Sunday 23 December 2012

Lucy's Homemade Christmas

Here's a selection of photos from my homemade Christmas! Majorly inspired by the wonderful Kirstie Allsopp's channel 4 programme 'Kirstie's Vintage Home', I have tried to hand make lots of presents, decorations and food for this Christmas.

Most of these are handmade by myself, but there are a couple I can't take credit for....the iced buns were made by my hubby (his speciality!) and the floral candle arrangement was made at WI in November by our speaker.

My friend from WI (Anwyn) challenged me to a 25 days of Christmas handmade challenge, where we have to post a picture of something we've hand made for Christmas onto our WI Facebook page, and although the 25 days aren't up yet, I think I'm almost there! :-) I hope you enjoy the pictures....

Merry Christmas to all my lovely blog readers!


Lucy xxxx

Tea for Two sets - china cup & saucers, side plates, homemade biscuits, and a box of tea bags.

My first attempt at paper cutting.

bit blurry! my tree

mince pie tartlets

citrus trifle
xmas floral table arrangement made by our lovely speaker at WI in November

mincemeat cupcakes with eggnog icing 

sausage rolls and asparagus twists

hubbys iced buns

my wrapped gifts under the tree - used doilies as 'snowflakes' on brown paper wrapping x

felt ring, in holiday red

Cath Kidston fabric heart 

fabric heart on my tree

my handmade christmas stocking

decopatch christmas tree

hand knitted rose brooches

book page heart garland

felt hanging star

hanging christmas stocking

hanging owl on the tree

hanging cat - love this, cute! 

giant hanging heart

hanging snowman

button adorned felt heart

L for Liam and Lucy :-) 

Clove studded orange 'christingle' stylee! 

felt owls, for christmas gifts 


x x x x x x

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Christmas Films...

So, its less than a week until Christmas, and I've started my yearly tradition of watching all my favourite  Christmassey films. I'm sure you've all got your favourite ones, and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you. Not all of my choices are traditional; however, they are a tradition for me nonetheless.

Here are my top 10 Christmas films....


This film instantly takes me back to being a small kid. I never ever get bored of this film. With a lovely Christmas message. I can't wait to watch this with my own kids!


You can't get much more Christmassey than this film! I think its one of those films which I think gets better with each yearly watch. Beautiful! And full of my favourite actors! 


Another lovely feel-good movie, such a cute story, with good-humour, and a lovely Christmassey feel to it - especially as some of it is set in Surrey, where I grew up! 


If you haven't ever seen this classic, then you must! Especially as its now been re-released in full colour. The archetypal Christmas film - with the ultimate festive message of family & appreciating all the marvellous things you have in your life. 


Although not particularly 'Christmassey' a good weepy love-story just has to be watched at Christmas time. I love the vintage charm, the beautiful Queen's English, and the exquisite fashion in this film. Stunning and timeless. 


This is a true girlie film - with an all star cast (Susan Sarandon, Clare Danes, Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst) this is a lovely feel-good Sunday-afternoon type film. No big story lines, or stunts, just a lovely little story about lovely Little Women. :-)


Okay, so this film might not be that popular, and is definitely a cringe-worthy Christmas movie, but I can't help loving it. Whitney is stunning, and sings like an angel, Denzel Washington is very young and very yummy - and thrown into the mix is Lionel Ritchie attempting to act...whats not to love?


So its a 'boy movie' and 'action' film - full of death and violence.....yes, all true. But there is something fundamentally Christmassey about this film for me. Maybe I watched it as a kid at xmas? Maybe I always remember the giant cuddly toy bear Bruce Willis buys for his kid for xmas...whatever it is, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of Bruce! 


Another tear jerker! Nothing like a good weepy at Christmas to make you feel lucky for what you have.  This film is Chris Columbus (the director) at his best! Very funny, heart warming, heart-wrenching, and gives you that tingly feeling when you watch. Julia Roberts is stunning and very very funny - Susan Sarandon strong, hard and very brave. 


I can't get through Christmas without watching this. I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan, as is our whole family - My aunt was the Head of Make Up for all of the films, so we have a big link with all of the films in our family. The first one has a special place in my heart as me and my twin sister were actually extras in the film - so it brings back a lot of memories for me. 

So far I've watched: It's A Wonderful Life, Little Women, The Preacher's Wife, and Home Alone.

