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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


This month lent itself very nicely to this bake, as I hosted a Chocolate Tea Party yesterday for The Sick Children's Trust (read all about it here)…I needed something indulgent and chocolatey to bake, and this cake instantly sprung to mind. 

I first ate it at my friend Janet's house last summer - she didn't tell me what was in it, just that there was a *secret* ingredient - when I tasted it's fudgey gooeyness I was hooked, and couldn't quite place what the extra ingredient was…was it golden syrup? No. Black treacle? No. …. HONEY. And lots of it. 

As soon as I tasted it I knew I had to have a go at baking this myself, but hadn't gotten round to it, until now. Boy am I glad I did! This is hands down the BEST chocolate cake I've ever been able to make - I find them notoriously hard to get right - they're either dry, not chocolately enough or so deathly sweet you feel sick after one mouthful. 

This cake just ticks all the boxes - it is rich and chocolatey but the honey cuts through the richness and adds a light flowery note to the cake, it is gooey and fudgey in the middle and the glaze is literally divine. 

Of course, the recipe comes from the sexiest lady in baking, and one of my favourite celebrities, Nigella Lawson. I've never made a Nigella recipe I didn't like, so no surprises that this has become my new favourite cake! 

Chocolate Honey Cake with Marzipan Bees
makes 15 modest slices

(from a Nigella Recipe found here)

ingredients for the cake

100g dark chocolate (70%)
275g muscavado sugar
225g butter
125ml runny honey
2 eggs
200g plain flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tbsp cocoa powder
250ml boiling water

ingredients for the glaze

60ml water
125ml runny honey
175g dark chocolate
75g icing sugar

ingredients for the bees (I made 16)

100g marzipan
32 flaked almond pieces
drizzle of the glaze
a cocktail stick (to make the eyes)


1. Melt the chocolate for the cake mix and leave to cool. Preheat oven to 180, and butter/line a 23cm spring form cake tin. 

2. Beat the butter and sugar together and add the honey. Beat in one of the eggs with 1 tbsp of the flour, then add the other egg in the same way (this stops the mix from curdling).

3. Fold in the melted chocolate, rest of the flour and the bicarbonate of soda.

4. Add the sieved cocoa powder and then the 250ml of boiling water and mix to make a smooth and very wet cake batter. 

5. Pour batter into the cake tin and bake for 1 hour (I baked mine for 1 hour 10 mins in total, so don't worry if yours takes a little bit extra to bake - you want it to not wobble when lightly shook, and a skewer to come out almost clean). Check the cake after 45 minutes as the top can get dark - pop some foil over if needed to stop it burning. 

6. Let the cake cool on a wire rack.

fresh from the oven - with a rather large dip - I think I opened the oven door a few times too many while it was cooking (oops!)- but it didn't affect the cake's taste at all, and provided a handy crater to place the bees safely on top! Lesson learned for next time. 

7. While the cake is cooling you can make your glaze and marzipan bees - divide your marzipan into 16 equal-ish sized balls, and squash slightly to make bumble bee type shapes. 

8. Make your glaze by putting the water and honey in a small pan and heating until boiling. Then turn off the heat and add the chopped chocolate. 

9. Leave for a few minutes and then whisk in the fully melted chocolate. 

10. Sieve in the icing sugar and whisk the glaze until smooth. 

11. Finish your bees by drizzling some of the glaze across them to make stripes, use a cocktail stick dipped in the glaze to give your bees eyes, and add two flaked almonds pushed in the top to give your bee wings! 

bees, bees, bees

12. Finally pour the glaze over your cake, and ease it down the sides until the cake is completely covered. Do this slowly and a little at a time to avoid too much mess - I used a cake board rather than putting my cake straight onto a cake stand as it meant I could wipe out the excess glaze that dripped off the sides before placing it on a nice clean cake stand. Pop on your bees and any other decorations you like, and t'ah d'ah - you're all done! 

glazed and ready for decorating

all done - I was pretty pleased with the final outcome! 

chocolate honey cake with marzipan bees

on the table ready to be devoured

it went down very well! 

one modest slice of bee cake (as it will now be known) on my plate last night - I had to try it!

 My friend Janet came along last night, and happily tried a piece of the cake (it is her favourite cake ever) - she  kindly informs me that my version was ALMOST as good as her husbands! Thanks Janet! :-)

The chocolate honey cake works out at 442 calories per slice if you make it serve 15. Sorry, you didn't want to know that, did you? 

