Thursday 30 March 2017

How To Make Your Kitchen As Efficient As Possible

When you’re a busy parent – or simply just busy – you want to come home to a place that is neat, tidy and organised. Your kitchen is one of those places that has to stay tidy in order to stay organised, or chaos reigns. Those with large kitchens may find they love the space but hate the amount of countertop space they have to leave things lying around on. Those with a smaller kitchen always have to cram everything into the little space they have. Either way, your kitchen needs to be more efficient to run correctly!

It’s not just about making the space you have work for you. Having an efficient kitchen means having one that isn’t wasting energy and is environmentally friendly. It’s bringing nature inside with some plants to make the air feel clearer. It’s installing solar panelling to run your laundry practices so you are using the power of the sun to clean clothes. Above all, it’s getting a Selectra energy comparison to make sure you’re paying what you should be for your bills, rather than paying over the odds for energy you aren’t using. With a little remodelling, you could be enjoying a newly efficient kitchen that works for you, so check out our tips below:

  1. Doubling up your oven or sink space may seem like a lot of expansion for nothing, but you could be making a lot less work for yourself. Two ovens mean that one is used for cooking and the other could be keeping plates and food warm. Two sinks mean you have one used for chopping and preparing vegetables and the other for dishes. It’s going to make your whole kitchen more efficient – if you have the space.

  2. We all love to walk into the local shops and buy the latest kitchen gadget. Or those glittery saucepans. Or an apple cutter in the shape of an apple. The trouble is we aren’t being efficient with our space if we are cramming every single kitschy kitchen gadget into every corner of the room. Strip out your kitchen and donate to charity what you don’t use. If you haven’t used it within the last six months, you don’t need it!

  3. It’s a long-fought battle, the gas vs electric stove top debate. Gas may offer you instant heat and the ability to control the temperature as you cook, but many electric stove tops offer induction elements, which cook faster. Electric stove tops are also a healthier option as you are at less of a risk of a gas leak!

  4. If you are a fan of a cup of tea, ditch your electric kettle. The number of times you switch to boiling it over the course of the day adds up. Warming a stove top kettle is easier and the water stays warmer for longer. Investing in a good teapot and cosy will also have the same effect, so go back to basics with your hot drinks.
A green kitchen is more than just the food, it’s ensuring you’re optimising your space and your energy output for the most efficient kitchen you could want.

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