Monday 2 November 2015

Rita Skeeter, chocolate frogs and afternoon tea at The Dorchester...

There's a title I never thought I'd write! Ha! 

It's a grey and drizzly Monday here in Bedford - I have a 'to do' list as long as my arm, a house full of washing and dirty dishes and I'm so tired that I think I'll need to be fuelled by coffee and biscuits...but it is all worth it, as I filled my weekend with wonderful things. 

This weekend was the last two days my twin sister Jo was spending with us, after staying with us for all of the half term holiday - so we decided to head out on Saturday to our local city Milton Keynes. We started our Christmas shopping, had a gorgeous lunch together at Byron Burger and we even managed to fit in meeting the real Bing and Flop (from Bert's favourite childrens TV show Bing Bunny). Of course, Bert was petrified of them and waved 'bye bye' as soon as he clapped eyes on them: but it was an 'experience' for him, and he chatted about it later, so although overwhelming at the time, I'm pretty sure he isn't traumatised by it. 

Meeting the real Bing & Flop in Milton Keynes. 

Saturday night (Halloween) saw hubby and I head out to our friend Liz and Baz's house for their epic annual Halloween fancy dress party. This year it had a Harry Potter theme (my favourite!!) and I was so excited to get dressed up. 

I decided to dress up as the evil blonde bombshell Rita Skeeter (the journalist from The Daily Prophet in Harry Potter) and I put together my own costume by finding bits and pieces on eBay. I was well chuffed with the results:

Excuse the GIANT basket of washing in the literally still looks like that...note to self...must do some washing today! Ha! 

It was so hilarious being blonde for the night. 

I come from a family of natural blondes - I always joke that I must be the milkman's - my natural dark brown/auburn hair has always been my point of difference in relation to the rest of my family, so I couldn't resist a photo alongside my naturally blonde twin sister - for comparisons sake...

Finally, two blonde twins! 

Hubby put hours of effort into crafting his own costume from scratch - he went as Fawkes the Phoenix...all his handwork paid off to, as he won the 'best costume' prize which was a broomstick made from mini rolls *amazing*

Fawkes the Phoenix!

Look how happy he was with his prize! 

The party was so much fun, our fab friends were amazing hosts as always and Liz had literally thought of everything from a Harry Potter themed menu to brilliant decorations! 

We enjoyed homemade Butterbeer and hot buttered rum to drink, followed by mini pumpkin soups, onion Quidditch rings, cheese hufflepuffs, gillyweed jelly, golden snitches, pumpkin cake, and chocolate frogs...what a menu! 

Chocolate frogs, golden snitches, gillyweed jelly, butterbeer and cheese Hufflepuffs!

Liz and Baz totally went to town decorating the house with such clever nods to all things Harry Potter from letters to Hogwarts in the fireplace, to the entrance to Platform 9¾...

Hogwarts letters for everyone! 


Platform 9¾

The Chamber of Secrets has been opened!!!

Follow the spiders... 

It is such fun to get a little silly and let your hair (wig!) down with good friends - making memories and collecting moments that we'll never forget. 

After getting to bed after 2am on Saturday night - I awoke pretty sleepy on Sunday morning, but excited for another day of adventures. I headed to London for a grown up girlie day with my lovely cousin Vicky which involved lots of shopping, lots of nattering, lots of walking and of course lots of eating. 

We even managed to squeeze in the most incredible afternoon tea at The Dorchester hotel - it was our first visit to the prestigious hotel and boy was it impressive. Helped by the fact that we got to hobnob with none other than Rod Stewart who was with his wife Penny and their two lovely boys! What fun - I do love a bit of celeb spotting! 

The Dorchester

The most incredible real floral display at The Dorchester by the super talented in-house florist Philip Hammond. It smelt DIVINE! 

My gorgeous cousin Vicky enjoying a pink champagne with her afternoon tea! 

Food heaven at The Dorchester

Two happy girlies enjoying a catch up and recharging the batteries. 

So, I might have a 'to do' list as long as my arm, and a washing mountain the size of Everest, but it was totally worth it. What good is working hard if you can play hard and enjoy #WonderfulWeekends?

Mrs B