What did you bake for Easter?

Mrs B


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Big Chocolate Tea Party (in aid of The Sick Children's Trust)

Yesterday evening, I hosted a Big Chocolate Tea Party to raise money for The Sick Children's Trust - the idea for the campaign is for the charity to raise as much money as possible throughout the month of April by hosting chocolate themed events - and I couldn't wait to participate - the idea of eating a shed load of chocolate after all my calorie counting was certainly a welcome prospect! 

I decided to theme the party on the colours yellow (my favourite) and brown (for chocolate), and got busy coming up with ideas for decorating my home, and working on putting together a collection of prizes for a raffle on the night. 


I made a few purchases to pull together the decorations for the party which included:

- a brown and white spotty table cloth
-some yellow paper plates and cups
-some yellow/white and brown/white stripy paper straws
-some yellow spotty napkins
-some yellow/white stripe sweetshop style bags
-some yellow and brown tissue paper
-some brown/white butchers style twine

...all of which I purchased on eBay.

The wonderful people over at Bimbily sent me an absolutely awesome DIY Word Banner (Multicolour) priced at £7.90 for me to decorate the main party room - I have to say this was my most favourite part of the decor - this banner is SO fun, and really bold. I love the fact that it's re-usable, and I know I'll be brining it out for every occasion now! I spelled out 'Chocolate Makes The World Go Round' 'Flake' 'Oreo' 'Wispa' and 'Prizes' for the raffle table - I think you'll agree it really added some pizzaz to the room. A huge thanks to Bimbily for their kindness in sending it over. 

Next, I used this fab tutorial from Martha Stewart to make some tissue paper pom poms. I've never made these before, but always thought they looked effective, and I was so pleased with how they turned out. The tutorial is really simple to follow, and I love what a big bold colourful splash you can add to a party just using a little bit of tissue paper! 

pom poms and popcorn

giant paper pom poms

the pom pom/popcorn doorway! 

edible decor! 

I also used my popcorn machine to make a big bowl of popcorn which I turned into a popcorn garland by threading it onto baker's twine using a large needle. I'd seen this idea on Pinterest and it had really stuck in my head- I'd been meaning to give it a go for a while, and it worked like a dream. Nice sustainable and cheap to make decorations - I guess you could spray paint the popcorn beforehand to make it an even brighter decoration.

The final touches came from the eBay purchases for the table…

And a poster from The Sick Children's Trust which I decorated myself with cut out chocolate goodies from the Waitrose and Tesco magazines! 

All that was left to do was for us to get our glad rags on ….

The Bertster dressed up for the occasion! *too cute*


So the way the tea party worked was that everyone paid £3 to attend, and agreed to bring something chocolatey to add to the buffet table, and some extra money to buy raffle tickets. Some guests kindly donated raffle prizes too - a huge thank you to everyone who donated. I also requested that everyone also bought plastic boxes with them to take a goody box home (as we didn't want to be left with any food at the end - it would make calorie counting impossible as it would be far too tempting!!) 

So, I had to decide what I should bake for the buffet table - and to be honest there was no contest - I have been desperate to try baking a chocolate honey cake that I tasted at my friend Janet's house last year - and so I knew that was the cake I had to make for the chocolate feast. It was also on my baking challenge list for 2014, so it ticked another bake off my list for me as well. I'll be sharing the recipe and the making process with you tomorrow on the blog (don't miss it - it's a seriously good bake!)…but until then, here's a sneak preview as to how it turned out…

Also on the buffet table we had….

-Cadbury's Creme Egg Brownies
-Chocolate muffin/mini egg cakes
-Chocolate Cheesecake
-Chocolate dipped fruit
-Chocolate dipped peppermint creams
-Chocolate chip cake
-Nutella Sandwiches
-Chocolate and Cheese Melba toasts
-Chocolate Cornflake Cakes
-Chocolate Covered Peanuts
-Chocolate Covered Raisins
-Gooey Chocolate Pudding with Double Cream
-White Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting

hahahaha - thats A LOT of chocolate!

I also put out some huge bowls of salty crisps - they were very much needed! 

chocolate cheese cake made by Anwyn over at It's A Rowberry Life

mini egg chocolate muffins by Danni, Charlie & Kath

gooey chocolate pudding with double cream made by Val (this was incredible!) 

