Friday 22 May 2015

TREK Protein Flapjacks from Natural Balance Foods *REVIEW*

Continuing on the health theme today, I wanted to share with you a snack product that might help keep your hunger cravings at bay, and keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer. Making a sensible snack choice will hopefully mean you'll be less tempted to binge on cakes, chocolate, and biscuits - the usual comfort food quick fix snacks that so many of us turn to on a daily basis. 

I was sent a box of 16 TREK bar Protein flapjacks from Natural Balance Foods. Boasting that their TREK flapjacks are packed with 9-10g of protein to keep you going throughout the day, I was interested to see if a cake/flapjack purist like myself, would a) be impressed by the taste and b) whether they would sate my rather large appetite. TREK says their flapjack bars are ideal for sports and fitness fans and perfect for eating on the run, so my husband also tried them out as snacks at work, as well as for a pre or post run snacks.

They come in a variety of really appealing flavours, and we were lucky enough to try out:

- Original Oat (gluten, wheat & dairy free)
- Cocoa Coconut (gluten and wheat free)
- Banana Bread 
(gluten, wheat & dairy free)
- Oat Raisin (gluten, wheat & dairy free)
- Morning Berry (gluten, wheat & dairy free)
- Cocoa Oat (gluten and wheat free)

Having tried them all I can now honestly say that this brand are by far my favourite flapjack/cereal bar/protein bar, and I've tried a fair few over the past 21 months! 

Not only do they taste really good, but they are also incredibly filling, and I find myself not feeling remotely hungry for hours after I've eaten one. 

I have tried all of the above flavours over the past few weeks and I'm finding it really hard to pick a favourite flavour - my husband said his three favourites were the Banana Bread, Oat Raisin and Cocoa Coconut. The Coco Coconut tastes much like a Bounty Bar, and so is definitely up there in terms of the best flavour for me. However, I think my top flavour would be ultra-cinnamony Oat Raisin, which is so beautifully spiced. The Morning Berry flavour is your perfect breakfast substitute, the Cocoa Oat perfect for all you chocoholics, and the Original Oat was the nicest teamed with a cuppa tea for an afternoon treat  - there really is a flavour for every occasion! 

Enjoyed on the run, for breakfast, at work, at home with a cuppa, after dinner, an evening snack: any time is a good time for a TREK bar. 

Liam found they gave him the perfect boost of energy he needed before a run, as well as being great "repair" food afterwards - he seemed happy that they worked well in both instances. I just simply enjoyed them with my mid-afternoon cuppa, as a breakfast substitute or along with my lunch as an added extra. I shared some with friends, and Bert even enjoyed a taste! 

Each bar weighs 50g and is around 210-220 calories. The bars are naturally vegan - making them also the perfect choice if you need to eat a gluten/wheat free diet. Some of the flavours are also dairy free. TREK bars contain no artificial ingredients and are handmade in Britain.

Obviously, at 220 calories with around 5.2g of saturated fat, 14g carbohydrate from sugar they are still a food to be enjoyed in moderation (like everything), but with 1.9g fibre, 9.2g protein and only 0.5g salt they definitely are a great alternative to a cake/biscuit/chocolate/sweets snack, or overly sugary bowl of cereal breakfast. 

For a mixed case of 16 TREK Flapjack bars it costs just £15.99, which works out at 99p per bar - a bargain! You easily pay more than that per bar in the supermarkets, and having a big stock of them at home will help you to stop your sugary cravings in their tracks! 

I also wanted to mention that when you buy a mixed case of flapjacks they deliver them in a single flavour box to help the environment - a lovely touch I thought! 

Have you tried TREK protein flapjacks before? 

What did you think?

I'd love to hear from you.

Mrs B 


Disclaimer: I was sent a mixed box of 16 TREK protein flapjacks from Natural Balance Foods for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and photographs are my own.