Thursday 27 August 2015

At Pagham Beach for Bert's 2nd Birthday...

At the weekend my wonderful not-so-baby boy turned two! We headed to the south coast with family to celebrate for the weekend, and we had an absolute ball. 

On Bert's actual birthday (the Saturday) we had an amazing day at Peppa Pig World (part of Paultons Park in Southampton), followed by a cheeky fish and chip supper in the caravan and a glass of wine or two for the adults. 

On Sunday we were confronted by a very grey morning, full of rain! We enjoyed some lazy time playing with Bert's new toys and watching his new Bing Bunny DVD, before heading out for a lovely pub lunch to a great pub called The Bear, in Pagham. 

After lunch the weather did a miraculous 360 - it had turned into the most beautiful summers day! Hooray! After having a heavy lunch we decided a nice walk to the beach was in order - we headed along the coastal path to Pagham beach and enjoyed a gorgeous few hours on the stunning beach: paddling, throwing stones and enjoying the peace and calm that only sitting on a remote beach can offer. Blissful. 

Liam and I captured some brilliant photos during the day, and I couldn't wait to share them with you...

Do excuse the photo spam, just indulge me if you will :-)

My little poser with his Nanny Seaside in their matching outfits (seaside/nautical theme, naturally!) before lunch

The Lagoon at Church Farm Haven, Pagham - enroute to the beach! 

Stunning Pagham beach - it was such a beautiful afternoon - lucky us! 

Say cheese! Nanny Seaside, Mummy, Bert and Grandad Paul - all enjoying throwing pebbles into the's the little things in life...

Bert's two nannies and Grandad Paul all enjoying a paddle! 

Enjoying the glorious sunshine! 

Nanny Seaside, Auntie Jojo and Cousin Vicky on the beach at Pagham. 

Kiss Me Quick! 

Caught a photo of Bert's pebble chucking mid-throw! Clever Daddy! 

I think he threw in about 100 pebbles...! 

How many pebbles can one two year old hold at once??

Exploring the beach...

Best. Photo. Ever.  - Look at that face!! 

Daddy got some arty shots...

I love this with Bertster in the background. Beautiful. 

There's nothing quite like an over-excited paddle! He ended up completely soaked from head to toe - the cold British water doesn't scare Bert! :-)

I love this shot - chucking pebbles while in the sea with his Auntie Jojo (who is a bigger kid than Bert and also got soaked from head to toe!!)

I'm usually a super-organised person but on this occasion I wasn't prepared for Bert and Auntie Jojo to get fully submerged in the sea - I thought we were heading for a coastal walk and a little paddle!! 

I didn't even have a towel on we did what every British holiday maker has done at some point - took off all of Bert's wet clothes, wrapped him in one of our jumpers and cuddled him dry (he thought this was hilarious!). 

Once he was dry he put on clean, dry clothes (luckily I wasn't too unprepared) and we headed back to the caravan for a bath in the sink! 

Poor old Jojo wasn't so lucky - we used her only dry item of clothing to dry Bert (ha!), and she had to walk home soaked...still, the sun was shining at least - and she was the one who chose to dive headfirst into the sea fully clothed! ;-)

Mummy and cousin Vicky giving The B Man a bath in sink of the caravan (he doesn't do showers yet and that's all we had in the caravan). 

It was a truly amazing weekend - we made so many happy memories to treasure forever. Bert amazed me with how he is getting braver and braver on the beach - where he has previously found the sea itself very scary and overwhelming - this time after a few hundred pebbles were thrown in, he ended up sitting in the sea and splashing to his hearts content! That's my boy! 

Do your little ones love the beach? 

Where are your favourite beaches in the UK?

Mrs B