Friday 28 August 2015

My Top Kitchen Utensils

Every keen cook/baker has their own favourite utensils in the kitchen. We have our big tools too - for me my number one item in the kitchen will always be my gorgeous cream KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer, I love it like it is a part of the family and use it multiple times per week. But today, I'm more interested in the smaller tools around the kitchen - utensils that make my life infinitely easier as a keen cook!

There are hundreds of high street stores and department stores where you can buy your kitchen utensils in store and online - but did you know you can buy from professional catering sites also? I discovered Nisbets Catering Equipment & Supplies three years ago when I bought my house and was looking to replace all of my tea towels. I shopped around and couldn't believe how pricey it was to buy 6 or 7 decent tea towels, then I found Nisbets where I could buy a pack of 10 tea towels for as little as £7.08p! When my replacement tea towels arrived I was chuffed to bits with the quality of them (all of their products are professional kitchen quality) - and ever since then I've always checked on their website before purchasing kitchen equipment from elsewhere. 

Fast forward three years and now I'm lucky enough to be working alongside this great company - and in my first collaborative post with them I'm bringing you my top 7 kitchen utensils...all of which are available from Nisbets at brilliant prices. 

1. Spatula - necessary for almost every dish I create in the kitchen from baking cakes, making icing, to stirring sauces, or whipping up a stir fry. I use this utensil almost daily...the only down side is how amazing the spatula is at cleaning the bowl of cake mix - no bowl licking in this house - boo! (The Vogue High Heat Spatula 10in is priced at £5.99)

2. Magiwhisk - This awesome little piece of kit is essential for all you cake bakers and egg lovers - the perfect egg whisk for whisking your eggs before folding into your cake batter, or for whisking up the lightest of omelettes. Perfect for small quantities of egg. The clever spiral head makes whisking light work - from whipping cream to meringues this baby can do it all! (The Vogue Magiwhisk 9in is priced at just £2.99)

3. Pastry Brush - A good bristled professional standard pastry brush is a must for all serious bakers - from egg washing pastry, to glazing cinnamon buns - you'll need something reliable that doesn't shed its bristles. And don't even consider a silicone brush - they just don't work! (The Vogue Round Pastry Brush 4.5cm is priced at just £1.99)

Spatula, Magiwhisk and Pastry Brush - my top three kitchen utensils! 

4. Spring Loaded Portioner/Scoop - This bit of kit became a kitchen essential for me after seeing one of my food idols Ina Garten use one in her kitchen. I use mine to portion out cake batter into muffin cases/fairy cake papers to get perfectly equal/even cakes! Genius! Also great for ice cream, rice, mashed potato - especially good if portion sizes aren't your forte! (The Vogue Stainless Steel Portioner Size 16 is priced at £8.99)

5. Garlic Press - I have tried all sorts of garlic presses over the years - fancy pushy downy ones from JosephJoseph, mini graters - you name it I've given it a whirl - but I always come back to the good old trusty garlic press. Championed by the lovely Mr Jamie Oliver - this is the lazy cook's No.1 utensil. Not only does it pulp up your garlic in one swift press - but you also don't even need to peel your garlic clove! Hooray - no more whiffy garlic fingers! (The Vogue Hand Operated Garlic Press is priced at just £3.99)

6. Egg Rings - I have two of these bad boys and they are super-handy. I mostly use them when I want perfectly round fried eggs for my McDonalds Style Sausage and Egg Muffin recipe. They are also great for when you are baking crumpets. They are lovely and weighty and work a treat - plus the clever handle means you can lift them easily - nice one! (The Vogue Egg Rings are priced at £2.69 each)

Spring loaded portioner, garlic press and egg rings - my top kitchen utensils. 

7. Dough Scraper - I was only recently introduced to the metal dough scraper by the lovely Edd Kimber (The Boy Who Bakes) when I baked with him on a project with Flora. He uses a heavy metal dough scraper for bread making, and for when he makes scones. Perfect for scraping and cutting dough, working in cold butter and portioning dough easily. If you bake a lot of bread then this really is essential for your kitchen. (The Delon Rigid Dough Scraper is priced at £4.99)

A rigid dough scraper - the bread baker's essential! 

So, there we have it - there's my top 7 kitchen utensils...I'd love to know how many of these you use in your own kitchen, and what your top kitchen utensils would be...

Where do you shop for your kitchen items, and did you know about the professional catering equipment sites such as Nisbets? 

Keep an eye out on the blog for a fab giveaway from Nisbets coming to you in September! 

Bye for now and happy baking!

Mrs B


These items were sent to me for a product review for collaboration. All words, opinions and images are my own.