Thursday 14 April 2016

Six Important Reasons You Need To Lose Weight Right Now

6 Important Reasons You Need to Lose Weight Right Now
6 Important Reasons You Need to Lose Weight Right Nowphoto credit
We all know it’s unhealthy to be overweight, but lots of folks aren’t too fussed by carrying a few extra pounds. Did you know that if you fall into the obese category, you could reduce your lifespan by up to 20 years? But there is good news. Even by dropping a comparatively small amount of weight, the risks can be reduced and sometimes even eliminated. If you need to lose weight but are struggling to find motivation, then read on.
Women who are overweight carry four times the risk of endometrial cancer just like they are at extra risk from suffering from breast cancer. When you carry extra weight, you’ll find that the excess fat produces more estrogen. This is a contributing factor in both conditions. Also, Leptin, another hormone which is linked with gaining weight speeds up the formation of both normal and cancerous cells.
If you think a midlife crisis is something that only affects men, then you’re mistaken. But one of the most dangerous things in midlife isn’t what you might think. Being big around the middle will cause you more problem than just not being able to fit into your favourite jeans. You’re over five times as likely to suffer from dementia at a later stage. Drop some weight now and you could live much longer.
Look after your heart and it will take care of you. The larger you are, the more likely you are to fall victim to a heart attack. Even if you are genetically predisposed to having heart problems? You’ll accelerate the effects when you are overweight. Also, when you’re packing extra pounds, you’re more like to suffer from high cholesterol or diabetes.
There is a clear link between depression and obesity. Around about six percent of women with what would be regarded as a healthy BMI suffer from depression. But unsurprisingly, the debilitating condition affects a least a quarter of those classed as obese. Studies have also shown that there’s a higher risk of developing a mental health issue or mood disorder amongst those who are overweight.
Being overweight may cost you in more ways than just your health. You may have to pay more for things like insurance. If you've got high BMI life cover is going to cost you more than if your weight was at a healthier, acceptable level. If you think it costs a lot to eat healthily, then you need to think about the bigger price you may have to pay if you don’t shed some pounds.
Suffer from embarrassing accidents? Lose some inches and stop suffering from incontinence! It’s something you might not have realised is so common. Especially amongst obese folk. But then it’s not surprising people shy away from talking about it. Women who fall in the obese range are twice as likely to have problems with their pelvic floor. This can mean they leak when they laugh, cough or exercise. And who needs that?

6 Important Reasons You Need to Lose Weight Right Nowphoto credit
Before starting any weight loss regime, it’s important to talk to your Doctor. But don’t put it off, you’re doing yourself no favours by procrastinating!

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