Monday 25 April 2016

Retro Photo Magnets and a Framed Photo Poster from Cheerz *REVIEW & GIVEAWAY*

I'm pretty obsessed with photos and displaying them in innovative and interesting ways around my home is one of my favourite things to do. From wall canvases, photo pockets on my doors, traditional framed prints, and printed instagram polaroid style shots pegged across a butchers twine string - you name...I've done it with photos! Or so I thought...

Then Cheerz got in touch and introduced me to their fab new retro photo magnets: polaroid style prints of your favourite Instagram shots, printed onto magnets!! Genius! They come as a set of 12 and cost just £15 per set. You can upload your pictures directly from your social media accounts, add captions, and choose either a black, white or coloured background - then the clever people over at Cheerz will print them and send them in the post to you and before you know it you'll be funking up your fridge or freezer with some marvellous magnetic creations. 

They were kind enough to send me over a set to try out, and boy am I excited to share them with you - they're so fun and I've had so many comments on them already...
Cheerz retro magnets review mrs bishops bakes and banter
Beautifully packaged: my retro magnets from Cheerz. 

I chose a range of images for my set of retro magnets from cute shots of Bert, to a few of Liam and I together, one of the cat, and even a lovely shot I took of the Butterfly Bridge in Bedford a few weeks ago on a Springtime walk. I was so chuffed with the quality of the printing when the magnets arrived and I couldn't wait to display them proudly. 
retro magnets photo Cheerz review
12 retro photo magnets from Cheerz

I also chose to add captions underneath each photograph in hashtag formation e.g #BERT #PICKLE #BEDFORD. They look really great and are such a simple but fun way to add some excitement to your fridge without generic alphabet magnets or a 15 year old magnet you bought home from a Greek Island holiday! We've all got one of those, right?
Retro Phoro Magnets from Cheerz
In for the close up: such great quality printing from Cheerz.

Here they are displayed proudly on my fridge/freezer - don't they look great?
Cheerz Retro Fridge Magnets

Not only would these make a great addition to your own fridge, but wouldn't they make a wonderful gift too? Imagine printing a selection of picture magnets for someone's birthday, new baby's arrival or anniversary - such a sentimental gift for such good value.

As well as photo magnets, Cheerz also have a wide range of other photo-printing gifts including prints, boxed prints, albums, posters and frames. You name it, they can pretty much do it with an Instagram print!

The lovely gang at Cheerz offered to send me one of their framed posters to add to my ever-increasing quirky photo displays and I knew instantly exactly what I wanted the content of my framed poster to be: my bakes! 

I work really hard to take decent pictures of the things I bake and although I use the photos across my social media platforms and here on the blog, I couldn't help but think that was rather a waste of such drool-inducing images, wouldn't it be nice to display them at home for all to see too? My dining room seemed like the obvious place to hang said pictures as it is pretty much devoted to all things cakes/baking/vintage/tea party!

My bakes in poster form from Cheerz.

This is their large poster print and it contains a whopping 35 photos. When you order you can choose whether or not you want it to arrive unframed (£16) or framed (£30) - I received the framed option, in a white frame and I am so super-chuffed with the final product. It came perfectly packaged and most importantly - ready to hang! I do love a product that's instant and easy to incorporate into your home. 

Hanging in the dining room in all its glory...35 of my bakes for all to admire... yum yum! 

Visitors to my home have already got sucked into the baking-appreciation-vortex this frame sucks you into - and it got Liam & I reminiscing about our favourites of the 35 bakes featured in the piece. 

It was hard to get a non-reflective photo of the finished poster frame, but here's a few to show you in a bit more detail...

Yum yum! 

What pictures would you choose to make up your own collage frame? I'd love to know. 

I genuinely can't recommend the service from Cheerz enough - both my items arrived within a week of ordering, the ordering/uploading photo process was smooth and self-explanatory, and the finished articles are truly awesome additions to my home. 

Win Retro Photo Magnets

If you'd like to be in with a chance of adding a set of the retro photo magnets to your home then you can enter my giveaway below...I have three sets of retro magnets to give to away to three lucky blog readers, courtesy of Cheerz (thanks guys!)

So...wishing you all the best of luck... 

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