Chocolate and cheese melba toasts by Danni, Charlie and Kath

Creme Egg Brownies made by one of my besties Liz (thanks mate, these were to die for!)

I didn't manage to get a photo of everything, but those pictures have definitely given you the gist of what was on offer! I hope you're all salivating now!

MY DINNER :-) wow, this was an awesome treat! 


The wonderful people over at GuyLian chocolates kindly donated two huge boxes of choccies to the raffle - I have to say I was rather jealous as GuyLian's chocolates are by far my very favourite boxed chocolates in the world! Thanks so much to GuyLian for their generous donation. 

Another of the prizes donated was an awesome reusable paper storage sack from PeaStyle - this is an uber cool home accessory which can be used for storing pretty much anything in a ultra-trendy way. 

A huge thank you to PeaStyle for their kind donation - it is much appreciated! And my best friend Danni won the prize, she was so happy as she'd had her eye on it all night! 

Some of the other prizes up for grabs included:

-homemade "Epic" hot choc powder
-A bottle of champagne
-A box of Sainbury's Tatse the Difference belgian chocolates
-a Green and Blacks cookery book
-some homemade Chilli jam
-A Green & Blacks tasting kit
-a make your own purse sewing kit from wonderful Janet at Kitchen Table Sewing 
-A large Thornton's Easter egg

as well as some other scrummy edible chocolate-based prizes which I didn't get a chance to photograph!

Thanks to all those who bought tickets.

Gladly, most people went home with a prize, so smiles all round!



I'm very pleased to say that 20 people attended the tea party, and so far we have managed to raise over £100 for The Sick Children's Trust (there are still some donations left for me to collect)- so a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make it a great success! 

Today, I'm off to deliver this *awesome* goody box to some friends who couldn't make the night but deserve an extra special yummy treat…

best goodie-box EVER?

Did you all have a marvellous Easter? 

Have you eaten your weight in chocolate? 

I do hope so! 

Mrs B

If you'd like to donate some money to The Sick Children's Trust you can do so by visiting their website. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

State of Mind Clothing Review: Plus Size Sportswear

Last year I discovered the awesome UK plus sized clothing brand State of Mind, who design and produce quality sportswear for women size 14-28 here in Britain. (You can read my last review of their range here.)

Luckily for me, they've recently sent me some new clothes to review - perfect timing as I'm desperate for some better fitting sports clothes as my current workout gear is getting a bit loose (hurrah!) 

There's been a lot of talk in the news recently about the term 'plus size' after the clothing brand Mango announced that they are going to launch a 'plus size' clothing brand starting at UK size 12!!! In my opinion, there's no way a 12 can be 'plus size' when the average size for women in the UK is a 16. Some people really hate the term, but for me, 'plus size' isn't a term that worries me - I'm a firm believer that if the clothes fit, flatter and are comfortable then who cares what number is on the label? I'd rather wear a plus size, look good and feel comfortable than squeeze myself into an ill-fitting garment. 

When shopping for sportswear on the high street I regularly find that their 'plus size' range is a dreadful fit - the clothes seem to be designed for a 'perfect' version of the size rather than a curvy one. The fit on a size can vary greatly between shops: I can fit into a size 16 in some, and in other's it feels restricting and uncomfortable, especially over my ample bosom! Step in State of Mind. What I completely adore about their ranges is that they are clearly designed with curves, comfort and practicality in mind. 

The first item sent to me was this hooded fleece jacket - I'll be totally honest - I have a long standing issue with fleece - usually, I would never choose to buy anything made from it - I don't know why, it's just a material I tend to avoid - but, I'm now eating my words … I love this hoody, and have worn it out on so many walks over the past month. 

I've found the fleece to be perfect for the spring when its no longer cold enough to wear a big winter coat when outdoors, but there's still a chill in the air. The fleece inside is soft and it's got a ribbed effect on the outside, which makes it look more like a hoody material, and less like a conventional fleece. What I love most about this garment is that the back is lower than the front, which provides a bit of bottom cover up! I'm always pulling down my hoodies - and don't tend to buy tops or jackets that are short - I feel exposed and uncomfortable, so this ticks all the boxes for me. The sleeves have thumb holes, which is a fun novelty, and practical when its a bit nippy - great for keeping my arms covered when I'm pushing the buggy on one of our epic weekend country walks. The hoodie also comes with a zipped pocket on the arm which would be perfect for storing some money, mp3 player or a locker key if you were wearing it in a gym. 

