Monday 2 November 2015

#WonderfulWeekends Linky: November

Mrs Bishop & Sarah Kate Makes 

Sarah and I return for our second #WonderfulWeekends Linky!

Thank you once again to everyone who linked up to our October linky - it was marvellous to read about all the wonderful things you've been filling your weekends with. If you missed last month's linky then you can read my roundup post here and Sarah's roundup post here. It was a truly brilliant start to our new project. 

We'd love for fellow bloggers to join in with our November link-up...our aim is to create a list of lovely blog posts that describe the #WonderfulWeekends you all have. As champions of positivity and mindfulness, Sarah and I want to inject some extra-joy into our corners of the inter webs and it would be amazing if you could all spread-the-weekend-love too. 

All you have to do is add a link to any posts you write this month about wonderful weekend activities - it might be a family day out, a delicious meal, a mums/dads 'day off', or might just be a lazy weekend in your pjs - as long as it is wonderful to you then it is wonderful to us too! It could be an image collage post of pictures from your weekend, or a full on written post, it could be a review of family day out - anything goes, whatever works for you! 

Remember to add the #WonderfulWeekends blog badge to your post, and to use the hashtag on social media. If you have time we'd really appreciate it if you have a peek at some other posts in the linky too and comment with the #WonderfulWeekends hashtag.

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