I still need to watch..... Harry Potter, Love Actually, The Holiday, Brief Encounter, Stepmom and Die Hard. I'd better get watching!! Some might have to wait until between Christmas and New Year to be watched. 

So...what are your top Christmas films? Do you share any of mine? Have I missed something awesome? I'd love to hear from you. 

And Merry Christmas! 



Thursday 29 November 2012

Quirky home ideas... x

Hello Lovely Blog readers...

Today I want to share some photos with you. For those people who know me outside of blogging-virual-reality, you'll know that I love interiors, home decor and the design world. I appreciate lots of different styles from country classic, rural French chic, to modern minimalism...and I think its safe to say I have a somewhat quirky style when it comes to my own home. 

My husband and I bought our cute little house in Bedford almost a year and a half ago, and since then we've been nesting...filling up our home with all the things that we love to make it 'our space'. We have a mixture of traditional, shabby chic, and modern styles, themes and ideas running throughout our rooms, and I thought you might like to see some of that today...

I'm lucky that hubby and I have very similar tastes, so there hasn't been any arguing - just a few compromises - I think my husbands mantra is "the sillier and weirder the better" then I try to tone that down to "quirky but stylish" if I can ;-) 

I'd love your feedback on what you like/don't and which features are your favourite...

Love & Sparkles

xx Mrs B xx

family name wall decal above our front door, with the year we got married (this year!)


Marv, our robot statue!?! 

large dice statues (Next)

teacups lamp (Next)

Photo sleeve door mount - I am obsessed with photos & this is a great way to display lots easily! 


teapot wall decal sticker on radiator cover, with bunting

Tea towel peg, shabby chic style - lovely present from our friends Danni & Charlie

beautiful wooden words, hung on the wall ... a gift from my lovely cousin Vicky xx

Our mini wall mounted dresser, from Melody Maison

our cutlery clock, a gift from my cousin Denise xx

my beautiful piece of original Anita Klein artwork called 'Celebrating Angel' and gorgeous Rob Ryan bells plates. Picture my first birthday gift from husband, and the plates a wedding gift from my lovely inlaws. 

for Anita's artwork please go to
for Rob Ryan's paper cutting work go to


my pride and joy! every shabby chic lovers dream dresser, with all my pretties on x

our antique rocking horse, a family heirloom...not our family though...a long story involving my husband, a drunk teenage party, stealing a horse & holding it to ransom! Still...he's a lovely feature in our dining room x

Hubby's choice....I'm still learning to appreciate this particular 'feature'...the globe drinks opens and everything....a bit too 'Del Boy' for my liking...what do you guys think?

my treasure chest boxes, love these! Great for storing away all those bits and pieces...with my vintage vanity case full of our wedding cards to the right, and our framed wedding invites on top xx

my gecko. love geckos. that is all. 

Order of the Day blackboard from our wedding, made by the beautiful Carmi Latham, my wonderful & talented friend


Our ginormous alarm clock! sits on the shelf above the stairs. Very Alice in Wonderland me thinks! We found this at a little home boutique in Brighton when we were shopping there one day & it was so weird & quirky we just had to have it! 


Feature wall...Hampstead Ink Little Greene wallpaper. And a Dyson bladeless fan - soooo space age and cool (plus very easy to clean!) Sheets in mustard from John Rocha at Debenhams.

Our little houses bedside lights, pair from John Lewis as wedding gifts. We chose these to match our quirky wallpaper and give a mottled light xxx

another wall decal...pattern emerging! Our grandfather clock sticker, with real clock centre. Monochrome colour scheme in our room with a splash of mustard. 


We haven't finished spare room number 1 or 2 yet - spare room 1 is our guest bedroom, and is shortly going to be adorned with all the decorative pieces from our wedding day - a homage to all things floral, Cath Kidston etc...This is the beginning...quirky bed head from Next, floral sheets from Primark, with Cath Kidston bed spread, and hand sewn patchwork pillow (made by yours truly)...will post pictures when the room is finished! 

Spare room 2 will be our 'nursery' room, when the time comes, at the moment its storing all our vintage china from the wedding. Lol. 

Hope you enjoyed, and would love your feedback...

Do you have any quirky items in your home?

Big sparkles & muchos love

xx Mrs B xx