The hooded fleece also comes in navy or black as well as the plum: although the plum colour isn't usually one I'd choose to wear, I really like it. It's a bit more fun that my standard dark colour palette - and nice to see a splash of colour in plus sized clothes for a change. 

Cue the awkward posed photo on one of our family country walks...

Hooded Fleece in Plum - I'm wearing a size 18 - priced currently at £35 in the sale (was £55)

I'm also wearing my trusty State of Mind joggers here from my last review which I wear for almost every workout I do - they're a great fit even after losing weight, and have washed so well over the past 6 months. 

The second item I was sent is this black Swing Top with Bell Sleeves. It's made from an incredible quality heavy Lyrca fabric, which really helps keep my temperature controlled while exercising - I don't seem to get really hot like I have done in other Lycra wear. The 3/4 length sleeves are ideal for me as I hate wearing short sleeved t-shirts to workout in as I'm so conscious of my upper arms: this top is functional and flattering, and feels as if it will last me a lifetime. The square neckline is different from anything I've worn before, and took me a while to get used to, but having now worn it on multiple occasions, and looked at photos of myself in it, I'm growing to like it a bit more. I think a round neck option would be really popular too, if they decided to make one. I think this top would only be suitable to wear with a tracksuit bottom, jean or trouser - it comes down to my hips, but not over, so I wouldn't be comfortable pairing it with anything of thinner material such as leggings, as it's a bit short, and wouldn't really protect my modesty!

The A-Line Swing top with Bell Sleeves is currently in the sale at £20 - a bargain for such a good quality versatile piece. I've worn it here with my burgundy slim fit jeans from F&F at tesco, in a size 14. 

What I really like about State of Mind as a brand is how they listen to the feedback of their customers, and actually act on the points made by reviewers like myself. Based on feedback from the A-Line top (above) they have now developed a new version which is 3 inches longer - hurrah! This means it can now easily be teamed with leggings for a yoga-style look, and feels more comfortable when working out - especially for pilates/yoga type workouts when you're likely to be in some compromising positions!  

State of Mind sent me this top in their signature plum shade, and I love it - weirdly, I find the plum to be a more flattering shade than the black, and much prefer it's longer length. 

The A-Line Flared Swing Top with Bell Sleeves (Longer Length) is priced at £44. I'm wearing a size 16 here and find it to be a really good fit. 

Lastly, I was sent the summer version of their joggers in a 3/4 style capri pant. I'm always a little dubious about capri-style pants as I have quite short legs, and tend to find them a little long on my short frame - worried I'll have the "trousers-that-shrunk-in-the-wash" look, I would usually avoid these altogether, but I found that paired with my jelly shoes, flip flops or bare feet that they don't look too awful at all, and are certainly a much cooler option for the nicer weather. For my 5 foot 5" frame I'd probably still prefer them to be an inch shorter if I were to wear them with trainers, but if you're average height they would probably measure up perfectly!

The Kick Flare Capri Pant is currently priced at £39. 

Although State of Mind's clothes are definitely on the pricier end of the sportswear market, you are definitely paying for quality and fit that I'm yet to find elsewhere. To feel this good in clothes that you're going to work out in is a really cool thing, and a new phenomenon for me. In all honesty, some of these clothes feel too good just to workout in and have made their way into my day-to-day wardrobe as well! 

What do you wear to workout in? Do you have the same fit issues as me with high street brands? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Mrs B


You can follow State of Mind on Twitter @StateofMind101

Disclaimer: I was sent these clothes for the purpose of this review - however, as always all opinions, photos and words are my own. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What's in my changing bag? with Kiddicare

What's in my changing bag?

(with Kiddicare)

I'm sure this is of interest to any parents out there with small kids who still require nappy changes - just what is an 'essential kit' for daily goings on with a little one? 

My son Bert is now just over 7 months old, he's getting more and more active every day: he's mastered army crawling, pulling himself up to standing while holding furniture, and is starting to walk while holding on to the sofa…he eats two big solid meals a day (breakfast and dinner) and has finger foods/snacks every lunch time, he has cut down to around 4 feeds of 200ml a day of milk, and sleeps through the night. 

