Monday 11 April 2016

Tea, Coffee and living The Fine Life... *REVIEW* & *GIVEAWAY*

I've recently been introduced to new to-the-UK brand 'The Fine Life', who have recently launched their Bottom Dispensing Loose Leaf Tea Infuser/Coffee Brewer, Magic Mug and Fine Life Oil Mister - innovative kitchen essentials that I've been lucky enough to try out. 

Now, I'm rather partial to a cuppa, as you all know, and love nothing more than a 'proper' cup of tea - loose leaf tea, a tea strainer, a fancy china cup and saucer, a sugar lump or two...but more often than not I just don't have the time or inclination to mess around with a teapot and strainer, when I can use a teabag and kettle, make a brew in a mug, and steam ahead with my to do list instead. 

This is no longer an issue with The Fine Life's Ideal Botton Dispensing Loose Leaf Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer I can make a single mug of 'proper' tea or coffee in as much time as it would take to use a teabag! 

This clever little piece of kit brews the perfect tea/coffee using your personal preference of loose leaf tea/ground coffee beans, then with its patented drain mechanism drains into your mug ready for you to add milk/sugar to taste. 

Simply spoon in the desired amount of loose leaf tea or ground coffee beans, add boiling water, leave to brew until at desired strength...

My gorgeous Gilded Teapot Loose Leaf Cloud Tea is a-brewing...

Once at desired strength (I leave mine around 3-4 minutes) all you have to do is pop this clever contraption atop your favourite mug and watch the amber nectar dispense effortlessly into said vessel. Magic! It will drain into any sized cup or mug thanks to the clever extender ring (which comes included). 

A nice full cup of proper tea...

There's genuinely nothing nicer than the smokey, earthiness of using loose leaf tea for a cuppa, I've been particularly loving the Cloud Tea from The Gilded Teapot, and hubby who is a coffee-man has been devouring their Guatemala Montie Fleur Arabica coffee, which is hand roasted in Dorset. 

The Fine Life Brewer is so simple to use, easy to wash out with just a rinse of hot water, and is nice and compact, so it doesn't take up too much room living on the side next to my kettle, ready to be used whenever I'm feeling like a treat. 

You can purchase the infuser for just £21.95 from Amazon.

Also from The Fine Life, and perhaps my favourite product of theirs, is the clever Oil Mister - this oil sprayer means you can use 100% oil of your choosing to cook with, without the added 'extras' commercial oil sprays are filled with (chemical propellants, additives etc). You'll not waste a drop of oil, or ingest an unnecessarily calorie when using this high-quality, durable mister. 

BPA-free and non-aerosol, it can be used for a wide variety of all-natural oils when it comes to cooking, it is also perfect for spritzing balsamic and fine vinegars over salads. 

This product is ideal for those who are looking to eat a super-healthy, balanced diet, and count calories or follow a low fat diet, as you'll greatly reduce the amount of oil you use to cook with.

Simply fill the bottle with oil to the 'MAX FILL' line, replace the nozzle and tighten, then fully pump the top 7 to 10 times to build up air pressure in the bottle. Remove the pump top and press the nozzle to release a gentle mist of oil. When the pressure decreases , just use the pump top to build it back up again, and once empty re-fill with your oil of choice. 

I've loved using this fab product, and it has now completely replaced the commercial oil sprays that were in my kitchen. It is reassuring to know that I'm only adding 100% pure oil to my food and that I am always using the minimum amount needed. 

It's been particularly great for coating pans when cooking meat, fish, eggs and pancakes! I whipped up these bad boys last weekend for brunch, and thanks to the oil mister I used a tiny amount of olive oil to cook ten giant fluffy pancakes!

If you're looking for the BEST Fluffy American pancake recipe EVER then you MUST make these bad boys! 

Perfect pancakes thanks to The Fine Life Oil Mister

You can devour this whole plate of pancakes for under 500 calories thanks to minimal oil used!

You can buy The Fine Life Oil Mister for just £19.95 from Amazon.


The lovely people over at The Fine Life have offered one of my lucky readers the chance to win a grey oil mister for themselves - all you have to do is complete the Gleam app below by 11.59pm on 31/04/16.


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