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DIY Halloween Crafts (Ad)

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This post is a collaboration with Funky Pigeon. 
DIY Halloween crafts from Mrs Bishop's Bakes and Banter blog
I've teamed up with the brilliant Funky Pigeon today to bring you some awesome DIY Halloween Crafts - simple and inexpensive ways to spook up your home this Halloween.

Firstly, head over to the Funky Pigeon blog to see their brilliant craft ideas!

My favourites from their blog post are these frightfully fearsome macabre candles by Camilla Fabbri (see full blog post here)...

macabre candles diy halloween craft
And this super fun monster front door (find more monster door ideas here on Pinterest).
monster front door diy halloween crafts
DIY Halloween crafts from Mrs Bishop's Bakes and Banter blog
You will need:
  • Black sack
  • scissors
  • permanent black/gold/silver/white marker 
  • masking tape
  • drinking straw
  • battery operated tea light candle
  • an old glass bottle (an extra excuse to drink gin!)
  • a glue gun
  • spray paint or glass paint 
For this craft you will need:
  • black sack
  • scissors
  • masking tape or washi tape
  • permanent marker (black/silver/white/gold)
The easiest of all my craft ideas, these black sack spider webs take minutes to create, and are a super effective, cheap and fast way to decorate your home this Halloween. 

This idea came to me when I was lining a round baking tin with baking paper when I last baked a cake - I learnt this method from the fabulous Mary Berry - you fold the baking parchment into a square, then a triangle and cut a rounded end, which when unfolded makes a perfect circle for lining your tin! It also reminded me of making paper snowflakes as a child, and I thought...'I bet you could use this method to make more things', I got my thinking cap on & this idea was born.  

Take your black sack (I used a green sack so you could see the markings more easily) and cut off the edges to make it a rectangle shape, once all the edges are cut you should have two rectangles on top of each other (the front and back of the sack, now separated).

Next, fold one corner of your black sack up to the other side - and trim off the excess to make a triangle, which when unfolded makes a perfect square (see first pic).

Fold the triangle in half on the folded side (pic two) and then in half again on the folded side (pic three). Fold in half on folded side one more time to make a skinny triangle with uneven ends (pic four).

Use masking or washi tape to seal up the open side while you cut the detail (pic five). 

Next, trim the bottom uneven edge in an inverted curve to make the outside pattern of the spider web (once unfolded). See pic six to show you. 

Take a sharpie marker (or gold/silver/white marker if using a black sack) and mark on your pattern, colour in the space which will be cut away, to make the cutting process easier. (see pic seven).

Using scissors begin to cut away your pattern, being careful not to cut up to the taped line (as this would break the web). See pic eight. 

Once all the pattern has been cut away your web should look like pic nine. 

Finally, take off the masking tape and careful unfold your web (they are slightly fragile)...
black sack spider webs DIY Halloween Crafts
Unfold carefully again to reveal the second web (it should have two layers, so when peeled off you have two brilliant spooktastic webs). 
black sack spider webs DIY Halloween Crafts
Tah dah! Two big, cheap and super quick webs, perfect for decorating your home this Halloween! 

For this craft you will need:
  • an empty glass bottle, all labels removed
  • an electric craft glue gun
  • all purpose spray paint or glass paint in your chosen colour
  • a second colour paint for the detail
  • a fine paintbrush
For this craft I used an empty gin bottle, which I soaked in warm soapy water to remove the labels. Try to pick interesting shaped bottles for extra effect. 
step by step spooky bottle 'Bats Blood' DIY Halloween crafts
step by step spooky bottle 'Bats Blood' DIY Halloween crafts
Plug in your glue gun, and once warm, use the glue to draw on your chosen text - I went for 'Bat Blood' but you could choose anything spooky 'poison' 'rats eyes' 'children's fingers' ... whatever you like! 
step by step spooky bottle 'Bats Blood' DIY Halloween crafts

step by step spooky bottle 'Bats Blood' DIY Halloween crafts

step by step spooky bottle 'Bats Blood' DIY Halloween crafts
You can build up your letters in layers as the glue should dry hard very quickly. Once you are totally happy with your wording, let it dry totally for a few minutes. 