Here is a cheeky picture of my wee man this morning playing in his car walker … (I love an excuse to share a picture with my lovely blog readers!)

Hi from Bert! 

I'm sure every parent has a different essential changing bag kit list - and it may well change for every parent over time, but here's the current contents of my changing bag for little Bert…

-Nappies (always Pampers for us)
-Nappy sacks
-A change of clothes
-A bottle of 'ready to feed' milk
-A sterilised bottle
-A selection of dummies
-Tiddley Pom organic nappy cream
-A spare pair of socks
- 2 x bibs
-A dribble bib
- A muslin cloth
-Baby suncream
- Some Dentinox Wipes
-A bag of organic snacks such as Organix Sweetcorn Rings
- Bert's red health record book
- Bert's notebook (where we list what he eats/milk and what nappy changes he has - plus the times, this helps me immeasurably as I am super-forgetful and it helps me keep track - also fun to look back, and handy to know what his 'patterns' are, if any!)

My pretty "tree tops" change bag which matches my Cosatto Giggle pram

In the changing bag I also pack a few essential items for me - sometimes I take a separate hand bag as well as the changing bag, but generally it is easier for me to pop my keys, purse and sunglasses into the baby bag along with Bert's essentials. Do you pack a separate bag for yourself? Or are you the same as me?

my keys, purse and sunglasses - daily necessities. 

The 'Extra' Bag

I also have an 'extra' bag - which is a little see through zip up bag containing lots of lotions and potions that I only need occasionally. I usually have it to hand at home, and throw it in the changing bag if we're going away for a weekend...

The 'extra' bag

Contents of the extra bag includes:

-Nasosal - for blocked baby noses
-Johnson's Nappy Rash Cream
-Vapour rub
-Olbas drops
-Infacol for colic/wind
-Milton Antibacterial hand gel
-Dentinox teething gel
-Nail clippers
-Surgical scissors (for opening cartons of milk mostly)
-Syringe for medicine
-Extra Dentinox wipes
-Spare hilarious moustache dummy!


I also regularly take a selection of toys out with us to amuse Bert while we are out and about - they're usually specifically selected for each trip and are thrown into the top of the changing bag, or in the pram with Bert - his top toys for travel at the moment are:

A teething ring toy/ Sophie The Giraffe / ELC teething ring / Burnie the Bear (Woburnie - from Woburn!) / Lamaze's Torin the TRex & Freddie The Firefly

The Lamaze toys hoop onto the pram which is really handy, and the other toys are all quite small and easy for Bert to enjoy while we're out. Sophie The Giraffe and Burnie the Bear are definitely his top two! 

Do your little ones have a must-have toy?

The Weekend Bag

We regularly go away for the weekend to stay with friends and family, and of course, we have to pack many more items for overnight stays away from home - our main essential weekend kit includes:

-Travel cot
-Sleeping bag
-Extra milk (Bert is having Aptamil 1 Ready to Feed bottles) 
-5 or 6 bottles
-Food pouches, bowls, spoons
-Travel high chair
-Microwave steriliser
-Extra nappies/wipes
- 5 or 6 spare outfits
-Extra toys
-4 or 5  muslin cloths
-Extra dummies
-Selection of baby suitable snacks
-Nightlight/Projector Twilight Turtle 
-Bouncy chair or bumbo
-The 'extra' bag full of lotions and potions in case Bert gets a little poorly while we're away (this has happened on a couple of occasions)

I think we are still at that early cautious stage where you pack much more than you actually realistically need, but I'd rather take too much than not enough - also, we have a car which we can pack full to the rafters if needed, so it's not too much of a hassle. If we didn't have the car I'd probably pack a much more modest weekend kit. 

What makes it in to your essential baby kits?

Are your children different ages and do they require different items? 

Check out other blogger's changing bag contents by searching the hashtag #whatsinmychangingbag on Twitter. 

To purchase a new changing bag why not check out the fab range at Kiddicare here

Disclaimer: This project is sponsored by Kiddicare, and we were kindly given a £50 Kiddicare voucher in exchange for sharing our #whatsinmychangingbag post. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day! GuyLian and Precious Plates Review...


Me and my gorgeous boy! 

