Saturday 22 August 2015

Bert Turns Two!

Bert - 5 minutes old! 

My beautiful baby boy is TWO YEARS OLD today!!!

HOW is it humanly possible that he is two? The past two years have truly flown by, and they have honestly been the happiest years of my life. Bert has bought our family so much joy - he makes me laugh every day, and every day I love him more. He is so funny, and sweet, kind, gentle, and completely off-his-rocker all at the same time! :-)

I have so enjoyed looking back through photos of my little dude to share on the blog today to celebrate his birthday! 

It is incredible to look back and remember, to see how he has changed, how we have changed for that matter... 

Liam, Bert and I are enjoying a beautiful long-weekend away with my mum, my sister and my in-laws on the south coast, and we are off to Peppa Pig World today to celebrate his special day. I will share pictures from our happy weekend soon, but for now here's my gorgeous little Bertster in all his glory. 

Happy Birthday Son, Daddy and I love you more than you could ever know! 


Bert 0-2