Next, it's time to paint your bottle. I used an all purpose metallic rose gold spray paint, which is a super quick way to get even and fast coverage. If using a spray paint, please use in a well ventilated room, or preferably outside (I did mine in the garden). Alternatively, you can use any paint suitable for glass. Your aim is to totally cover the glass bottle including the writing. 
step by step spooky bottle 'Bats Blood' DIY Halloween crafts
Let the paint dry completely. 

Finally, use a second colour paint (I chose a gold acrylic paint) with a fine paintbrush to go over the words on your bottle, this will help them to stand out and make them look more spooky. 
step by step spooky bottle 'Bats Blood' DIY Halloween crafts
Et voila! Your finished spooky bottle! 
Spooky bottle 'Bats Blood' DIY Halloween crafts
You will need:
  • a hand model (I used my husband)
  • white/cream masking tape
  • scissors 
  • a drinking straw
  • a battery operated tea light candle
The aim of this craft is to completely cover your hand model's hand in masking tape, to make a free standing hand. 

Start the process by laying a plastic drinking straw down the inside of your model's hand and down onto the wrist (this will help you to remove the hand cast later). 

Next, begin wrapping your models had in masking tape with the non sticky side down (so it doesn't stick to the models hand, making it impossible to get off at the end). You can wrap very haphazardly at this stage, the key is just getting coverage, and the tape sticking to itself. Ensure a little of the straw pokes out at the bottom on the model's wrist to help you remove the cast later. 
step by step masking tape mummy hand DIY Halloween crafts
Think bandages! Wrap like the tape is a bandage and you can't go wrong! Wrap each individual finger, and cover the joins at the bottom of each finger as best you can. Once the hand is fully covered it is now time to make it sturdier and neater. 

This time you begin the wrapping process again, but with the masking tape sticky side down. This will neaten out the hand, and make it much firmer and sturdier, plus it will ensure a nice non-tacky finish to the hand. Keep on wrapping until you are satisfied that the whole hand is covered and non sticky, and it all seems stuck together. 
step by step masking tape mummy hand DIY Halloween crafts
Next, you need to take your scissors (we found small metal nail scissors to be best) and cut a single line up the length of the plastic straw through the masking tape. You might need to also cut up into the thumb or a finger to be able to remove the cast from the hand, but as little cuts as possible is best. It is probably easier for the model to do the cutting, as they will be able to feel the cast loosening, and wiggle/manipulate their hand out. 
step by step masking tape mummy hand DIY Halloween crafts

step by step masking tape mummy hand DIY Halloween crafts
Once your model has been able to remove their hand from the masking tape cast it is time to make good the cuts using more strips of masking tape, until all the cuts are covered up, and the hand feels sturdy. 
step by step masking tape mummy hand DIY Halloween crafts
You may need to build up extra bits at the bottom (wrist) of your mummy hand to get it to stand successfully. 
step by step masking tape mummy hand DIY Halloween crafts
Once you can stand your hand up, pop a battery operated tea light candle inside and your freaky mummy hand will come alive. Your hand will be even more effective in a dark room!
masking tape mummy hand DIY Halloween crafts

masking tape mummy hand DIY Halloween crafts
I'd love to hear if you have a go at any of these crafts this Halloween! 

Before you rush to the pound shop to stock up on plastic decorations, have a think about what you might already have at home that you can use to transform your home into a spooktastic manor!
DIY Halloween crafts from Mrs Bishop's Bakes and Banter blog
Happy Crafting!

Mrs B


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DIY Halloween crafts from Mrs Bishop's Bakes and Banter blog
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Thursday, 26 September 2019

AD | REVIEW 360 Play Milton Keynes Character Breakfast + GIVEAWAY


On Saturday we ventured down the road to Milton Keynes to attend a special Character Breakfast at 360 Play.