I'm pretty excited about today as it is my first ever Mother's Day celebration as a Mum - last year I was 4 months pregnant with Bert, and I can remember really clearly wondering what this Mother's Day would be like…

For today I have arranged a lovely big family meal at lunchtime with my husband, Bert, my mum, my twin sister, mother in law, father in law, brother in law and sister in law at a new local restaurant/hotel called d'Pary's - I'm so looking forward to trying out what looks like a fabulous new venue in Bedford, and cant wait for us all to get together and celebrate the day. 

My husband and I always treat our mums to sweet little gifts and cards on Mother's Day, and this year is no exception. 


My mum has a really sweet tooth - especially when it comes to chocolate, so when the lovely people at GuyLian (my most favourite chocolate in the whole world) offered to send me this big box of 32 GuyLian Sea Horses in time for Mother's Day it seemed silly not to pass them on to my lovely mum, who I know will really enjoy tucking into them! It was blooming hard to part with them to be honest, as they truly are my favourite chocolates; but there's no more deserving person to give them to than my mum! 


I also thought I'd better buy mum a gift to keep (not that she'd mind me only giving her a giant box of chocolates!) I chose a gorgeous personalised plaque from Jem over at Precious Plates (a small craft business based in my hometown of Bedford). Where I can, I love to support local businesses and Jem makes such lovely things that they're hard to resist! At Christmas she made Bert a beautiful personalised Santa snack plate (see the post here) and she hasn't disappointed with this beautiful Mother's Day plaque which cost £10. 

"Only the best Mums and Dads get promoted to Nanny and Grandad….Nanny Seaside - Bert - Grandad Grumps"

My silly mum is called 'Nanny Seaside' because when I was pregnant she told me she had always envisioned herself as being retired and living by the seaside when she was a nan - she said she'd dreamed of being called 'Nanny Seaside' and then the name sort of stuck! She does live quite close to the seaside - much closer to it than we do, so I guess it is a reasonably accurate name! And anyhow, she still plans to move to the coast when she retires, and so it will be totally relevant then!

My stepdad is called 'Grandad Grumps' because we always joke with him that he is the grumpiest man ever (think Victor Meldrew!) :-) hahaha…my poor stepdad gets lots of stick from the rest of the family (he is pretty grumpy though!)

All in all I think these are pretty perfect gifts for my lovely mum - and I hope she'll be pleased with them when she opens them today. I'm chuffed with the pairing of something luxurious for her to consume, and something lovely for her to keep - double win! 


This year I feel especially emotional about Mother's Day - not only because it's my first as a mum to Bert, but because this last year has really taught me how much I love and appreciate having such an awesome Mum. Mum was one of my birthing partners (as well as my husband) and they made the most awesome and supportive team - it would have been so much harder if my mum hadn't been there, when you're in pain you always want your mum, right? 

Becoming a mum myself has made me discover a new-found respect for my mum, and all she has done for me over the years. Now that I understand what the love for your own child feels like, I appreciate so much more all the times she has worried about me, told me to be careful, and given me (sometimes unwanted) advice, which *annoyingly* is always right! :-)


To finish off I thought I'd share my favourite pictures of me and my beautiful Mum with you all…these pictures were taken on my wedding day…

There was a pretty big drama on the day, as my poor mum got stuck in horrendous traffic on the motorway on the way to my wedding ceremony, and thought she would have to miss it! She was calling me in tears saying she was stuck in complete gridlock, and that I would have to do it without her *cue sobs from us both* - it was SO awful. The registry office staff were great and held on as long as they could, but after an hour of nervous waiting they couldn't wait any longer, and so I had to take a deep breath, hold my stepdad's arm and prepare myself for walking down the aisle knowing she wasn't there. :-( 

JUST as the music started and I took my first step towards the double doors, I heard a huge cheer from the ceremony room...she had just run in, mascara stained and determined not to miss her daughter's special day! I have never felt so relieved in my life! These pictures remind me how glad I am to have my mum in my life...

Me and Mumma! 

my gorgeous mum! 

a private joke that made us crack up! happy memories! 

What did you buy for your mum this Mother's Day?

Would you have been pleased with the gifts I chose?

Have a happy day to all Mums out there!

Mrs B 


You can follow GuyLian on Twitter @Guylian_Chocs or on Facebook here

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of 32 GuyLian sea horse Belgian chocolates for the purpose of this review.