Wednesday 16 September 2015

I'm a Friend of Sylvanian Families!

Exciting news! I've been selected as one of the 'Friends of Sylvanian Families' bloggers, during this, their 30th year! Can you believe they are 30 years old? A year older than me in fact. 

I have the fondest memories of playing with my cousin's Sylvanian Families figures when I was small - I never owned any myself, but always wanted to - alas, they were a little out of my pocket money price range back in the 90's. 

I always vowed that when I had children of my own, that I would create a collection, and so, last Christmas (Bert's first) we got our first Sylvanian family: the Chocolate Rabbit Family - Daddy Fraiser, Mummy Teri and their son Coco and daughter Freya. 

Bert has played with them so much ever since - his favourite thing to do is undress them (that's normal for a toddler, right?) and he loves to place them inside our doll's house - especially putting them to bed, and bathing them - it is adorable to watch, and very fun to join in with. 

As part of my role as a 'Friend of Sylvanian Families' I will be bringing you multiple posts between now and Christmas about all-things-Sylvanian, so watch this space!



Firstly though, I'd like to introduce you properly to the very cute family of Chocolate Rabbits who live in the dolls house in my spare room. They're a friendly little bunch and this summer they invited their friends the Walnut Squirrel Family from Sylvania to come and stay with them in their house here in sunny Bedford. 

The Chocolate Rabbit Family moved to Bedford last Christmas (as I said earlier), they really love it here, and it is far quieter than Sylvania. Since the move they are all enjoying a slower pace of life, and they thought that the Walnut Squirrels would benefit from a few weeks away from the hustle and bustle to unwind. 

This is the Chocolate Rabbit house. It's a pretty big house for just four little rabbits - there's plenty of room for friends to stay. 

Fraiser is the Daddy Rabbit.

Teri is the Mummy Rabbit. 

Coco is their son and Freya is their daughter. 

They have a cat called Pickle and three kittens Arthur, Martha and Stuart.

Two weeks ago everyone was anticipating the arrival of The Walnut Squirrel Family, even Bert and I were excited...

Teri was busy in the kitchen baking some cupcakes to share with their friends when they arrived. 

"Where is Fraiser?" she thought, "I hope he's not messing around with those silly golf clubs again!"

Meanwhile Frasier had important business to attend to on the loo! (Why is it that Daddy's need to use the loo at the most important of times?)

Little Freya was so excited to be reunited with her best friend Saffron - she couldn't wait to show her the new dress she was making for one of her dolls. Freya sat in the living room staring at the clock "Five more minutes until they arrive!" she squealed. 

Coco was upstairs playing with his pet kittens - Arthur, Martha and Stuart. He couldn't contain his excitement any longer..."Yipeee!" he squeaked at the kittens, making them jump, "My friend Ralph is coming to stay for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!" he exclaimed.

Mummy Rabbit called the family downstairs - "The Walnut Squirrel's should be arriving any second." she said "Coco, Freya - you watch at the window - Daddy and I will wait at the front door to greet them". 

Before long they heard a car approaching. "They're here!" shouted the children with glee.

As the car pulled up the driveway Mrs Chocolate Rabbit got butterflies in her tummy... "I do hope they like my acorn and cream cheese cupcakes!" she whispered to Mr Chocolate Rabbit. "Of course they will dear!" he said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder "I've never met a creature in the whole of Bedford or Sylvania that doesn't adore your baking!"

With that The Walnut Squirrels arrived, bringing with them lots of bags and some lovely flowers for Teri. "Oh my! You shouldn't have!" she smiled. 

"Come in everyone, come in" she squealed, "It's so brilliant to see you all."

Within seconds of being in the front door the children had run off in pairs to catch up.

Ralph and Coco headed to Coco's bedroom where they played on the rocking horse and with the train set. 

Saffron and Freya went into the living room where Freya was busy working on her dolls new dress using her very own sewing machine... "Would you like to help me choose a bow to put on the front Saffy?" asked Freya. "Ooooh a yellow one would look nice" said Saffron, for yellow is her favourite colour. 

Fraiser took Mr Walnut Squirrel (Cedric to his friends) upstairs to show him his brand new set of golf clubs. "Oh my!" exclaimed Cedric "these are simply exquisite!". Fraiser picked up his favourite of the new clubs and gave a it a good swing! "We'll have to put these to good use during our stay" Cedric laughed. 

Meanwhile, Teri (Mrs Chocolate Squirrel) and Yardley (Mrs Walnut Squirrel) headed to the kitchen. "I'll pop the kettle on" said Teri. "Ooh yes please..I'm desperate for a nice cup of tea" Yardley was exhausted after the long drive from their home 100 miles away in Sylvania. "I've made cupcakes..." said Teri. "Oh you're an absolute DARLING!" said Yardley, embracing Teri in one of her great big hugs. The two ladies sat for the rest of the afternoon enjoying their tea and cake, and discussing plans for the coming fortnight...

They've been up to all sorts of lovely things during their stay...but that's all for another this space...


They all stood still long enough for me to take a quick family photograph - what a handsome bunch! 

Bye for now fellow Sylvanian lovers! 

Mrs B


Disclaimer: Huge thanks to Sylvanian Families for selecting us and sending a brilliant goodie bag along with the Walnut Squirrel Family for the purpose of this post. 

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