Wednesday 1 July 2015

New Tinware Range from Wrendale Designs by Hannah Dale *REVIEW*

Oooh I've got some lovely stuff to share with you all today. Some inspiration for breathing new life into your kitchen with the fabulous new tinware collection from the uber-talented Hannah Dale of Wrendale designs.

Hannah is the most stunning artist, she captures animals in such a beautiful and unusual way - I've never seen work quite like it! I've been a huge fan of her artwork since discovering her through Facebook a few years ago, and have sent many of her greetings cards over the years. As well as greetings cards her artwork is also available on an amazing selection of prints, stationary, kitchenware and tinware for you to purchase in her online shop. 

Hannah's recent launch of an amazing tinware collection includes cake tins, a biscuit barrel, cracker tin, tea/coffee/sugar canisters, rectangular tin, round canister, and a pencil tin. I knew as soon as I saw them that they would make the perfect addition to my home, and wanted the biscuit barrel, cracker tin and tea/coffee/sugar canisters to liven up my cream country kitchen. I knew that Bert would go mad for the quirky animal designs, as he is just animal crazy at the moment! You haven't lived until you've heard his animal noises, especially 'Baa!" - it's hilarious!!

We were badly in need of a new biscuit tin, as ours had recently broken, so this delivery couldn't have come at a better time. We were sent the kitchen tinware to try out and now they've been living in our kitchen for a few weeks I thought it was time to share them with you!

This collection is so wonderful that I can pretty much let the pictures do the talking...

biscuit barrel priced at £13.99 and cracker tin priced at £8.99 

Each item of tinware uses the classic Wrendale Designs colour-scheme of a gentle green and white: soothing, classic and bang on trend with the shabby-chic/French rustic colours around at the moment. The tins are covered in Hannah's beautifully quirky animal-themed artwork and each stunning animal is full of life and character. 

The best thing about this tinware collection aside from how beautiful they are to look at, it that they are incredibly well made and robust - plus they are priced very reasonably. Each tin has so much attention to detail with artwork adorning the lids, and inside the tins too! 

So much detail on the tea, coffee and sugar canisters!

Ducks, ducklings, hares and owls smother these fabulous kitchen essentials: Hannah's cheeky animals are full of life and frivolity and I defy anyone who wouldn't smile at seeing these little faces every time they grab a biscuit or make the tea! 

There's nothing quite as glorious as a full biscuit tin! 

We have been using the tinware for a few weeks now and we're super-chuffed with them. Everything is staying really fresh inside, so they're clearly air tight, and they're incredibly well made and sturdy. 

Filled to the brim with Bert's crackers and breadsticks - he loves the duck design on the tin and shouts "duck! duck!" every time I get him a snack from it. 

Without exception everyone who has come to the house to visit since the addition of these new tins, has commented on how lovely they are! So many visitors said they hadn't heard of Hannah's work or Wrendale Designs, so I'm really happy to be getting the chance to spread the Wrendale-word. 

a close up of some of Hannah's incredible artwork featured on her tinware items

The tins have made the perfect finishing touch to my kitchen, I love how well they fit in with my cream shabby-chic units, appliances and existing decor, and the fact that I have multiple matching items pleases me greatly - I love a bit of co-ordination, even in the kitchen! 

I love how they look in my kitchen - the perfect addition adding a little edge of quirky charm - I smile every time I make the tea and coffee now!

I hope you love these tins as much as I do - please do go and check out all of Hannah's fantastic products on the Wrendale Designs website: there are so many stunning animal designs - the website is the perfect place to shop for any animal-lover! 

Next on my wish-list from Wrendale Designs are...

these coasters
and of course this cotton apron, to make that 20 aprons in my collection! 

Bye for now & happy shopping!!

Mrs B 


For more information on Wrendale Designs follow them over on their social media channels:

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Wrendale Designs on Facebook 

Disclaimer: I was sent a biscuit barrel, cracker tin and tea/coffee/sugar canisters from Wrendale Designs for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and photographs are my own.