360 Play logo

360 Play Milton Keynes Character Breakfast

360 Play is an amazing brand of soft play centres filled to bursting with brilliant play facilities for children of all ages. They currently have centres in Basildon, Farnborough, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Redditch, Rushden Lakes and Stevenage. 

The play facilities at our local 360 Play (Milton Keynes) includes a huge soft play frame, musical carousel, a toddler zone for under 4s, 360 Street (a creative play/toddler village zone), dodgems, messy play area and even an outdoor play area which includes climbing, paddle boats, a huge sandpit and outdoor seating area. They also have a brilliant cafe so adults can grab a drink/food/snacks while the kids play - perfect! 

We were kindly invited along to review their Character Breakfast event - where you're treated to a buffet breakfast, meeting some brilliant characters plus a long play session for the kids! 

We arrived at 9am and were greeted by the lovely staff and the two 360 Play mascots called Twizzle and Twirl. Both Bert and Connie were so excited to meet the characters, and they loved eating breakfast among the super friendly and fun mascots. 
Twizzle and Twirl at 360 Play Milton Keynes
We were greeted by Twizzle and Twirl 
Our table was laid nicely - all ready for our breakfast! 
Our table was laid out all ready for us, and after just a few minutes the breakfast buffet was open for us all to help ourselves. There were about six or seven other families at the Character Breakfast, so we didn't have to queue for vey long at all to get our food. 

We could choose from:

- Tea, Coffee, Juice or Water
- Breakfast cereal & milk
- Sausage in a roll
- Bacon in a roll
- Croissants with butter and jams/marmalade 
- Toast with butter and jams/marmalade
- Pain au Chocolat 

The food was delicious and there was plenty of it - allowing anyone to go back for seconds, or even thirds! The kids ate loads, and were thrilled when Twizzle and Twirl served them their breakfast rolls. 
Character breakfast at 360 Play
Twizzle and Twirl served us our breakfast! 
A very happy Bertster with ALL THE PASTRY! 
Double thumbs up from Connie! 
A sausage patty soft roll and a croissant for moi! 
Just after we had eaten we were joined by two more amazing characters - Skye from Paw Patrol and Lego Batman!! There was plenty of time for the kids to pose for photos with the characters, which they loved. It just added a really extra-special edge to the breakfast and added even more incentive to take the kids along to a soft play session.
Happy kids! (and colour co-ordinated with their fave characters it seems!)
Lego Batman and Bert
Then ensued a mammoth play session where-in I lost Liam and the kids for about 1.5 hours! Unfortunately, I have a really bad back at the moment and couldn't join them on the soft play frame, but it was clear to see they had tons of fun - and naturally didn't want to go home when the time came. 
360 Play Milton Keynes Review
Connie's face in this one makes me laugh so hard! Action shot!  
360 Play Milton Keynes Review

360 Play Milton Keynes Review

360 Play Milton Keynes Review

360 Play Milton Keynes Review

360 Play Milton Keynes Review

360 Play Milton Keynes Review

360 Play Milton Keynes Review

360 Play Milton Keynes Review

360 Play Milton Keynes Review

360 Play Milton Keynes Review

360 Play Milton Keynes Review

360 Play Milton Keynes Review
As you can see from the pictures, there really is so much fun to be had at 360 Play - we found the whole place to be clean and the equipment all in good condition, the staff were friendly and you really couldn't fault the range of facilities and play equipment at all. 

We would really recommend going along to 360 Play for a Character Breakfast, if you're interested you can find out dates and book tickets on the 360 Play website. 

Ticket prices for the Character Breakfast are as follows:

Children £12.95 
Adults £6.95

Price includes the buffet breakfast in an exclusive area and early entrance to the centre. We think it's very good value considering all that's included. 


The gang at 360 Play have kindly offered one of my readers a family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) valid at any of their play centres. 

Please enter via the Gleam widget below. 


Ends 11.59pm 10/10/19 


360 Play Giveaway
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