Wednesday 8 July 2015

Wheeling Your Way to Healthier Kids...

This week as I've been walking around Bedford running errands I've noticed the huge amount of children travelling in style via the use of Heelys, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, and bicycles. 

It struck me that most children these days own at least one of these super-fun items, and use them to get around/play/exercise. When I was a child our only choices were bikes, roller skates or skateboards, these days there seems to be so much more on offer to kids to keep them amused, and to encourage them to get outside and exercise.

I think it is really vital that children build a positive relationship with regular exercise, I never really did as a child, and I so wish I had. It might have helped me struggle less with my weight. It is using awesome items like Heelys, scooters, skateboards,and bikes that can really help to ensure that exercise becomes a fun activity for our children and something they actually want to do. I've been having a little search online, dreaming up what might be on Bert's wish-list in years to come, and I've found some rather lovely wheelie items at Librance, an action sports online store:

Heelys, scooters, much fun to be had! 

I walk everywhere around my home town of Bedford, and I regularly see children and their parents on the school run. It is really refreshing to see how many walk, cycle, scoot, or travel-by-heely...and I have to say I'm a little bit envious - can adults get away with Heelys? They look like a really fun way to travel!! Ha! 

The media will have us believe we are all a population of lazy car-drivers who opt to drive 5 minutes to the local shop rather than walk, but I have to say, from my experience locally - I just don't think that's the case!. It's definitely not the case in The Bishop Household, we genuinely walk everywhere and only use our car maybe once at the weekends, not even that. 

I'm excited about introducing Bert to these sorts of activities when he's bigger, he's a proper "boy" and loves all things active - climbing, running, jumping - I think he's likely to really love things like bikes and scooters, and I can just imagine him careering round our local park at full speed - ah, the joys of things to come! 

Do your little ones own any wheelie-based items to get around on? 

Do they use them to make the school run that little faster? 

Have your experiences been positive? 

I'd love to hear all about your wheelie-based escapades in the comments below. 

Bye for now and happy scooting! 

Mrs B