without a decent mug to fill - I chose this Crystal Faye 'Eat, Blog, Love' Coffee Mug, which I would have personalised with my blog name and beside it would sit a tin to house my biscuit stash (biscuits have been known to get me through a blog post!) I chose this 'Cookies' Biscuit Tin.

The walls would be decorated with a Nikki McWilliams 'Custard Cream Queen' Banner, Set of 3 Nikki McWilliams Metallic Biscuit Prints , 'I Am Busy Blogging' Print from Etsy and a 'This Month' Re-Usable Wall Decal, which I would use to plan out my blog posts for the month. I'd keep track of time with this Jones Teapot Wall Clock and this fab Solid Copper Spun Pendant Light Shade would help accent the copper pen pots and the copper shade in the Nikki McWilliams Bourbon print. 

I would sit in this fabulous Boss Design App Aluminium Office Chair (Colour: Massage) with the super-comfy, super-quirky Nikki McWilliams Custard Cream Cushion (Mint) to support my back. 

Finally, I would ensure all my paper work was beautifully organised in this elegant and stylish CB2 TPS Mint 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet. I do love to organise, and I couldn't run my blog as efficiently as I do, if I didn't have clear organisational strategies and storage in place. 

This really would be my dream room. It combines my love of blogging, books, tea drinking, vintage prettiness, biscuits, copper, and pastel shades, while being a useful and usable space to blog and house my books. 

Win, win, win! 

What room in your house would you love to redecorate? 

Mrs B 


This post is my entry into The Oliver's Madhouse Competition with Oak Furniture King: Spring.